• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Great Dane

CRUFTS Great Danes

It was a wonderful experience to judge the Danes at Crufts as this was the first breed I ever handled. I was please my mother was there to watch. By current standards there was a good turn out and interesting to have some foreign dogs competing against the best the UK can offer. Generally most were of a very good type, elegant with substance and well proportioned. Congratulations to blue and black breeders, some v good Danes in these colours, definitely on the up. I thought most held their outline on the move, an improvement on previous appointments, but movement generally could be much improved, a combination of construction and conditioning. There seemed to be a very sporting atmosphere around the ring, making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Veteran D (4,2) 1st DAINMAJIK DANTE FOR SOUPURY (MRS J & MISS J FLANAGAN) Mantle d, strong and powerful. He has a good head, parallel planes, lovely eye and expression. Enough neck. Slightly heavy over his shoulders. Well ribbed back. Stifle too bent. Best mover of these 2. 2nd DAINMAJIK THE ENCHANTER FOR SOUPURY (MRS J & MISS J FLANAGAN) Liked him for type and has a really good, masc head. Long neck, rather forward in shoulder, which was reflected in his front action. Well ribbed back. Liked his rear. Minor Puppy D (1 abs Puppy D (10) 1st GEORDIEONE TORPA STENHUS (MRS S & DR T BISHTON & MOSVOLD) Lovely type of d, like his proportions and elegance, has a lengthy head of correct width, still needs time to finish, lengthy neck. Shoulders could be slightly better set. Chest to his elbow with a well filled chest. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Could just use his rear a bit more, but v good in front and a lengthy stride. Classy pup. BP 2nd CARSAN VINCENT (MRS C MACKENZIE) Liked this blue d v much, he has correct proportions. Head is lengthy and clean. Good neck fair front, just lifts his legs ever so slightly high. Well bodied. Good rear. Nice deep feet. 3rd PRIMUS BREAKIN RULES (MR J & MRS L & MRS J DONNELLY & TOOHEY) This d excels in profile action. Pleasing head, if slightly narrow in underjaw. Crested neck. Good front. Well bent stifle. Needs to fill in the middle, as to be expected at his age. Junior D (12,2) 1st GANTEUS DARK ANGEL [ATC AV03367SWE] (MS M STRANDIN) Thought he was a fairly clear winner of this class. Well proportioned d. Pleasing head, tight eyes. Well set ears of correct size. Super neck. Well laid shoulder with lengthy sloping upper arm. Super body. Enough turn of stifle. Turns a hock stood slightly and is a bit close going away. He has a v easy stride. 2nd ALLOURS HIDALGO (MRS S AKINOSHO) Well proportioned d, needs to body up, head is masc, could be longer in muzzle and have less lip. Decent front. Just a bit narrow in chest as yet and needs to body up generally. Liked his rear. 3rd FOALDOWN TRIBUTE ACT FOR ISLANDROSE (MRS Z SMALL) Typy d, who kept on pacing. Masc head, well balanced and lengthy. Well-made front. Chest to his elbow. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Slightly steep in croup, super feet, Yearling D (11,2) 1st LASA STA BALUBA-T DEL PICCOLO JIGO [ATC AW00613ITA] (E TRETYAKOVA) Really lovely brindle who excels on profile action, covering lots of ground with a really easy stride. Masc head, could be slightly longer in muzzle. Tight eyes. Long neck. Shoulder is ok. Super legs and feet. V good body. Level topline. Rear angulation matches his front so well. RCC 2nd TENSHI WITH RED RIBBON IMP POLAND ( JB BIELECKA) Slightly heavy type harlequin, his easy stride earnt him this place. Head is a bit heavy and fleshy, strong neck. Liked his front. Deep chest. Moderate rear. 3rd HOPPINGHAM'S CHANGES SELMALDA (MS L & MR A CHAPPELL) Post Grad D (7,2) Very difficult class to judge. 1st CLANNALBA'S FEARAIL BALLACH AT ELITEDAIMOS (MS D SITEK) Fairly typy blue d, who moved ok. Liked his head, well chiseled. Nice eye and expression. Strong neck. Deep chest. Super feet. Moderate rear. 2nd MAXIDAN'S BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM JW DKJUCH [ATC AV01815DNK] ( MISS K CLAUSEN) Fairly well proportioned. Pleasing, masc head. Threw his front around a bit. Deep chest. Topline could be better. 