• Date: 04/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Jeannine Pye Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

British Boxer Club

Breed: Boxer

My sincere thanks to the British Boxer Club for inviting me to judge dogs at their championship show. I really enjoyed my day and felt that the day flowed well, thanks to the good organisation of the committee. Thanks too to everyone that entered their dogs under me. 

Veteran (4 entries/1 ab)

1 Ch Kevandor Federer JW

A worthy champion and still looking great for his 8 years. Excellent substance and balanced all through. Lovely, typical head with kind, dark eyes. Clean neck, good shoulders and quarters, sound throughout. Well muscled and in great condition. Moved well. Best Veteran in show. 

2 Dramlin Lethal Weapon 

Elegant golden brindle of 8 years old. Well balanced with a strong, reachy neck and good quarters. Pleasing head with nicely shaped, dark eyes and attractive expression. 

Minor puppy dog (5 entries/1 ab)

1 Galicar Intruder

Well grown 8 month old who won the class on his conformation and movement. Lovely, arched neck and well laid shoulders, his backend is right for his age and has it all there to come. Well proportioned head. Would prefer a larger eye. 

2 Wildax Frankie goes to Olleyville 

8 month old dark brindle, more compact than 1. Beautiful neck and evident forechest, good topline and short hocks. Attractive head with well padded muzzle. 

Puppy dog (4 entries)

1 Maranseen Linesman at Berwynfa

10 month old, striking dark brindle. Well grown and balanced throughout. Fabulous neck and evident forechest, strong short back and good quarters. Attractive head and very good mouth. Large nose, clean skull with no excessive wrinkle. Handled to perfection. Best puppy dog. 

2 Winuwuk Jay Zee AI

Smaller than 1 but balanced and very elegant. Nice head. Straight front and good backend, he really does have the most wonderfully muscled quarters. Moved rather exuberantly but when he settles he will be able to use those quarters very efficiently. 


Junior dog (8 entries/1 ab)

Beautiful class, topped my my CC winner. 

1 Sleipner The Norseman 

Really stunning, dark brindle of 15 months, I absolutely love him. Totally square and of excellent type. Strong and elegant all through and completely sound. There is no doubt that he is male. 

Fabulous, masculine head. Dark, well shaped and proportioned eyes in a sooty black muzzle. Blocky muzzle and complimenting skull proportions. Evident chin and well appointed ears of correct size. 

Lovely body shape and short back with very nice, corresponding angles fore and aft. Evident forechest and well filled in front with solid, round bone. Held his shape on the move which he did in an unexaggerated, efficient way, showing himself off to his best advantage every time I looked at him. Delighted to award him the CC, his second. I’m sure his third won’t be long in coming. Reserve BIS and Best opposite sex.  

2 Flyingfox Red Hot for Uftonponds

Tall, elegant red of just 12 months and just right for his age. Attractive head and eye. Square muzzle and clean cheeks with a wide chin. Beautifully crested neck into clean withers and short, slightly sloping topline. Nice sweep of underline and good quarters. Short, straight hocks and straight front. Moved and handled well. 

Yearling dog (3 entries)

1 Ch Walkon Masterclass

Really impressed by this boy, he absolutely exudes quality and demands to be looked at. It was so close in my last four and I wished I’d had another green card for him. 

His head is an picture of masculinity and breed type, I love it. Strong, crested neck into clean shoulders, good forechest. Nicely sloping topline into well muscled quarters with short hocks. Shown in perfect condition and handled well. Moved really well which helped to win him the class. 

2 Lanfrese Jalisco 

Another top quality male and also shown in gleaming condition. Beautiful head, masculine and without excess wrinkles. Excellent ratio between width of skull and muzzle and rise of skull and depth of muzzle. Fabulous, lively expression. Super neck and compact body shape. Clean withers and straight front with round, solid bone. Nice feet. Well muscled upper thigh, would like to see a bit more development of the second thigh but he is very young and hopefully this will come. 

