• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Southern Counties Pembroke Corgis

I was rather concerned about toplines today, many were soft, and often over long. Temperaments were all excellent, and pleasing to see most had typical Pembroke ears. Minor Puppy D (3) 1ST HARESFOOT DANNY BOY NBT (MRS S HARRISON) V promising pup. Liked his outline and proportions. Super head, well set ears of correct size. Enough neck. Shoulders are set slightly far apart. Liked his width of chest. Straight legs. Well ribbed. Level topline. He has enough hind angulation. Moves v well. 2ND ELESSAR ROYAL SALUTE (MISS J DOWN) Nice d with a good head, ears slightly large, but could grow into them. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Just a bit long in back. Well made rear with low hocks. 3RD ELESSAR ROYAL TRIBUTE (MRS S COE) Puppy d (2) 1ST RYSLIP SPIN BOWLER WITH CERANDA (MRS C DAVIES) Better front and stride of this pair. Liked his head, lovely expression, well set ears. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. Could have a longer upper arm. Well ribbed. Topline can firm. Moderate rear. 2ND ERMYN RAZZLE DAZZLE (MRS M & MRS D DAVIES & TAYLOR) Slightly longer in body. Typical head with v good ears. Enough neck. Forward in shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Junior d (1) 1ST OYE-DRAGOON-WILLOW DES CONTAMINES AT WOODHENGE (IMP) (MR B J, MRS S, MME E & MME K COULSON, CAMBONI & MALAGRE) He has a super outline stood and lovely proportions. Masc head. Well balanced. Lovely eye and expression. Correct length of neck. Shoulders are forward and set a bit far apart. Wide coming towards on move. Well sprung ribs. Well bent stifle, low hocks. Slightly strange coat texture. Yearling d (1) 1ST CRESCENTHILL-BRYNLEA MOON GLOW (MRS J & MISS C GORDON & HEATH) Liked his outline and proportions. Holds his shape moving, where he has a long, easy stride. Well balanced head, a darker eye would enhance. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Well made rear. Could be tidier out and back. Grad d (1 abs) Post grad d (2) 1ST PEMCADER PEREGRIN (NBT) (MR & MRS R J NOBLE) Preferred his size and proportions over 2. Would look better with a bit less weight. Masc head. Short neck. Decent front. Holds a level topline. Well made rear. Sound but not putting any effort in. 2ND DANGAVLYNS STORMTROOPER (MR G A PARRISH) V sound moving large d. He has a well balanced head. Forward shoulder. Topline could be better. Coat is a bit open. Well muscled. Feel rather flat. Limit d (5) 1ST TWINAN LIFE'S A BLAST (MRS K M & MISS T J IRVING) Liked his outline. He has a slightly longer stride than 2. Masc head, wouldn’t want him any longer in muzzle. Lengthy neck. Shoulder is a little forward. Super forechest. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Has a well made rear. 2ND STADWEN LANCELOT (MISS A J REES) Liked his outline and shows so v well. Masc head. Good eye and expression, another where I wouldn’t want him any longer in muzzle. Long neck. Decent front. Well sprung ribs. Good rear. Could be tidier out and back. Liked his coat. 3RD COTTIVY SKYFALL (MR R P & MRS H WYER) Open d (6,2) 1ST REDFORDHILL MAGIC MOMENTS TO SALVENIK JW (IMP DK) (MISS T MADDOX) Well balanced d with the best front in this class. V good head, liked the proportions. Darker eyes than 2. Long neck. Well laid shoulder, with a lengthy upper arm. Straight legs. Well ribbed. Level topline. Strong rear. Accurate mover with a good stride. RCC 2ND OREGONIAN SNOW LEOPARD JW (MRS D & MISS S KING & TAYLOR) Good honest sort of d. Liked his head apart from his eye colour, shape is v good. Long neck. Good front. Well sprung ribs. Just a bit long caste. Well made rear. 3RD AM CH COVENTRY COLIN THE SHOTS WITH PENLIATH [ATC AW00894USA] (MRS C B, MISS N L, MRS B & MS B BLANCE, SHELTON & WILLIAMS) Special beginner d. Ne Veteran d/b (2) 1ST CH/RUS/UKR CH ERMYN SNOW KNIGHT (RE-IMP) (MRS M H DAVIES) Really lovely d, super outline and proportions. Has a masc head, well balanced. Long neck well made front. A bit slack in pastern now. Well sprung ribs. Well made rear. V good mover with a long stride, holding his level topline. Quality d, and what a laster. CC & BOB 2ND COTTIVY PREJUDICE (MR R P & MRS H WYER) Really fem b, out of coat. She is a v good mover, slightly rounded in skull. Lots of body. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Good citizen d/b (1 abs ) Minor puppy b (3) 1ST CRAIGYCOR TOP MODEL AT CERANDA (MR D W & MRS D L DAVIES) V promising pup who has a v good topline. Fem head, which is well balanced. Well laid shoulder. Straight front. Well ribbed. Good rear. V much a baby on move. 2ND RYSLIP HOBNOB TAF (MRS E GORDON) Such a baby, her better topline earnt her this place. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Well ribbed. Ok rear. 3RD ELESSAR ROYAL TRINKET (MISS J DOWN) Puppy b (1) 1ST TWINAN SHAKE THE TREE (MRS K M & MISS T J IRVING) V well made b who is a super mover, can just loose her topline at times. Fem head, which is well balanced with a good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Good forechest. Well sprung ribs. Good rear. Could carry a bit less coat and body. BP Junior b (4,1) 1ST SALVENIK SILK ROSE FOR ELLHAR (MRS ELLWOOD) She has the best topline in this class. Well balanced, fem head. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder and a decent upper arm. Straight front. Well sprung ribs. Enough hind angulation. Moved v well. 2ND SALVENIK SCARLET ROSE (MISS T MADDOX) She is a v good mover. Liked her head v much. Long neck. Well ribbed back. Good rear. Just needs a bit more width all through. 3RD CRESLOW MELODY MAKER AT COTTIVY (MR R P & MRS H WYER) Yearling b (1) 1ST HARESFOOT CORA NBT (MRS S HARRISON) Liked her v much. Well balanced b who is a v easy mover. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Slightly slack in pastern. Well ribbed. V good rear. Grad b( abs) Post grad b (2) 1ST HARESFOOT ZENA NBT (MRS S HARRISON) Honest sound sort of b who is really well balanced. Liked her head, could have a darker eye. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Super ribs. Had the better topline of these 2. Strong rear. 2ND COTTIVY TWELFTH NIGHT (MR R P & MRS H WYER) Lots to like about her, just rather slack in topline today. Fem head. Good eyes and expression, with well set ears. Nice forechest. Front could be straighter. Low hocks. Limit b (6) 1ST AMBERYNLEA DARK DESIRE WITH ELLHAR (IMP LTV) (MRS ELLWOOD) Thought this well made, balanced b used her rear slightly better than 2. She has a good outline and liked her proportions. Fem head, wouldn’t want her any longer in muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Super body and rib. Moderate rear. Slightly bouncy in topline. RCC 2ND TWINAN TIGHT SQUEEZE JW (MRS K M & MISS T J IRVING) Liked her proportions. Fem head. Lovely eye, expression and ears. Lengthy neck. Good front. Well ribbed. In heavy coat. Slightly bouncy in topline. 3RD SALVENIK SUMMER ROSEBUD JW (MISS T MADDOX) Open b (4) Best class of the day for depth of quality. 1ST AUST CH JOPEARL FIRST NOELLE AT BRECONMOHR FOR STADWEN (IMP AUST) (MISS A J REES) Liked her outline and proportions. Fem head. Good eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Has more forechest than 2. Well made front. Grand body and rib. Super rear. Moves well, holding a firm topline. CC 2ND PENLIATH SENT FROM COVENTRY (AI) (MRS C B, MISS N L, MR W & MR S BLANCE, SHELTON & LEYERLY) Quality b. She has a super head. Good eye and expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder and enough upper arm. Well ribbed. Could drive slightly more from her rear. 3RD WHITEBARN SEA SHELL (MRS P & MISS H FAWCETT) Special beginner b. Ne

Jeff Horswell