3rd DUNDESERT ERIKSSON DROOLAKISS (MISS C & MR A LAWSON & HUNTER) Liked his proportions. Lengthy head. Good neck. Needs to develop chest. Moderate angulation each end. Movement could be better. Limit D (12) 1st PRIMUS GREAT GATSBY JW ( MRS T BAILEY) Best mover in this class, he is fairly parallel and moves with a lengthy stride. Liked his head v much. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to his elbow. Would prefer him shorter in loin. Correct hind angulation. 2nd RAVENDANE DEAL ME IN WITH ELBAREVOL (MRS S E BURTON) Liked his outline and he goes well in profile, just a bit untidy in front. Pleasing head. Long and clean neck. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed back. Firm topline v good rear. Not much between 1 and 2. 3rd GRIFFINDANE ATHOS (MR M & MRS B GRIFFIN & GRIERSON) Typy fawn. Has a good head apart from being too Iippy. Strong neck. Deep chest. Short back but could be firmer in topline. Moderate rear. Open D (17 ,4) 1st DKCH/SECK/INTCH SUNYARD'S JIMMIE [ATC AV02251DNK] ( MR & MRS NIELSEN & ROSENDAHL) Really lovely type of d who has a super head. Long muzzle, well balanced skull. Super eye and expression. Long and crested neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest to his elbow. Firm in topline. Would like a bit more hind angulation and power in the rear. But overall a lovely Dane. CC 2nd NO/SE/DK CH/NORD CH NORDLANDIA DANES SPUTNIK DKJV/17 SEJV/17 DKV18 SEV18 NOV18 [ATC AU03086SWE] (MS E BUGGE OLSEN) Liked his outline and proportions. Not quite the front of 1 but he is better in rear. Lengthy, masc head. Super body. Hold a level topline. Feet could be tighter. Super outline with elegance. 3rd IR CH GARSAK SIR BRADLEY WIGGINS FOR ZUDANE JUN CH (MR D & MRS M BRADY) Super type of D, looked immature against some of these males today, but still fairly young. He has a lengthy head. Parallel planes. Long neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. Short back. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Good Citizen D (5,2) 1st TAMZDANE OH MY APPLE PIE JW (MISS T & MRS L POCOCK) He is slightly long, but a v free and easy mover. Masc head, short in muzzle and could be cleaner. Long neck. Fairly well laid shoulders. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. Holds his topline well. 2nd DAMARKANN MARQUISITE ( MRS S KELLEWAY) Liked his proportions v much. Slightly heavy in head. Long and strong neck. V good front feet. Deep chest. Moderate rear. 3rd ROSHANUN ZEUS SUMMUM DEUM (S L & R B NUNN) Nice proportions. Just lost his outline on move. Masc head. Strong neck. Front action could be better. Well bodied. Veteran B (4) 1st ALSPHUZAZZ DOLCE DONUM (MS L M WOOD) Super black b of lovely type. She has a long, clean head. Parallel planes. Super neck. Well laid shoulder deep chest. Elbows could be tighter. Level topline. Correct rear. Untidy in front but a super profile action. BV 2nd DAINMAJIK THE SORCERESS SHCM (LADY J INGRAM) Liked the proportions on this b. A little plain in head. Long neck. Forward in shoulder. Super topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. 3rd DINAHTRON LADY LUCK FROM DORNOIR ( MISS J H MIDDLETON) Liked the head on this blue, she is just a bit long in back. Long neck. Well balanced in angulation. Quite a good mover. Minor Puppy B (1) 1st PENELOPE VON DEN BORKENER TURMEN AT DAINOAK (IMP DEU) TAF (MRS K KINGSLEY) V much a baby. Fem b who moves well. Lengthy head. Nice eyes. Ears can settle. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Chest to her elbow. Well made rear. Puppy B (9,3) 1st ZEFATHERS SWEET CHILD O`MINE ( MISS CRANFIELD) Very promising pup. Good type, fem, correct proportions and moved v well. Lengthy head. Good eyes. Long neck. Well made front, just needs to firm in feet and pasterns. Correct body for her age. Topline ok. Well made rear. 2nd VANMORE DIVA DANCER AT KAZABBIE (MR P, MRS A & MISS P JACOBS) V fem b of a good type, not quite as good in front action as 1. She has a pleasing head if slightly lippy. Good neck. Deep chest. Topline ok. Used rear well. 3rd CARSAN SAVANNA (MRS C MACKENZIE) V nice blue, playing handler up on move but sound. Pleasing head. Good neck. Well filled chest. Well balanced. Junior B (15) Some v good young b in this class. 