• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Saluki

Windsor Saluki

Not a very big entry, although seems to be in line with other shows at the moment. I was however very pleased with the quality of the dogs entered under me. Having judged this breed a few times now I suspect exhibitors have worked out I like a moderate hound with an easy light movement that is fairly parallel and entered accordingly. Super to see the lovely BOB winner go right though to RBIS – many congratulations. Veteran D/B (3 abs) Minor Puppy D (1) 1st: 7186 ALDOUS, Ms L & GLAISTER Mrs J Jay Jp Sea Bird El Panjsher (Imp) V promising pup of v good proportions. Liked his expression. Long neck into well laid shoulders. Can fill and drop in chest. Well ribbed. Topline better moving than standing. V good rear which he uses so v well. Light, easy stride. Puppy d (1) 1st: 7204 KIERNAN, Mr P & BLECHER Mrs O Alishamar Rafael Avec Kierlander (Imp Bel) Shapely, masc pup. Liked his head. Long, strong neck. Slightly upright in front and pasterns. Deep enough in chest. V good body, correct topline. Right amount of hind angulation. Just needs to firm in front action, v promising pup. Junior d (1) 1st: 7213 SKINNER, Mrs N J & SKINNER Messrs R & J Classicus Alron Like him v much stood, v good proportions and flowing lines. Good head. Long neck. Well laid shoulder. Can fill in chest still. Well ribbed with enough length of loin. Moderate rear. Light on the move, but could be firmer in front. Yearling d (3) 1st: 7198 HAM Mr S & Mrs A Aus Ch Crisnick Houdini (Imp) In really hard condition. Presents a pleasing graceful outline. He has a lovely head. Well mad in front will a well filled chest. Well ribbed back with sufficient loin. Super hindquarters. Really liked his as a puppy, he is still rather loose on front action, uses his rear so well. 2nd: 7213 SKINNER, Mrs N J & SKINNER Messrs R & J Classicus Alron 3rd: 7210 POSTMA, Dr P & SMITH Mr D Fernlark Odyssey JW Post grad d (1 abs) Limit d (4,1) 1st: 7205 LITTLECHILD Mr G & Mrs S Classicus Baroque At Ravensett Really lovely d. Correct shape and proportions, which he holds on the move. Masc head. V typical expression. Long neck. Super front. Well sprung ribs, correct loin. Moderate rear. Correct feet. Accurate on move with a light, easy stride. Thought him top class. CC, and his title. 2nd: 7212 SAWER Mrs S Canerikie Lucan At Bumpkiss Liked his proportions. Better tail carriage than 3. Masc head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Good body. Moderate rear. Could be better out and back. Lots to like about him. RCC 3rd: 7187 BLECHER Mrs O Barleymoon Zaurak Open d (3) 1st: 7190 COPPERTHWAITE Mrs D Ch Al Caliphs Anjal Bey Liked his proportions and he is in really hard condition. Masc head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have a bit more chest. Well ribbed with correct loin. Moderate rear. Moved well. 2nd: 7188 BUCKLEY Mr B W & Mrs A K Ch Hisilome's Kareef (Imp) Sh.CM Masc d, v good head, eye and expression. Long neck. Good front. Just a little bit too much loin. Plenty of hind angulation. 3rd: 7209 OWEN Mr J C & Mrs C C Caryna Khepri Good citizen d/b d ne Minor puppy b ne Puppy b (1) 1st: 7199 HAMILTON Ms N Alishamar Roxane Really promising b. Fem and elegant. Lovely eye and expression. Liked her neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have more slope to upper arm. Well bodied. V good rear. Needs to firm in front, quality girl. BP Junior b (3) 1st: 7193 DAVIES, Mrs J, HARRISON, Ms C & SANDERS-PARKER Mrs Classicus Alchemy for Charrioak Promising young b. Liked her shape. She has a fem head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder and a decent fill of chest. Well ribbed. Correct rear. Can just firm in front. Contender for top awards, just needs a bit more maturity. 2nd: 7214 WARD Ms L Nicolefarhi Del Borghino (Imp) It Better in angles than 3. She has a v good outline, can drop in chest. Liked her head. Well ribbed. Topline ok. Rather untidy out and back but a good stride. 3rd: 7201 HAYWOOD Mrs H Yalameh Shasmeen At Monardie (Imp) Deu Yearling b (1) 1st: 7193 DAVIES, Mrs J, HARRISON, Ms C & SANDERS-PARKER Mrs Classicus Alchemy for Charrioak Post grad b (4) 1st: 7197 FARRIS, COSENTINI, DANN, & IRESON Jazalle Arwyn Very moderate and balanced b. Liked her head. Needs to fill in chest. Correct topline. Well sprung ribs. 2nd: 7216 WILLIAMS Mrs K H Tigsisle Totally Unique Lovely head, eye and expression. Enough neck. Rather straight in front and a bit over angulated in the rear. Well ribbed back. More together on move than 3. 3rd: 7217 WOOLMER Dr O Al Nafiseh Flowering Sage Limit b (4,1) 3 very good bitches with not much to separate them. 1st: 7196 FABER Mrs A Sufeina Against The Odds JW She is just so v well made. Fem head. Typical expression. Good neck. Well laid shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well sprung ribs. Moderate hind angulation. A fraction close going away, v good stride. 2nd: 7203 IRESON, DANN, FARRIS & COSENTINI Jazalle Aneeqa Super head. Long neck into a well laid shoulder. Deep chest. Just a fraction long and a bit too much arch to loin, moderate rear. Decent mover. 3rd: 7200 HARRISON, Ms C & CONSTANTINE Mrs K Charrioak Astra Leonis Of Kalegany Open b (3) 1st: 7206 MANSELL, Mr B, DUDDELL, Mrs J & JOHNSTON Mr L Ch Canerikie Catalina Really lovely quality b, moving so v well. She has a super head with typical expression. Long neck, well laid shoulder, slope to upper arm. So v accurate in her front action. Doesn’t need to carry any more weight. Correct rear, used so v well. BP last time, today CC & BOB. Moved so well all day right through to RBIS. 2nd: 7211 SANDERS PARKER Mrs M E Ch Classicus Britannia JW Sh.CM She is a lovely shape. Liked her head, would prefer a darker eye. Not quite the neck of 1. Deep chest. V good topline. Correct rear. V good profile action. Quality all through. RCC 3rd: 7192 DAVIES, Mrs H & HARRISON Ms C Charrioak Sheerzam JW

Jeff Horswell