• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Swedish Vallhund

Manchester Swedish Vallhund

We had an unavoidable late start, but that didn’t seem to affect the dogs. I thought this a quality entry. Temperaments were excellent, as was presentation, all were clean and all had plenty of muscle, as befits an active working breed. Puppy D (2) 2 really promising pups to start. 1st: 2391 JONES Mr K M A Tanellis Bloomin William V good mover and a slightly better topline than 2. Masc head. Well set ears. Correct neck. Can drop in chest slightly. Well ribbed. Good rear. Thick coat. I liked him v much and hope he fulfils his promise. BP 2nd: 2397 PATERSON Ms L J Eriksfjord Kairisimo Slightly younger but also a good prospect. Pleasing head. Strong neck. Shoulders could be better set. Well sprung ribs. Moderate rear. Accurate on move. Junior D ne Post Grad D (4) 1st: 2392 LEE Mr & Mrs G & S Eriksfjord Brave Charm V good d, who had just a bit longer stride than 2. Pleasing head. Long neck. Correct front. Well ribbed, but wouldn’t want him any longer in body. Level topline. Well made rear with low hocks, in v hard condition. 2nd: 2389 HACKNEY Mr & Mrs P & C Starvon Bring It On Close up and he is also really hard and fit Pleasing head. Balanced and moderate in his angulation. Well ribbed. Holds his outline moving. Even stride. V good going away. 3rd: 2400 SIMPSON Mrs L C & Mr G D Mystarz Muzik Maestro Of Vallholme Res: 2395 PALLATINA Miss L Starvon Dark Knight With Valltineya Limit D (3) 1st: 2401 WILTON Mr D M & Mrs J E Meddobe Spice's Endeavour He holds a strong topline. Masc head. Lovely expression. Correct neck. Typical front. Would prefer better feet. Well ribbed. Pleasing rear. Wouldn’t want him any longer. 2nd: 2390 HACKNEY Mr & Mrs P & C Starvon All About Me Liked his proportions, tended to run up in topline moving. Well proportioned head with a flat skull. Strong neck of moderate length. Well ribbed. Good rear. In hard, fit condition. 3rd: 2386 DRINKWATER Mr & Mrs A J & S Galerita Goji Berrie Open D (2) 1st: 2399 PERRY, Mrs G & ETCHES Mrs L Starvon Cryptic Spyda Really lovely d, everything moderate and fits together and in super condition. Liked his head. Just enough neck and shoulders slightly wide apart. Correct upper arm. Super body, firm topline. Well made rear. Super on the move. CC & BOB 2nd: 2394 PALLATINA Miss L Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me At Valltineya Liked his proportions. Masc head. Good neck. Shoulder slightly forward and feet could be better. Well ribbed, strong loin. Moderate rear. Went v well. Veteran D (2) 1st: 2398 PATERSON, Mrs L J & KENNEDY Mrs K Ch & Ir Ch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny For Jarlalfvin Really lovely d who excels in profile action. Liked his outline and proportions. Masc head. Moderate neck. Shoulder slightly wide set. Super body. Level topline. V moderate turn of hock. Could be a little more precise out and back. High quality. RCC 2nd: 2383 BYRNE Mrs M Eriksfjord Jumping Bean Carrying just a little extra weight at the moment. Medium neck. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Moderate angulation. Moved quite well. Puppy B (2,1) 1st: 2402 WILTON Mr D M & Mrs J E Meddobe Anna Travis Fem pup full of promise. She has a well balanced head. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Well ribbed to a firm loin. Can firm in topline. Well muscled rear. Good mover. Junior B ne Post Grad B (1 abs) Limit B (1) 1st: 2384 DAY Mrs J Starvon Ziva She has v good proportions and is v well muscled, but looks slightly heavy in body. Fem head. Enough neck. Could be slightly better in front. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Good rear with low hocks. Open B (2) 1st: 2385 DIAMOND Miss K Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm Sh.CM Thought her a really well proportioned b. I would like less stop and a slightly longer muzzle. Correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Super body and rib. Firm in topline. V good ear. Balanced mover. CC 2nd: 2387 DRINKWATER Mr & Mrs A J & S Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie Found her slightly longer and could be firmer in topline. V good head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Could use her rear a bit better but good coming towards. Veteran B (1) 1st: 2396 PATERSON Ms L J Ir Ch Eriksfjord Charmed Liked her proportions. Well balanced, fem head. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Moderate rear. Easy mover, loses her topline slightly. Coat could have a better texture, but a v good b.

Jeff Horswell