• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Lagotto Romagnolo

WELKS. Lagotto Romagnolo

I enjoyed judging this lovely breed for the first time. Please remember they must look rustic, do not over trim them to lose that look. Some were moved far too fast, and looked so much better when slowed down. Junior D (3,1) 1ST CRISPINO DELLA CAVEJA (MR & MRS A FERGUSON) Really good d. Correct proportions and a super mover. Well balanced head. Correct neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Well ribbed. Level topline with good tail set. In lovely hard condition. Top quality. BOB Post Grad D (5,3) 1ST MIZANI DIORBE OF SLOVAKIA SHCM (MS P MCALLISTER) Preferred the proportions on this d over 2. He has a well balanced head. Well set ears. Medium neck. Slightly forward in shoulder but v good front action. Level topline. Well ribbed. Low hocks, could be better going away. 2ND EUONIA BLUEBELL BOY CAMMINARE (MR S, MR J & MRS A WALKER) Lovely character. He has a masc head which is well balanced. Good eye and expression. Correct neck. Balanced in angulation. Just a fraction long. Open D (2) 1ST GAESTER JUST JAGO AT JOYDON (MR D H LIGHTFOOT) More rustic of these 2 dogs. Correct proportions. Correct length of neck. V moderate in angulation. Level topline. Well ribbed. Could just use his rear a bit better but in grand form for almost nine. RBD 2ND MIZANI DOROCCO RAFFAELE (MR A J GRANTHAM) He is a v good profile mover. Rather over trimmed. Liked his head proportions. Correct length of neck. Level topline. Grand rib cage. Could be tidier out and back. Special Beg D. ne Special. Beg B. (2) 1ST MIZANI DIORBE OF VIENNA (MRS L & MR J MONK) V fem b with a super eye and expression. She is well proportioned. Balanced and moderate in angulation. Topline could be firmer. Mover well. 2ND MIZANI MOON SPICE (MR S & MR A MULHEARN & HOBGEN) Very bouncy pup. She has v good proportions. Liked her head. Well made and a good body. Needs to settle on move but she is a v promising pup. Junior B (6,1) 1ST MIKETTE ONE IN A MILLION (MRS J & MISS L BLUNDEN) V promising pup who moved so v well. She is v fem with a good head. Correct neck. Best front in class. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. BP 2ND RADIVA BABY OH CHERRIE (IMP SVK) (MRS L MORT) Well handled and presented b. She has a fem head, shorter in muzzle than skull. Correct neck. Just a fraction long in back, but correct length of leg. Level topline. Moderate angulation. Post Grad B (4) 1ST MOONREED BELLA ( MR M LIGHT) Lots to like about this young b, v good proportions, square and well up on leg. She has a fem head with a v good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well balanced in angulation. Just needs to body up. Moved v well. 2ND MIZANI DIORBE OF VIENNA (MRS L & MR J MONK) 3RD MIZANI DIORA ROSE (MR A J GRANTHAM) Open B (6,2) 1ST MIZANI JOLA BRIAR (MR & MRS A FERGUSON) Super proportions and excels in profile action, but could be slightly better going away. She has a super head. Correct neck. Just right for angulation front and rear. Level topline. BB 2ND FULLFORGE FREE HORIZONS CON MIKETTE SHCM (MR J & MISS L GILDER & BLUNDEN) She too is a well proportioned b. V good head. Correct neck. Liked her front. Well ribbed. Could have a firmer topline. Turns a hock slightly going away, but liked her a lot. RBB 3RD EMMROCHE BORGHESA AT TIMTAURN (MRS A STEPHENSON)

Jeff Horswell