• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

Southern Counties Tibetan Spaniel

I enjoyed judging your breed at this level very much. Lovely characters, some giving a little wag and others rather looking down their nose at me. I tried to go for the correct proportions of slightly longer than high. I tried to avoid those with too much coat. I was particularly pleased with the evenness of the bitch line up. Delighted the BOB winner was placed 2nd in the group, sometimes its hard to beat the glamorous hairies, this dog can hold his own in any company – well done. Puppy D (3,1) 1ST RICOX JUST LIKE THAT FOR CARMAJAY (MR C M DAWSON) V much a baby, liked his proportions best of these 2. Head is rather rounded as yet, liked his width and depth of muzzle, with good chin. Dark eyes. Uses his ears well. Enough neck. Good front. His topline rises slightly at moment. Moves well. 2ND STARLANCE FOLLOW MY WAY (MRS P J BEVIS) Older d who excels in profile action. Well angulated front and rear. Balanced head, ears could be slightly better. Correct neck. Well ribbed. Level topline. Just slightly long in body. Junior d (3,1) Both making rather heavy going of the ground. 1ST FOLLOW BALTHASAR TO VELROK (IMP SWE) (MISSES B A & C J WALLIS BAGA) Slightly preferred his proportions and he was more accurate in front action. Masc head. Uses his ears well. Liked his expression. Good muzzle. Medium neck. Quite a good front. Topline rises v slightly. Well bodied. 2ND DANDYDAYO YOUNG DESIRE FOR GOLDPEKE (MR M A & MRS K ARMSTRONG) Balanced head with dark eyes and uses his ears well. Enough neck. Well ribbed back. He too rises slightly in topline. Good hind action when settled. Post grad d (4) Not much between the first 2. 1ST LINSDOWN RAMBLER (MRS L M MORTON) Liked his shape, he has slightly more neck than 2 and is a bit better in hind action. Masc head. Dare eyes, well set ears. Could be slightly wider in muzzle. Well laid shoulder. Good length of ribbing with a short loin. Moderate hind angulation. Accurate out and back. Good feet. 2ND BALGAY KITANG PO (MR & MRS C HALL) He is perhaps a little longer in body than 1. Liked his width and depth of muzzle. Medium neck. Well laid shoulder. Good spring of rib. V slight rise in topline. Moderate rear. 3RD FOLLOW BALTHASAR TO VELROK (IMP SWE) (MISSES B A & C J WALLIS BAGA) Limit d (7,1) 1ST LILILEIAN LOUIS VUITTON JW SHCM (IMP FIN) (MR G & MRS M QUEST) Very showy d. Liked his proportions. Masc head. Good eye and expression. Well set ears which he used well. Enough length of muzzle, with width and depth. Correct neck. Could have slightly better shoulders. Well ribbed back to a short loin. Holds a level topline. Enough turn of stifle. Moved v well. 2ND HILSAR IS HE T'SO (MISSES H & S BREEZE & STYLES) Liked his proportions and carrying plenty of coat. Well-proportioned head. Medium neck. Could have better shoulders. Liked his feet. Well bodied. Moderate rear, 3RD QUAILMOOR UNDER YOUR SPELL AT RHUBISK (MRS J A WHITEHEAD) Open d (8,2) Very good class to judge. 1ST CH SOUSKA I NEED YOUR LOVE (MR R LEMON) Liked his proportions, moved v well and carrying the right amount of coat. Masc head, correct skull, well set ears. Lovely expression. Deep and wide in muzzle. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder and a long, sloping upper arm. Hare feet. Liked his front legs. V good body. Moderate rear. V good on the move. CC & BOB then G2 2ND VELROK SERAFIRE AT AMCROSS (MISS M C HOURIHANE) Liked his proportions and also carrying right amount of coat. V good head and a very superior look in his expression. Good front. Not quite the feet of 1. Well ribbed back. Enough turn of stifle with low hocks. Well set tail. RCC 3RD AMCROSS GOING DUTCH JW (MS C & MRS L COOPER & ELLINGFORD) Special beginners d (1) 1ST BALGAY MA BEAU AT SAXINA (MRS S & MISS R I SMITH) Lovely character. Correct head size. Dark eyes. Moderate neck. Holds a level topline, just a shade long in body. Veteran d/b (6,1) 1ST CH/IR/FR/INT CH AVIGDOR ELVIRA (IKC) (MR A & MR L MORAN & PROUVE) Ultra fem b of quality. Showed so v well