• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Kooikerhondje

Bath Kooikerhondje

I was a very last minute replacement judge. I hope all is well with Aidine Howes. I would like to congratulate all exhibitors on the conditioning of their dogs, all were clean, well-muscled and in hard condition. I think the breed, based on this entry is in a good place. Type varies a little, but basically a sound breed, with no exaggerations or common failings.

Puppy D (2) 2 very promising pups, not much between then, turns out they are litter mates. 1st: 3923 HEARSON Miss J A Gladsheim Acer At Jumasue Liked his outline and proportions. Masc head. Moderate neck. Could have a slightly better shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Moderate rear. In super hard condition. BP 2nd: 3931 POWELL Mrs F Gladsheim Poplar Similar, more forward in shoulder than his brother, the other remarks apple. V sound mover. Junior D (1) 1st: 3923 HEARSON Miss J A Gladsheim Acer At Jumasue Post Grad D (1) 1st: 3922 FRANKCOM Mrs J M Genetika Tiny Tom Thumb Well made and v sound d. He has a masc head. Lovely eye and expression. Super front. Deep chest. Just found him slightly long in back. Super muscle and coat condition. Limit D (2) 1st: 3934 SUITER, Ms C & CARGILL Mr B Genetika Rumpelstiltskin Masc d who is a sound mover, maybe could be slightly more springy in stride. Well balanced head. Kind expression. Better neck and shoulder than 2. Well ribbed. Slightly long in back. Moderate rear, used v well. RBD 2nd: 3938 WHITEHEAD Mrs S Gladsheim Helios Liked his body proportions. Pleasing head. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Enough turn of stifle with low hocks. Open D (3) 1st: 3940 WILLIAMS Miss S E Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi Of Gladsheim V well made d, who moved in a typical way and accurate out and back .Liked his balance and proportions. Good head. Uses his ears well. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders, slightly slack in pastern stood. Firm topline. Grand body. Correct rear. BOB 2nd: 3935 SUITER, Ms C & CARGILL Mr B Chriskooi's Octavius At Genetika (Imp) Liked him as well, just slightly longer. He is v typical in action. Masc head. Moderate neck. Well laid shoulder. Could have slightly more fill of chest. Moderate rear. Could be slightly firmer in topline. 3rd: 3930 MARSDEN Ms S A Gladsheim Apollo SP Beginners D/B ( 3,1) 1st: 3927 JONES Mrs V A Valleyrise Inspiration The more together on the move of these 2. She has a fem head. Medium neck. Slightly long in back and hope she doesn’t grow on any. Nice front, can fill in chest. Level topline. 2nd: 3928 MACLEOD Mrs R & Mr C Valleyrise Intrepid She is slightly deep in stop. Like her neck. Good front. Well bodied. Moderate rear. Sound when not bouncing. Puppy B (5,1) 1st: 3929 MAR-GERRISON Miss A Gladsheim Willow At Valkira The youngest and naughtiest in class! She is v well put together. Fem head. Enough neck. Liked her front. Well filled chest. Level topline. Moderate rear, matching her front. 2nd: 3925 JOHNSON Miss C Valleyrise Illustration V well schooled. She moved well liked her head. Not shoulder of 1 and can fill in chest. 3rd: 3927 JONES Mrs V A Valleyrise Inspiration Junior B (3) 1st: 3925 JOHNSON Miss C Valleyrise Illustration 2nd: 3927 JONES Mrs V A Valleyrise Inspiration 3rd: 3928 MACLEOD Mrs R & Mr C Valleyrise Intrepid Post Grad B (1) 1st: 3919 ALLMAN Mrs L J Gladsheim Oriana At Shantess She is a super profile mover, just a bit narrow in front. Liked her head. Lovely eye and expression. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well bodied with a v good topline. Well bent stifle. Low hocks. Limit B (3) 1st: 3936 SUITER, Ms C & CARGILL Mr B Genetika Wake Up Aurora She has a v pleasing head. Fem, nice eye and expression. Enough neck. Well bodied. Level topline, moderate rear. Moved quite well. Liked her a lot, very balanced outline. BB, turns out daughter of the BOB – thought they made a good pair. 2nd: 3939 WILLIAMS Miss S E Gladsheim Arunika Liked her proportions. Would prefer a stronger head, even for a bitch. Lengthy neck. Could have a deeper chest. Well ribbed back. V moderate rear. 3rd: 3933 STEWART Mrs C E J Duckhills Thistledown Dance Of Emmi Over Twybrook Open B (3) 1st: 3941 WILLIAMS Miss S E Daniella Vom Thyrowberg To Gladsheim (Imp) Sh.CM Slightly heavy in body, but she is so really well made. She has a lovely head. Correct neck. Better lay of shoulder than 2. Deep chest. Well ribbed. Loses her topline slightly. Well ribbed. V good rear. 2nd: 3926 JOHNSON Miss C Sensation Vom Tespelkooi Of Valleyrise (Imp) Liked her a lot and a v typical profile action. Fem head. Medium neck. Well ribbed. Lacks a little hind angulation. 3rd: 3924 HOLLIS Mrs B Manusia's Flin (Imp) Veteran D/B (4,1) 1st: 3937 SUITER, Ms C & CARGILL Mr B Cirtap's Hertogin Freya Van Qira-t At Genetika (Im Super moving b who is so well made. She is just a fraction long. Fem head. Liked her eye and expression. Enough neck. Chest to elbow. Level topline. RBB 2nd: 3924 HOLLIS Mrs B Manusia's Flin (Imp) Nicely proportioned b. Fem head, slightly bold in eye. Enough neck. Well bodied. Balanced angulation. 3rd: 3932 PRINCE Miss V Crunchcroft Nougat

Jeff Horswell