• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

SKC English Springer Spaniel

Numerically I thought this was a v good entry, and not very many absent on the day. I was certainly able to find what I was looking for in my main winners, and thought the dog and bitch complemented each other very well . Generally most were the correct proportions – so important to differentiate the various Spaniels. All were well presented, although quite a number lacked muscle.

Puppy D ne Junior D (3,1) 1ST EASTRIDING ROYAL MAYFAIR (MRS K JENKINSON) Liked his outline and proportions. Compact d well up on leg. Masc head, slightly strong in skull. Enough neck. Would prefer a slightly better shoulder. Super feet. Well sprung ribs, going well back. Firm topline. Slope to croup. Excellent rear, which he uses so v well. Covers plenty ground on move and accurate out and back. 2ND BERKENBAR GIOVANNI (MRS B GANARIN) Liked him v much for type, outline and proportions. Correct length head. Could have slightly more lip but v good in skull. Moderate neck. He too could have a better shoulder. Well sprung ribs. V good rear. Can just firm in topline. Good on the move. Yearling D (1) 1ST PEASBLOSSOM VALENTINO (MRS S GRAHAM) V good proportions. He has a masc head of correct width and length. Good expression. Lengthy neck and well laid shoulders. Could have more width to his front. Well ribbed, short loin. Level topline. Well made rear with low hocks. Good mover, tail carriage slightly high. Post Grad D ne Limit D (5,1) 1ST CLENTONION SOLOMOMS SEAL (MRS A C HAPPS) V typy d who could lose some weight to advantage. Liked his proportions. He has a v good head. Moderate in neck. Quite a good front. Well sprung ribs. Firm in topline. Moderate rear. Accurate mover with a decent stride. 2ND LOCHBRIDE THUNDERSTRUCK (MRS J & MISS D LAUCHLAN) Like his proportions and v well conditioned. Quite a good, masc head. Better neck than 1. Front is ok. Needs a bit more width of chest. Topline slopes slightly and tail set slightly high? V good rear. V good mover. 3RD TRIMERE TICKS THE BOX AT MUJASCAL SHCM (MISS J A SUCH) Open D (3,1) 1ST AUST SUP CH SANDICAM ROYAL ESCORT (IMP AUST) (MR E & MR C CASEY & CAVALLO) Really lovely d for type and proportions. Excellent head, has length with sufficient width without being coarse. Liked his eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Would like tighter feet. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed with a short loin. Firm in topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Could be in harder muscle. Super on the move, typical action, accurate and covering lots ground. He really needs a big ring to show off his super action. Was my BIS winner at a club show last year in Australia, CC & BOB here today. 2ND SH CH BERESFORD NIGHT TRAIN (MRS T E TOPLISS) Liked this d v much. Pleasing head. Would like a better expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to elbow. V good legs and feet. Good topline. Well made rear. He is slightly longer than 1 and couldn’t match him on the move, but he is a top quality d RCC. Veteran D (2) 1ST TRALAY BLACKJACK (MR J & MRS M N HAY) Liked his proportions best in this class. He has a fairly good head, correct width skull. Could have a fraction more muzzle. Lengthy neck into good shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Slightly long in loin. Moderate rear which matches his front. Balanced stride with a level topline. 2ND BAXBALACH RUMOUR HAS IT ( MRS F MCGOVERN) Thought he had a v good head. Long neck. Quite a good front. Slightly long in back and arches his topline on the move, too much hind angulation, slightly close going away. Well conditioned, Sp Beginners D. Ne G Citizen D. Ne Puppy B (4,1) 1ST CARLYQUINN KISSES OF FIRE (MRS H COKELL) Really super fem pup of quality. Liked her outline and proportions. V good head, well balanced. Lengthy neck. Good front. V good body, short loin. Firm topline. V good rear. Just needs to fully come together on the move. Really super prospect who should end up titled. BP 2ND BERESFORD GUIDING LIGHT (MRS T E TOPLISS) She is quite a compact b. Pleasing head. Rather upright in neck, shoulder and pastern. Well sprung ribs. Firm topline. Well made rear. Sound once settled. 