and has a v good profile action. Correct size head, well balanced, lovely eye and expression. Slightly more neck than idea. Well laid shoulders. Hare feet. Slightly wide coming towards. Well sprung ribs, level topline. Correct length of body. Moderate rear. In correct coat. Real contender for top awards. BV 2ND CH PARALDE LITTLE BREDY WITH HILSAR JW (MISSES H & S BREEZE & STYLES) Just preferred his proportions to 3. Masc head. Liked his eye and expression. Well set ears. Moderate neck. Balanced in angulation. Slightly lacking in muscle now. 3RD CLYDUM DONTSTOPMENOW (MISS H J & MISS E A SIMPER & SCOATES) Good citizen d/b ne, Puppy b (6,1) 1ST MALIA SUMMER MEMORIES (MRS L SHORT) Really lovely pup, liked her balance and proportions. Fem head. Good width and depth of muzzle with nice width of chin. Moderate neck. Well laid shoulders. Good legs and feet. Well ribbed back. Enough bend of stifle with low hocks. Moved v well with style. BP and easily of Champion quality. 2ND RICOX ALL ABOUT LOVE (MRS J RICE) Liked her overall shape, coat is between stages. Fem head of correct size. Well set ears which she lifts when alert, giving a pleasing expression. Could have a fraction more neck. Well ribbed, short loin. Angulation balanced and a sound mover. 3RD MYNAPAW PERFECT SYMPHONY (MRS P E WAYMAN) Junior b(5,1) 1ST MALIA SUMMER MEMORIES (MRS L SHORT) 2ND BUUS' KA KI NI KHALEESI (MR A & MR L MORAN & PROUVE) Liked her proportions, really feminine. Could have slightly larger eyes and a better expression. Medium neck. Quite a good front, can just firm up coming towards. Well bodied with a good spring of rib. Level topline with a correct tail set. Moderate rear. Hare feet. 3RD COLPHIL KEYURI AT BARROWGREEN (MRS S YOUNG) Post grad b (9) V competitive class. 1ST RHUBISK NUALA SUGAR N'SPICE (MRS J A WHITEHEAD) Liked her proportions, slightly longer than tall. She is a good mover, holding her outline and topline. Fem head. Liked her expression. Could be v slightly longer in muzzle. Enough neck. Moderate front. Hare feet. Well ribbed to a short loin. Liked her rear. 2ND TULIBELL KASH MERE WITH TIBAMA (MRS C J BORRETT) Good moving b, enough bow to her front legs. Fem head. Could be slightly better in muzzle. Good eye and expression. Correct neck. She has a well laid shoulder. Well ribbed. Could be slightly firmer in topline. Moderate rear. Carrying plenty of coat. 3RD VELROK SHIFFALIA (MISSES B A & C J WALLIS BAGA) Limit b (10,1) V nice class 1ST BAJENTA PARTI PARVATI AT AMCROSS (MISS M C HOURIHANE) Liked her proportions and just right amount of coat. Fem head, well proportioned. V good eyes, neat ears which she used well. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder liked her legs and hare feet. Well ribbed back to a short loin. Level topline. Good turn of stifle. V good profile action. CC in tough competition. 2ND TAMRAE TIME TO TALK AT CROCKERNE JW (MISS L J PURNELL) Liked her proportions. Fem head. Enough neck. Slightly forward in shoulder. V good legs. Well sprung ribs. Level toplinne. Moderate rear. V good mover. 3RD RICOX SOMEBODY TO LOVE JW SHCM (MRS J RICE) Open b (10,,2) Good class to judge with quality right down the line. 1ST BUUS'S HI-RA HAYLEY (IMP) (MR A MORAN) Like her proportions and she is a real show girl. Fem head. V good eye and expression, but she could use her ears more. Correct neck. Well made in front. Well ribbed with a firm topline. Enough hind angulation. Looks super in profile action. Plenty of coat. RCC 2ND CH BEAUTIFUL CHAOS AT CLYDUM (MISS H J & MISS E A SIMPER & SCOATES) V close up, she was rather a fidget! Fem head, would prefer a darker eye and pigment. Liked her muzzle. Uses her ears well. Lengthy neck. Super front. Maybe a fraction longer than 1. V good rear. Moved v well. 3RD SOUSKA TAKE ME TO YOUR HEART (MR I & MR D BLACKSHAW & ROBERTS) Special beginners b (2) 1ST LYDANSTONE BRYANA (MRS S JAMES) BSB 2ND CHENREZI MY GIRL (MR S & MRS T CONIBERE) Thought winner had the better proportions of these 2. In better coat. Both are accurate movers and hold their outlines on the move.

Jeff Horswell