• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Siberian Husky

SKC Siberian Husky

I thought this was a very good entry, in that there was an evenness of type, with none of the extremes and plenty of quality dogs. Coats were a problem that I ignored in terms of quantity.

Puppy D (3) 1ST CWNHAPUS INNOKO (MR H & MRS B A MORRIS) V forward pup who was the best mover in class. His proportions are ok, just doesn’t want to get any heavier in body as he matures. Well balanced head. Lengthy, crested neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle with low hocks. V promising pup. BP and PG3 2ND BLIZZARDRUN STRYDER AT TALLATANTA (MISS R & MR M HEARTON & HEARTON-RANDALL) Just a baby, liked his for proportions, just needs to come together and put some weight on. V good head. A bit forward in shoulder. Firm topline. Well made rear. Better front action than 3. 3RD BLIZZARDRUN'S CHASE FOR MERSOTHIS ( MS P & MRS C MCARTHUR & MCKENZIE) Junior d (4,1) 1ST CWNHAPUS INNOKO (MR H & MRS B A MORRIS) 2ND BLIZZARDRUN'S CHASE FOR MERSOTHIS ( MS P & MRS C MCARTHUR & MCKENZIE) He has good proportions. Better rear than 3. Tends to side wind slightly. Well balanced head. Enough neck. Shoulders are quite well laid, but could have a longer front stride. Well bodied. Thick coat. 3RD TRAILHUNTERS TSUTEY (MISS N V & MISS R MARCH & SMITH) Post grad d (4) 1ST SIBERIADRIFT WOLF MOON (MRS RANBY) V good d who won this class with a bit to spare. V good proportions. Masc head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed. Firm topline. V good rear. Could be slightly tidier in front action. Super easy profile action. CC 2ND POLARCREEK ATIGUN PASS TO NAVAJOS (MR & MRS M R N EMERY) Like him for proportions and better rear4 than those placed behind him. V good head. Enough neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Topline slopes slightly. Well ribbed. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 3RD CHARMEDKELZ HIPPOGRIFF (MISS K J BOLSOVER) Limit d (5,1) 1ST MYDISA GOLDEN TICKET (MISS S & MRS L WYNNE) V good type and proportions, carrying just about enough weight. Liked his head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Good rear. Just a bit untidy in front and could have firmer pasterns. 2ND ARCTICBAIKAL BLACK WIZARD (MRS C L JOHN) Good proportions, slightly between coats. Well balanced head. Thick, well set ears. Moderate neck. Not quite shoulder of 1. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Just a bit too moderate in rear. 3RD JEDISIBES DARK EXPRESSO (MISS C RODGERS) Open d (4) 1ST AMICAL MORTICON JW SHCM (MR P C & MRS Y M DAVIS) Really good d for type and proportions, handler doesn’t do much to help him. He has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Enough hind angulation. Best hind action in class. Could be tidier in front. RCC 2ND SKIMARQUE WINTER FROST AT BLIZZARDRUN JW (MRS K J & MR M PORRITT) Liked him for proportions. Masc head. Strong neck. He could be slightly better in shoulder. Well ribbed. Holds a firm topline, which is where he scored over 3. Well bent stifle. Balanced and easy profile gait. 3RD AMICAL SMILE N' WAVE FOR ZANJELIC (MRS E ASHCROFT) Veteran d (2) 1ST ROSGUARD GWRIOW LUGHES FOR KORSVIG (MISS M D REEVES) V good proportions. Pleasing head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Tends to arch topline standing at times. Moderate rear. Good ears. Easy mover. 2ND DEMON BLUE EYES (MISS C RODGERS) 14 and in great form, v easy mover. Masc head. Good neck. Balanced in angulation. Hind feet a bit flat now. Sp beginners d (1) 1ST CHARMEDKELZ HIPPOGRIFF (MISS K J BOLSOVER) Liked his proportions, could use his rear better and he is slightly too steep in croup. Masc head, rather strong in muzzle. Enough neck. Well bodied. G citizen d. Ne Puppy b(3) 1ST BLIZZARDRUN SWIFT (MRS K J & MR M PORRITT) Delightful baby, obviously v raw. Liked her proportions and she moved fairly well. