• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Richmond Lhasa Apso

Always an enjoyable breed to judge. I thought some were just a bit long. Mouths were a concern, too many were slightly rye. Lots of v good quality dogs and plenty of contenders for top awards. Veteran D (1) 1st: 4100 LOCK Mr D & Mrs J Ch Littondale Vallentino JW Liked his outline and a stylish mover. Masc head. Wide jaw. Good eye and expression. Long neck. He is balanced and moderate in his angulation. Holds a firm topline. Could be tidier in front. BV Sp Beginners D. Ne Minor Puppy D ne Puppy D (6) Good class. 1st: 4075 BAKER Mr C & Mrs J Jadeish Dilemma Really super pup. Not much between 1 and 2, thought he has slightly better proportions. He has a well balanced, masc head. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. V good front. Super body. Well made rear. Moves so v well. Really good prospect. RCC & BP 2nd: 4106 REYNOLDS Mr J & Mrs A Petwalk Kit-n-caboodle Liked him v much. Similar head to 1. So well made with a fairly straight front. Firm topline. He too moved v well. Both these should have a v bright future. 3rd: 4120 WILLIAMS Mrs A H Shigatse Jackson Junior D (3) 1st: 4097 LANGFORD Mrs V Farrenmills Summer Moon Over Quaytown Liked the sturdiness of this d. Correct bone. He has a masc head. Better eye and expression than 2. Enough neck. Well balanced in his angulation. Well ribbed back firm topline. Moves so typically. 2nd: 4088 DUNGATE, Mr D & MINTON Mr T Forochel Pompeii Liked his outline, he excels in neck and shoulder. Well balanced head. He has a super mouth. Level topline. Good rear. Holds his shape on move. 3rd: 4105 PLUMSTEAD Mrs I T Showa Time After Time Yearling D (2,1) 1st: 4121 WILLIAMS Mrs A H Chtaura Shadow Man He is a well made d, needs to carry more weight and muscle. Masc head. Would prefer a darker eye. Liked his width of jaw. Lengthy neck. Level topline. Could be tidier in front. Post Grad D (1) 1st: 4070 ANDERSON, Mrs M & SCALES Miss L Zentarr Osbourne Liked his outline, which he maintains on the move with a super topline. Masc head. Eyes are dark. Lengthy neck. Slightly narrow in front. Well ribbed. Short loin. Could have more width to his rear. Moved v well. Limit D (5,2) 1st: 4123 YAXLEY Mrs B Dardanelles Nureyev Really typy b. Sturdy in build. He has a masc head. Good width of jaw. Enough neck. He has straight legs. Quite a good front. Super body and rib. Level topline. Well made rear. Could be tidier in front. Holds his topline. 2nd: 4083 CLUTTERBUCK Mrs V A Kutani Shockwave Liked his outline. Lovely neck. He has a good head. Dark eyes. Could have slightly more width to chest. Better shoulders than 3. Well ribbed back. Well bent stifle and low hocks. V good in profile. 3rd: 4078 BROMLEY Mrs J Jardene Diamond Geezer Open D (8,3) 1st: 4093 HART Miss K J Anjesics Kingsmaker Of Khazedel JW Really lovely d of a super type. Liked his balance, proportions and sturdiness. Masc head. Well set eyes. V good width of muzzle. Skull ok. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Straight front with good width. Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Well made rear. Stylish mover. CC & BOB 2nd: 4099 LIGHTFOOT, Mrs T & LOCK Mr D J & Mrs J Telshotbriar Leonardo With Littondale Liked him v much. Just preferred the proportions of 1. V good head. Liked his eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Not quite the front of 1. Well ribbed. Firm topline. Well made rear. 3rd: 4108 SAUNDERS Mrs S Bellellen Double Ducie JW Veteran B. Ne Sp Beginners B. Ne Minor Puppy B (2,1) 1st: 4085 CRUMMEY Miss N Nickanda Dream Lover Really lovely pup, full of promise. She is sturdy and so well muscled up. Fem head. Long neck. She has a v good front. Level topline. Wouldn’t want her any longer. Super rear. Moves so v well. Puppy B (2,) 1st: 4114 WALKER Mr P J Petwalk A Star Is Born At Kutani (Kcj) V pretty pup. She is a good shape and such a good mover. Fem head. Lengthy neck. Has a well laid shoulder. Good rib. Level topline. Moderate rear. 2nd: 4119 WIEHE Mrs T A & Mr A C Petwalk This Is Me V similar in many ways, she can just firm up in front action. Fem head. Farl length of neck. Good topline. Well set tail. Junior B (7,1) Nice class, not much between 1 and 2. 1st: 4104 PEARCE, Mr G & FRANCIS Mr D Longsdale's Baby Your Crazy V fem b, pretty head. Liked her eye and expression. She has a long neck. Just slightly more width of front than 2. Can still develop in body. Level topline. Well made rear. Super mover. RCC 2nd: 4071 ANDERSON Mrs M Zentarr Emerald Thought she had the most lovely head. Super eye and expression, enough neck. Just a bit narrow in front and could be tidier coming towards. Well ribbed. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Uses her rear v well. 3rd: 4089 DUNGATE, Mr D & MINTON Mr T Forochel Fjorska Yearling B (1) 1st: 4095 HATTRELL Mrs S J Khinjan Bellisima Jw Liked her proportions and she is such a good mover. Pretty head. Eyes are ok. Moderate neck and could have a better shoulder. Liked her width in front. Firm topline. Well sprung ribs. Well made rear, low hocks. Plenty of style. Close up to top awards. Post Grad B (5,1) 1st: 4096 HORNE Mr A D Lippylou's Doolally With Chanceinn JW Liked her proportions. She has a fem head, would like larger eyes. Enough neck. Straight front. Shoulders are ok. Super body and rib. Level topline. Well made rear. Looks v good in profile action. 2nd: 4098 LANGFORD Mrs V Quaytown Daffidil Fem b she has a pretty head. Liked her eyes. Long neck. Shoulder could be better laid. Topline is ok. Moderate rear. Better front action than 3. 3rd: 4081 BUSHELL Mrs B Jamikasoka It's All About You Limit B (2) 1st: 4082 CLUTTERBUCK, Mrs V & JACKSON Mrs V Kutani Material Girl for Myakara Really super b . She has such a good outline with ideal proportions. Fem head, well balanced. Liked her eye size and expression. Long neck. Fairly well laid shoulder. Straight front. Good width of front. Sturdy body. Well ribbed. Firm topline. V good rear. Moves so v well. CC 2nd: 4102 MCCRACKEN, Miss N & CORNWELL Mr A Marbledale Kiss The Stars V fem b, made slightly heavy going of the ground today. She has a v prettty head. Moderate neck. Well bodied and liked her width of chest. Accurate out and back. Open B (52) Closely contested class. 1st: 4115 WALKER Mr P J Int Ch Multi Ch Jsy Ch Petwalk Irriesistible (Imp) Liked her outline and proportions. She has a pretty head, well balanced. Good jaw and nose. Lovely expression. Lengthy neck. Liked her width of chest. Shoulders are more upright than desired. Super body. Level topline. She has a well bent stifle. Could have better hind action just wasn’t going very well today. 2nd: 4086 DAVIS Mrs L J & Mr R A Timazinti's Millie Mae At Narmoak V fem b. Liked her balanced head. V good expression. Lengthy neck. Liked her width of front. Level topline. V could rear. Went well, but could be slightly tidier in front. 3rd: 4112 TORRANCE Mrs P Sinyul Let There Be Love

Jeff Horswell