3RD REULEMILL BLESS THE WINGS (G D CLARKE) Junior B (4) First 2 bitches fairly hard to separate, both had different things I really liked. 1ST TRIMERE TAYLOR SWIFT (MISS S J CORBETT) Super outline with ideal proportions. She has a really good head, fem of correct length. Long neck. Quite a good shoulder. Would prefer slightly more fill of chest, but still young. Well ribbed back. Topline can still firm. She has a super rear, used to best advantage on move. High quality b who took CC. 2ND EASTRIDING GLAM PRINCESS (MRS K JENKINSON) She is a v good b, just a bit angular at the moment. Liked her head, well balance, correct width but still fem. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. She has a super fill of chest, well spring ribs. Firm topline. Just sinks into her rear slightly moving and close going away. But still v good b. 3RD BERKENBAR GIANNA AT ARDTALLA (DR B & DR F SCORGIE & MCNICOL) Yearling B (1) 1ST POTRAIL SHAPE OF YOU (MS H KIRK) Interesting b. She is a really super mover, accurate with a long, typical stride. She could be in much harder muscle. Liked her head v much. Long neck. Good front. Well sloped upper arm. Could have more spring of rib. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Post Grad B (5) Some otherwise v good bitches let themselves down moving, . 1ST EASTRIDING SHEER LOVE FOR SANDICAM (MR E & MR C CASEY & CAVALLO) Put on a super performance and she is well conditioned and muscled. She has a v good head, well balanced, correct stop. Eyes can darken. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Just a bit too much hind angulation, but uses it v well. RCC 2ND CLENTONIAN PICTURE PERFECT (MR R & MRS J REYNOLDS) She is a typy b. Pleasing head, just a bit too much lip and dewlap. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Well bodied. Moderate rear. Could just be slightly more fluid on move. 3RD POTRAIL TURNS THE SWAG ON FOR PINEREOCH (MS L & MRS A H WILSON & CONNOR) Limit B (3) 1ST CHERISHYM CHARA (MR P & MRS Y RICHARDSON & TERRY-RICHARDSON) V typy b in super hard muscle. She has a fem head of good length. Enough neck. She has enough angulation and it is v well balanced. Good fill of chest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Typical mover. 2ND BERESFORD NIGHT CLASS (MRS T E TOPLISS) Liked her proportions. Would like a better head, lacks a bit of stop. Rather upright in her front assembly. Well ribbed. Level topline. Lots of hind angulation. Ok out and back, just a bit busy in profile. 3RD CALVDALE CLASSIC BLEND (MR G G & MRS J RAMSHAW) Open B (6,1) 1ST SH CH BORDACITY HONEY RYDER (MR G & MS S LAWLER & WATSON) Comfortable winner of this class. She is v good for type. Liked her head, which is long enough with good width. Good eye and expression. Long neck into quite a good front. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. She has a well made rear. Low hocks. Moves well. Good honest sort of b. 2ND LOCHBRIDE MERCY ME SHCM (MRS J & MISS D LAUCHLAN) She is rather too long, but her excellent movement earnt her this place. Would prefer a cleaner head. Moderate neck. Balanced and moderate in angulation. Level topline. 3RD LORDSETT UPTOWN GIRL AT BERESFORD (IMP POL) (MRS T E TOPLISS) Veteran B (4) This was a nice class 1ST ROSANNOCH FORTUNA JW (MRS E ROSE) Just preferred her proportions to 1, she is slightly shorter in the loin. V good fem head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder with a sloping upper arm. Chest to elbow, well sprung. Holds a firm topline. Excellent rear. Could be tidier out and back but so v good in profile. 2ND OLLIWA RUTHLESS WITH TRIMERE (MISS S J CORBETT) Quality b with a really lovely head. Long neck. Fairly good front. Deep chest. Firm in topline. Well made rear. Accurate out and back, not the profile of 1. Sp Beginners B (2) 1ST CLENTONIAN PICTURE PERFECT (MR R & MRS J REYNOLDS) 2ND BORDACITY FORGET ME NOT (MS B J GRAHAM) Fem head, slightly short in muzzle. Moderate neck. Balanced in her angulation. Well bodied. Level topline. Could be tidier out and back. G Citizen B ne

Jeff Horswell