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Well made rear. 2ND MYSTICWOLF KIRA'S LEGACY (MISS A J SPRUCE) Liked her for type better than 3. She is v raw and needs to body up. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Turns a front foot out stood. Level topline. Quite a good rear. 3RD PLAJ&K TIANA MARI OF ARTICTRAIL (IMP) NAF (MISS S BAILEY) Junior b (3,1) 1ST MYSTICWOLF DIESEL'S DREAM (MISS A J SPRUCE) Just 9 mths and needs a little more confidence. Liked her proportions. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Fairly good front. Level topline. Moderate rear. Best mover of this pair. 2ND TRAILHUNTERS EYWA (MR P MILES She is a good type, looks v raw at the moment. Pleasing head but ears rather large. Good neck. Moderate front. Arches topline. Stands with hocks pointing in. V well schooled. Post grad b (7,2) 1ST ARCTICSKIES BLACK TRUFFLE FOR SHYLLAR (MR C & MRS J NICHOLLS) She is such a good mover. Whilst not short on leg, would prefer just a bit more leg length. Fem head, slightly short in muzzle. V good eyes, ears and expression. Lengthy, strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Slope to pastern. Well ribbed. Level topline. Well made rear. In super coat. RCC 2ND KOMAKSIUT'S ASHKA IYAROAK AT KORSVIG (IMP NLD) (MISS M D REEVES Typy b, at times raced ahead of herself moving and could have held better topline. Pleasing head. Front is ok. Needs a bit more hind angulation. Deep feet. Well set tail. 3RD CHARMEDKELZ KERNOWEK PIXIE (MISS K J BOLSOVER) Limit b (11,2) 1ST SKIMARQUE ANASTASIA VIA ALASCOTIA (MRS G LAWRENCE) V good type and proportions. She is a v light and easy mover and accurate out and back. Fem head. V good eyes. Neat, thick ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Slightly steep in upper arm. Firm topline. Well ribbed. V good rear. 2ND MYDISA GOLDEN NIGHTFURY (MISS S & MRS L WYNNE) She is a v good type and another light easy mover. Good head. Enough neck. Well made front, not topline of 1. Moderate rear. Nice deep feet. 3RD JACALOUS CARELESS WHISPER BY GLENBRANTER (PAM CARMICHAEL) Open b (8,2) V good class that took a lot of thinking about. First 2 are v similar, thought winner had a bit more leg and was cleaner in front action. 1ST CH MYDISA GOLDEN DEELISHUS JW SHCM SHCEX (MISS S & MRS L WYNNE) Super proportions with enough leg and is in full coat. She has a good head, ears could be smaller. Strong, lengthy, crested neck. Well laid shoulders, slope to upper arm. Well ribbed back to a firm loin. Level topline. Slope to croup. V good rear. So light and easy in profile, just floated around. CC & BOB 2ND JACALOUS MIRRA IMAGE OF CYANDA JW SHCM (MISS A J WILKINSON) She is v similar to 1, maybe, slightly better4 in head and ears, not quite her front. Similar remarks apply elsewhere. Firmer in hi8nd action than 3, who is another top class Siberian. 3RD CH ICYNIGHTS SPARKLE IN THE MIST AT CEANNABEINNE (MR H H & MRS J M WAKKER) Veteran b (3) 1ST RAJARANI LILIA ANANA (MS E L SMITH) She is a good type of pleasing proportions and the best mover in class. Fem head. Good eye and expression. Strong and lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Grand body. Well made rear. She is in good coat. Could be tidier out and back. BV 2ND ICY CHILL OF ARTICTRAIL (MISS S BAILEY) Better mover than 3. V attentive b. Good eye and expression. Could have a longer neck. Nice feet. 3RD TRAILHUNTERS MIKI (MISS N V & MISS R MARCH & SMITH) Sp beginners b (3,2) 1ST CHARMEDKELZ KERNOWEK PIXIE (MISS K J BOLSOVER) Liked her for type and proportions. Can arch her topline at times. V typical in head. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. A bit over angulated in rear. G citizen b ne

Jeff Horswell