• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jeff Horswell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Chinese Crested

Paignton. Chinese Crested Always quite a fascinating breed to judge. I was v happy with the skin condition of the hairless, and few appeared to be hairy.

Puppy D (2) 1st: 4542 PAYNE, Mr S & DUNLOP, Mr R & MCLELLAN Miss K Habiba Boy Trouble Really super pup of 8 mths. Liked his proportions. He has a super head, correct width of skull, well set ears, darkest of eyes. Lengthy neck. Super front assemble. Well ribbed. Correct rear. V good skin. Accurate on move with correct stride, super prospect. Just needs to mature mentally to trouble the best at any level. CC, BP and delighted to see him placed PG3 under breed expert Lee Cox. 2nd: 4532 HAMPSON Mrs J Zerachiel Ti Wei Te Liked him v must, not quite the head of 1, a bit broad in skull. He has well set ears and black eyes. Long neck. His angulation is so well balanced, hence moved v well. Holds a level topline. Good feet. Junior d (3) 1st: 4545 PIPER Mrs C A Be My Dog's Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW (Imp) Liked his proportions. Has a masc head, could be cleaner in cheek. Well set ears and black eyes. Long neck, which he uses so well. Could have a better lay of shoulder. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Enough hind angulation. Really well muscled. Good skin. RCC 2nd: 4548 SNELL Mrs C Udo Z Jasne Huezdy (Cze Imp) V good mover. Masc head, not the length of winner. Super eyes and ears. Moderate neck. His angulation is well balanced. Well ribbed to short loin. 3rd: 4536 KIRK P, B & R Ajatiazas Rocky Balboa Post grad d (5) 1st: 4546 PIPER, Mrs C & PEPPETT Mrs G Baron Winning Smile For Zanjero (Imp Bel) Good mover. He has quite a good head. Correct length, low set ears. Black eyes, good expression. Medium neck. His angulation is moderate and balanced. Would prefer just a bit more length to his body. Chest to elbow. Well ribbed back. 2nd: 4539 MCKENZIE, Mr A & MULDOON Mr K I Scherzando Roxy's Dancer Von Queshian Preferred his length to 1, but just a bit bulkier in front. Lengthy head. Super eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Could have a slightly better laid shoulder. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Level topline, held on move. Well bent stifle. Accurate out and back. 3rd: 4537 KIRK P, B & R Ajatiazas Squeeze Me Quick Limit d (5) 1st: 4529 DOWSETT, Ms R C & DOWSETT Ms D P Winterkloud Gingerbread By Tteswood Heavy type of d, who moved so v well. Liked his head. Super ears. V dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Could be better in upper arm. Well bodied. Level topline. Good turn of stifle and so well muscled. 2nd: 4526 BIRKIN Miss C Jean Dark Man In The Mirror Xelocrest (Swed Imp) Lots to like about him, could carry a bit more muscle to advantage. Lengthy head. Good eyes, ears and expression. Long neck. His angulation is balanced. Decent stride well ribbed. 3rd: 4533 HAMPSON Mrs J Zerachiel Happy Days Open d (2,1) 1st: 4522 BARKER Mrs S D Cheeswood Shimmering Moon Delightful temperament. Masc head, super eyes. Well set ears. Could have a bit more neck. Broad chest. Well ribbed. Level topline. Good rear. Could be tidier coming towards. Liked his coat. Puppy b (2,1) 1st: 4535 HINTON Mrs C Cheeswood Moonlight Dream V pretty. Lengthy head, well set ears. Dark eyes but would prefer a better shape. Long neck with a well laid shoulder and good return upper arm. Chest to elbow. Enough turn of stifle. Can just firm in out and back movement. Junior b (2,1) 1st: 4538 LAWS , Mrs K & CRUMMEY Miss S Stagedoor Sugar Puff V showy, fem b. Liked her head proportions. Lovely ears. Dark eye, shape could be slightly better. Enough neck. Her angulation is well balanced.Well bodied. Level topline. Fairly accurate out and back but a tendency to kick up at rear. Would like a better tail. Post grad b (3,2) 1st: 4531 GRANT Mrs S Moretonia Passion Parade At Moorheath She is such a good mover, accurate with a decent stride. Lengthy head. Clean cheeks. Well set ears and black eyes. Long neck. Quite a good front. Well bodied. Strong rear. Limit b (2) Evenly matched pair. 1st: 4527 BIRKIN Miss C Xantana Dom Risorto Xelocrest (Imp) Liked her v sparse furnishings. She had a slightly better stride than 2. Fem head. Darkest of eyes. Well set ears. Enough neck. Fair front. Good feet. Level topline, well made rear. 2nd: 4534 HAMPSON Mrs J Zerachiel Talk Of The Town Liked her shape and proportions. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Good neck. Shoulder ok, rather straight in upper arm. Well ribbed. Holds a level topline. Accurate on move. V good skin. Open b (5,3) 2 really lovely b. 1st: 4544 PAYNE, Mr S & DUNLOP Mr R Ch Habiba True Blue Liked her proportions. She has a better head than 2. Long, correct width. Super eyes and expression. Well set ears, fairly large. Length neck. Well laid shoulder. Super body. Good rear, well muscled. Could be a bit tidier in front, uses her rear so v well. Super skin. CC & BOB 2nd: 4541 MEARNS Mrs J A Lunacrest Hector's Joy Liked her shape. She is fem in head with good eyes and ears. Lengthy neck. Chest to elbow. Moderate and balanced in angulation. V good coming towards but could use her rear better. Full of quality. RCC

Jeff Horswell