• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Richmond Griffon Bruxellois

I found a few to be slightly off square and some roughs had soft coats. Temperaments were excellent. Super ringside support for all winners.

Veteran D (1) 1st: 436 MEADEN Miss A M Ch & Ir Ch Topmead Jack The Lad Square and cobby d. Has a pleasing head. Liked his width of muzzle. Well placed, dark eyes with a lovely expression. Medium neck. Broad chest. Well ribbed. Tail is slightly low set but well carried. Moderate rear, nicely muscled. Coat could be harsher. Went v well. RCC & BV Sp beginners d ne Puppy d (2) Both pups looking quite raw, which is no bad thing. 1st: 425 DONNELLAN, Mrs Y & ROBERTS Mrs K Blacktsar Banjo Vonici Fairly square and with quite a chunky body, preferred his size head of the 2. Good stop. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Broad chest. Well sprung ribs. Topline can firm. Moderate rear. Fairly accurate on move. 2nd: 432 MACKAY Mr G & Mrs P Osthaen Thunder In The Night Older but looks rawer and still needs to tighten in out and back movement, fairly square. Super topline. Ribs are quite well sprung. Super temperament. Junior d (4) 1st: 438 MURRAY Mrs B Operastar Manrico Full of attitude. Square body and well ribbed. Round head. Ears could be smaller and eyes darker. Well placed nose. Good width of muzzle, turn of chin and stop. Correct neck. V good front. Well set tail. Good rear. Moved well once settled. 2nd: 424 DONNELLAN, Mrs Y & ROBERTS Mrs K Blacktsar Balloo Vonici V promising pup. Square body and well ribbed. Liked his head. Better eyes than 3. Well set ears. Well placed nose. Correct neck. Just needs to tighten in front. Super rear. 3rd: 428 HUGHES, Mrs M & CRAWFORD Mrs S Beauborne Endeavour Post grad d (5) Quite a varied class, some performing much better than others. 1st: 445 STURMEY Mr M P Foxfly Secret Society V showy d. Square and fairly well ribbed. Round head. Well set ears. Good chin, liked his lay back. Well set nose, eyes set well apart. Good neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be tighter in elbow stood but ok moving. Level topline. Wouldn’t want any more hind angulation. In v good coat, smart mover. In profile. Just needs to settle in front and should hit the top. 2nd: 421 CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Diesel In Black Square and cobby b. Could have better set ears. Preferred his eyes to 3. Rather prominent chin. Moderate neck. Liked his width of chest. Tail could be higher. Moderate rear. Harsh jacket. 3rd: 439 MURRAY Mrs B Cobblehill Joker Limit d (2) 1st: 443 SELBY, Mr M & WHITEHEAD Miss F Zilcan Color Me In Showed and moved really well. Could be slightly shorter in back. Round head. Super expression. Good turn up of chin. Liked the width to his muzzle. Moderate neck. Super spring of rib. He is almost a bit too broad in chest. Well set tail correct rear. Coat is ok. 2nd: 420 CARPENTER Miss J Sabai Flax Square and cobby. He has a masc head. Ears could be better. Dark eyes. Good muzzle and chin. Angulation is well balanced. Nice coat. Just a bit playful with his front. Open d (2) 1st: 422 CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Spocktacular Nite Square and cobby d. Liked his head. Lovely size ears. Big, dark eyes. Good chin. Well placed big nose. Moderate neck. Liked his width of chest. Short, level back with a well set tail. He has a well made rear, could have a bit more muscle. Harsh top coat, not much undercoat. Moved v well. CC 2nd: 440 OLIVER-BARRATT Mrs M E Risethor Laidbackjack V good moving d. Slightly longer than 1. Ears are rather large, dark eyes. Would prefer more lay back. Broad chest. Well sprung ribs. Moderate rear. Veteran b. Ne Sp beginners b. Ne Puppy b (2) 1st: 433 MACKAY Mr G & Mrs P Osthaen Scandal By Night Cracking pup, showed so v well with a super outline. Square and cobby and a really good mover. Fem head. Ears could be smaller. Well placed nose. Dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Lengthy neck. Fairly broad chest. Level topline with a well set tail. V good rear. Markings could be slightly better. Top class pup, BP & RCC 2nd: 441 PRICE Mrs A B Marquant So Delicious V naughty pup of lovely type, just between coats. She is square. Has a v good head. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Liked her width of muzzle. Correct neck. Level topline. Just needs to settle on move. Certainly full of personality. Junior b (1) 1st: 426 DONNELLAN, Mrs Y & ROBERTS Mrs K Roterr Griff Nait Drim Vonici Square b. Fem head. Would like a better muzzle. Dark, round eyes. Round skull. She has enough neck. Balanced angulation. Lacks undercoat. Super topline and tailset. Moved well. Post grad b (3) 1st: 423 CONWAY Mrs J Stormjac Sassy Girl In Black Square and cobby b who moved so v well. She has a fem head. Well placed nose, dark eyes. She has better lay back than 2. Enough neck. Well made front and rear. Level topline. Harsh coat. 2nd: 434 MACKAY Mr G & Mrs P Osthaen Storm In A Teacup She is slightly long in back, but shows and moves really well. Fem head. Rounded skull. Dark eyes. Ears are ok. Correct neck. Liked her width of chest. Low hocks. 3rd: 419 CARPENTER Miss J Sabai London Pride Limit b (1 abs ) Open b (5,1) 1 and 2 are quite different with things I really liked about both. 1st: 446 TIPPLE Dr M Am Ch Marquant Worth The Wait I liked her squareness, really short in back. She has a fem head. Would prefer it to be v slightly larger. Super eye and expression. Well set eyes, nose and ears. Good turn up and lay back. Correct neck. Well laid shoudler. Level topline with a well set tail. She has a well sprung ribcage. V good rear. Went well and in good coat. CC & BOB 2nd: 444 SELBY, Mr M & WHITEHEAD Miss F Ch Ru Paul's Twerkin For Birkin With Zilcan She is a really well bodied b, super spring of rib, but is a fraction long in back and loin. She has a round head. Well set eyes, which are v dark . Good ears. Wide muzzle. Correct neck. Well boned. Topline is ok. She is a super mover. 3rd: 435 MACKAY Mr G & Mrs P Beauveiw Thunder Thighs

Jeff Horswell