1st GANTEUS WHISPERING ANGEL [ATC AV03366SWE] (MRS I NYGREN) Lovely type b with a super head. She is fem, head is long and clean, could use her ears more. Super neck and the best shoulder in class with a long, sloping upper arm. Chest to her elbow. Firm topline. Can stand a little close in rear. Efficient mover. See she is sister to junior d winner. Strong contender for top awards, just needs to firm in rear. 2nd CALCHAS YANDAMAR YOURS (MISS P HENSHALL) Lovely harl b, liked her proportions. He has a clean head. Long muzzle. Lengthy neck. Chest to elbow but can still fill. Rear matches her front. Long stride. 3rd JUTLANDERS ARE YOU READY (IMP DEN) (MRS J WHITE) This b is v good in profile action. She can look a bit long stood, but shortens on the move. V good hear. Correct neck. Not quite the shoulder of 1. Deep chest. Firm in topline. Liked her rear. Yearling B (8,1) 1st ZEFATHER'S WHAT IT TAKES JW (MS N PENDLETON-WATKINS) Lovely b who is just a bit better through the neck and shoulder than 2. She has a super head, lovely eye and expression, parallel planes, nicely chiseled. Well filled chest. Well ribbed back. Firm in topline. Good rear. Sound mover. Top quality b who is v elegant yet strong. CC & BOB 2nd CH BOURNTWYN BY MY SIDE (MR R C & MRS M BITHELL) Another v good b of excellent type. Tall and well grown, but still v fem. Lengthy head. Well set ears. Deep chest, could develop just a little more width as she matures. Well ribbed back. Strong rear. Easy mover. 3rd ZEFATHER'S LIVIN ON THE EDGE AT TENAYA (MRS H SEDDON) Fem b of a nice type. Lengthy and fem head, just a bit plain. Long neck. Fair front. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Fairly accurate. Post Grad B (9,3) 1st NIKAMI THE LYRICAL SHCM (MISS M ABBOTT) Liked her v much for type. Super outline with elegance. V good head. Long neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder. Deep, well filled chest. Good rear. Could just be slightly better on the move. 2nd VERANO VALENTINA (MRS P TANDY) She is a v good b, handler needs to get to grips with her on the move. Super head. Long neck well made front and rear and well bodied. 3rd PIPPA MIDDLETON LA ESPERANZA [ATC AV02144DNK] ( MR & MRS NIELSEN & ROSENDAHL) Big b who could be more feminine. Enough neck. Shoulders could be better laid and topline firmed. Fair rear. Limit B (8,4) Disappointing class for limit. 1st GARSAK WILD AT HEART AT DANEHAVEN (MISS C POWLEY) Young b who has some maturing to do, won on her head and super rear action. Strong neck. Quite a good front. Needs to firm in topline. Deep chest. Quite well ribbed. Super rear. 2nd DAINOAK ABSOLUTELY LOVELY (MRS J LE CLAIRE) Welll proportioned blue b. Slightly strong in cheek. Super neck and has well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Ok topline. Just needs a little more hind angulation and drive, but a v typy, useful b. 3rd DORNOIR AIN ( MISS J H MIDDLETON) She has a nicer head than 2, but is rather long. Good neck. Fair front. Slack in feet and pasterns. Well sprung ribs. Well bent stifle with fairly low hocks. Open B (22,5) 1st CH DROOLAKISS MISS BUSY BODY AT MURRAYVHAYLE (MRS S SEARLE) She is a lovely shape b with a really good head. Long neck. Could be slightly better in shoulder. Lovely depth of chest. Firm in topline. Excellent rear and she is so v well muscled. Could just stride out a bit better in front. Big strong girl who is still v fem. RCC 2nd CH GARSAK ADAPTION (MR G & J & M HOOKER, LOCKEY & ARMOUR) She has a v appealing head if slightly lippy. Good neck. Would like a better front. Deep chest. Slightly long. Used her rear v well. 3rd INT CH AKASHA VON DEN FEHNBRUECKEN [ATC AR02418DEU] ( MISS C RASINI) V typy b who is v well balanced. Like her head v much. Could just use herself more on the move. Good Citizen B (5,1) 1st TAMZDANE CAKE MY DAY (MISS T & MRS L POCOCK) Fem b whose shape and proportions appealed to me. She has quite a good head, would prefer a longer muzzle. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Feet ok. Level topline. Just a bit close going away. 2nd JAEMLUKS DANNIE OF CLUNTON ( MRS S KELLEWAY) Powerful b, still fem. she has a pleasing head of length. Ok neck. Needs more fill of chest and front legs are rather forward. Well bodied. 3rd INT CH/IR CH MY LADY OF AONTROIM CJW 16 CW 17 IR JR CH (MISS M E LITTLE) Typical blue with a fem head, just a bit short in muzzle. Moderate neck. Nice feet. Could be tidier on the move.

Jeff Horswell