• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Skye Terrier

Windsor  Skye Terriers

Veteran D/B (2) 2 really good veterans 1st: 698 CURTIS Mrs J Ch Brakemill Briar Rose Fem b, plenty of strength. Well balanced head. Dark eyes. Longer in neck than 2. Well laid shoulder. Good front. Liked her spring of rib and length of ribbing. Shorter in loin than 2. V good rear. Hold her tail v well. Holds level topline. RCC & 2 in veteran group 2nd: 705 PARKER Mrs C A Glorfindel Deacon Brodie Sh.CM Masc d, he has a v good head. Liked his width of skull and strength of muzzle. Enough neck with well laid shoulders. Nice straight front. Topline runs up v slightly. Well made rear. Accurate mover. Puppy d 1 abs Junior, Post Grad, Limit d me Open (4) 1st: 700 KENDRICK Mrs J E Ch Frisco Kiaora At Jeraro (Imp) Super outline, which he holds on the move. Masc head of strength. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Enough upper arm, good legs. Well ribbed back. Super topline. Well made rear. Accurate on move. CC 2nd: 701 MCLEOD Mrs C & Mr G Juger Edelweiss Me Myself And I At Esgia (Imp) Strong drop ear in super muscle. Liked his head, v strong without coarseness. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be tighter in elbow. Super body and rib. In v good coat. Well bent stifle, slightly high in hock but uses rear v well. RCC 3rd: 697 BREEZE Mrs S Linum Cranberry Crush At Salena (Imp Fin) Good citizen D/B ne Puppy b (1) 1st: 695 BAKER Mrs & Miss J Annabell From Waringham Castle To Silverbriar (Imp Very much a baby at 7mths but full of promise. Liked her strength of head, whilst still feminine. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Well ribbed back and good spring. Could have slightly more angulation on her rear. V good moving in front. BP Junior b (1) 1st: 699 CURTIS Mrs J Verumamicus Aurora Of Brakemill JW Lovely young b. She has a super head, v well balanced with strength. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder, decent length upper arm. Good legs, feet could be better. Liked her fill in front. Super ribbing. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks, uses her rear so well on the move. V good proportions. CC & BOB Post Grad b (2) 1st: 702 MCLEOD Mrs C & Mr G Esgia's Lone Wolf Fem b of a good size. Preferred her head over 2, having length and strength. Moderate length of neck. Long shoulder blades. Straight front. Ribs go well back. Could be slightly better in topline. V good rear. Uses her rear well. 2nd: 696 BARRACLOUGH Mr D & Mrs M Latroonis Pocahontas To Wemoway (Imp) She has a strong head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Fair front. Well sprung ribs. Topline runs up slightly. Moderate rear. Sound mover. Limit b (1) 1st: 706 PARKER Mrs C A Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine Sh.CM Lots to admire about this lovely size b. V good head, liked her width of skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulders. Just a little narrow in front stood and on move. Well ribbed. Level topline. She has a v good rear, which she uses well. Lengthy stride. Open b (3) 1st: 694 BAILEY Miss M Celticbridge Ocean Belle at Marjayn Well balanced young b. She has a lovely head, good strength. Would like a better expression. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Won class on her spring and length of ribbing, giving a good loin and level topline. Well made rear, which she uses well, could be tidier in front, but good stride. 2nd: 703 MCLEOD Mrs C & Mr G Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzheri At Esgia (Imp) She is a well made b. Liked her head. Long neck. Decent front. She is a bit long in loin and could be firmer in topline. V good rear. 3rd: 708 WOODHEAD Mrs J Ir Ch Knowlespring Candy Cane

Jeff Horswell