• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Italian Spinone

BOSTON. Italian Spinone

Puppy D (2,1) 1. SPINFANDEL WORLD WAS WIDE ENOUGH WITH BESSALONE (IMP USA) (MRS S, MISS S & MISS I KNOWLES & GLEN) V typy, well grown d. Well balanced head with correct planes. Medium length neck. Well made front. Liked his depth and fill of chest. Well ribbed. Topline is ok. Moderate rear. A little close going away, but v good stride. Super skin and coat. BP Junior D (3) 3 delightful young dogs, all giving handlers a hard time. 1. MACARICA HARRYS ROCK (MISS S DEWAR) He has a v good head. Correct planes. V good muzzle. Correct neck. Best front in class and liked his width of chest. Correct topline. Moderate rear. Needs to come up on leg slightly to balance him. 2. TESTAVERDE BACK FOR GOOD (MR J R & MRS V A THOMPSON) Liked his outline, just needs a bit more width. V good head with super expression. Correct neck. Well made front. Good topline. Can firm in the rear. V good coat and skin. 3. STINTON VALENTINO (MR R & MRS K HOLT) Post Grad D (4) 1. PIACENTE ENIGMA ( MR A STANLEY) Well made d, whose proportions I liked. He has a well balanced head, correct planes. Super expression. Correct neck. Well bodied. Correct topline, which he maintains on mov. Moderate rear. Easy mover. 2. MACARICA HARRYS ROCK (MISS S DEWAR) 3. ELLISBELL MR SANDMAN (MRS V A GLAZIK) Open D (3) 1. SH CH/IR SH CH AFTERGLOW HASHTAG SCANDAL AT BESSALONE JW SHCM CW16 (MRS S, MISS S & MISS I KNOWLES & GLEN) Well proportioned d in v good muscle. A bit short of coat, but texture is correct. He has a masc head. Lovely expression. Correct planes and prominent occipital. Maybe carrying a bit of extra weight over his shoudlers at the moment. Grand body. Correct topline, held on the move. Fair rear. BOB and congratulations on being G2 2. DEWDHALA FIGLIO DI UNA PESCA (MRS D & MR D WAGH) V nice d, not the easiest to stand but holds a v good outline on move. Correct planes, would prefer a more prominent occiput.. Ok front. Well bodied. Coat could be harsher. Better rear than 3. RBD 3. LUCORU LA CASSA AT CLOUDNINE (MR G & MISS C FORDHAM) Sp Beginners D ne Puppy B (3) 1. ILSOLO LADY AGATHA (MRS K J & MR G BOVIO) V much a baby and coat just coming in. Liked her proportions and best mover in class. Fem head, planes diverge slightly. Super muzzle and nose. Shortish neck. Shoulders wide apart. Deep chest. Correct topline. Liked her rear. 2. OSULF SUGAR COOKIE (MRS A L HODGSON) Fem head. Better topline than 3. Correct neck. Elbows could be tighter but well angled front. Moderate rear. Easy stride. 3. OSULT CURLY WURLY (MRS A L HODGSON) Junior B (2,1) 1. AFFILATO HAPPY EVER AFTER AT BAROLD (MRS S A & MISS E BARRETT) V good young b. Super proportions. Fem head, correct planes. Good eye and expression. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders and upper arm. Chest to elbow. Well filled front. Super ribs. Correct topline. Moderate rear, which needs to muscle up as is rather close and weak going away. V good coat. RBB Post Grad B (3) 1. PROTTINO DEL VERA BY DEWDHALA (MRS D & MR D WAGH) Well proportioned b whose topline is better moving than stood. Pleasing head with correct planes. Liked her eyes. Enough neck. Well ribbed back. Ok rear. Would like a bit more width all through. Moved well. BB 2. BEARDONI MOSTLY MERENGUE DE LA CRUSE (MRS D CRUSE) Liked her proportions, topline is somewhat extreme. She has a lovely head with super expression. Shoulders rather forward. Well ribbed. Ok rear. 3. PIACENTE ROSABELLA (MRS M PARTRIDGE) Open B (1 abs) Sp Beginners B (2 ) 1. AFFILATO HAPPY EVER AFTER AT BAROLD (MRS S A & MISS E BARRETT) 2. PROTTINO DEL SAVONA PESCA BY DEWDAHALA (MRS D & MR D WAGH) Rather unruly on the move. Liked her proportions, just a bit narrow all through. Planes are ok. Correct neck. Fair front. Well ribbed back. Could have a firmer rear.

Jeff Horswell