Novice dog (9 entries) 

1 Newlaith Suited N’Booted with Lefergo 

A very stylish boy, just out of puppy, still immature but his overall quality won him the class. Clean head with broad nose and kind eyes. Lovely arched neck flow into good withers and short back. In very good condition, moved and handled well. Should mature into a smart adult. 

2 Debbie Payne’s 

Dark brindle with a very eye catching outline, presented in very good condition. Well balanced frame with good length of foreleg, evident forechest. Good topline and sweeping under line into well developed quarters. Close up to 1. but I’d prefer tighter lip placement. 


1 Myclim Ross Poldark

A very pleasing dog to go over and I liked him a lot. Medium sized and masculine with a very nice, typical boxer head with kind expression. Dark, nicely shaped eyes and neat ears. Blocky muzzle with evident chin and no excessive wrinkling. Stacked he presents a square, solid male with no exaggeration. Good angles in front and rear and straight, sound limbs. Shown in firm condition and moved well. 

Evans Rocvilla Chance’s Secret

Another boy with the most beautiful outline that demands and deserves attention. His neck is beautiful, crested, round and strong. Good over the withers and good length of shoulder blade and upper arm with corresponding rear angulation. Short, firm topline and strong quarters. Good feet. Moved and handled well. Attractive head but would prefer it to be a tad more masculine. 

Post Graduate (12, 3 abs) 

1 Manic Keeping it real for Enesha 

I did this boy well at one of his first shows and he has matured into a super dog. A very well put together boy, nothing excessive and each part meets and blends into the next without any untidiness. Clean but masculine head with a very good mouth. Beautiful, strong crested neck and good shoulders. Short, strong topline and powerful and well angulated rear quarters. Lovely feet. Moved and handled well. 

2 Winuwuk In the name of Lust ai 

Another lovely boy with a super head and gorgeous expression, good skull shape with no excessive wrinkle. Square muzzle, nice chin and flat cheeks. Dark, well shaped eyes. Not quite 2 years old and not yet fully mature but given time will mature into a very nice adult, I’m sure. Nicely made, attractive body shape and elegant throughout. Moved and handled well. 

Limit (8, 1 ab)

1 Galicar Investigating with Limubox

Wow what a beautiful dog! Stunning outline and in every way masculine. Super, crisp outline with great attitude. Lovely head, masculine and strong but in no way over done. Good rise of skull, broad nose and wide chin. Good width and depth of muzzle with well shaped, dark eyes. Fabulous neck, absolutely solid, arched and elegant flowing into super shoulders. Shoulder and upper arm meeting correctly, tight elbows and well filled chest and straight front. Short flat back, well sprung ribs and sweeping underline flow into super quarters with short strong hocks. Both upper and lower thigh are well developed complement each other enabling extremely good movement. True coming towards and going away and truly beautiful viewed in profile. Very pleased to award him the RCC and delighted to see he gained his championship within a few days. 

2 Winuwuk Danny Mac

A dark brindle boy with a super, clean outline and nothing exaggerated. His head is beautiful, masculine and of very good type. His expression is to die for. Strong arched neck, clean shoulders, upper and forearm corresponding well. Good bone throughout and nice feet. Strong, unexaggerated quarters. He conducted himself well whilst stacked and on the moved and was handled well. 

Open dog (6, 2abs)

1 Ch Walkon Big Star 

Well he certainly lives up to his name, the consummate showman and demands attention. He has style and elegance and shows his socks off at all times. Very nice, balanced head. Clean skull with just the right amount of wrinkle when alert with tipped up nose, good stop and lip placement. Lovely outline and super neck which is arched and round with no unattractive dewlap. His neck then sweeps nicely into a broad strong back with good tailset and well angulated hips and evident hip protuberance, well muscled thighs. Elegant underline with deep brisket. Shown in beautiful, gleaming order and handled well. In my last 4. 

2 Drinkwater’s Ch. Winuwuk Kiss Tag with Sulez

A very nicely put together, honest male. Very well balanced with good angulation both ends. Nothing excessive