• Show Date: 06/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jean Griggs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Three Counties Championship Show 2019 Malvern

Sunday 9th June

Golden Retrievers - Jean Griggs Mulfield

Many thanks to all who entered under me and the sporting way in which so many hair splitting decisions were accepted. It was certainly a privilege to go over so many quality exhibits but also difficult to see so many go unrewarded, especially in the Limit Dog Class (see below). My aim was to treat everyone the same, giving the latter classes the same attention as the early ones, but also to ensure that the golden made the group, hopefully finding what I considered to be the ‘best’ dogs along the way. All the male dogs were entire, I only found 3 incorrect bites. More importantly, temperament through out was superb; however the number of overweight exhibits and those not carrying their tails level with the back on the move, was a concern in both dogs and bitches.  

MPD (11 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: LOVEROCK, Mrs M C & WALDRON-SMITH Mrs L Thornywait Space Cowboy At Lovisa 

Best Dog Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed and Gundog Puppy Group 1. 

8 month old, very balance mid gold boy who moved very well. Correct bone and the neatest of feet coupled with both good length of leg and of neck won him the class. Was happy to give him Best Puppy and delighted to see him win the puppy group. He entered the breed ring at 8.30 and was still showing his socks off at 6.15 in the Best Puppy in Show.

2nd: MORSS Mrs H Olvinglay Soothsayer 

A lovely cream coated puppy of almost 9 months with a larger frame to fill than the first. Very well angulated both ends which he used to advantage on the move once he settled. Beautifully shaped head and kindly expression. Expertly presented and handled. 

3rd: BELL Mrs F V & Mr M Hoaaloha Maui 

Well put together puppy with a profuse mid gold coat. Carrying just a little too much weight which made him roll slightly on the move but he has a well proportioned head, good shoulder placement and great front angulation.

PD (8 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: MORSS Mrs H Olvinglay Soothsayer 

2nd: BELL Mrs F V & Mr M Hoaaloha Maui 

3rd: SCHOLES Mr R Rossgilde Sea Lord William 

Really liked the quality of this exuberant, confident puppy, shown in beautiful pale cream coat; however today he decided to enjoy bounding round the ring in the sunshine rather than co operate with his handler. Very balanced outline and well shaped head, with good shoulder lay back, neat feet and plenty of bone. 

JD (9 Entries) Abs: 3 

1st: COPLEY Miss E Monchique Imperial Beau At Emmabe JW 

Not is his best bib and tucker today but took this very even class on his superior construction and sound, accurate movement. His well balanced outline even more evident due to the lack of coat. Really appreciated his lovely head, good shoulder placement and correct, unexaggerated angulation.

2nd: JONES & ATHEY Mesdames Ninell Jefferson 

Another quality junior, this time in lovely coat, but not moving quite as truly as the first. Good straight front, something missing on a fair few today, with good bone and tight feet. Well angulated front and rear and good length of neck. A really well put together youngster with so much to like.

3rd: BIRKIN GREEN, Mrs S & GRIPTON Mr J W & Mrs H Sansue Keep The Magic 

This handsome young boy completed a trio of very promising juniors. Just right for his age with plenty of maturing still to do, as it should be. Although a little unsettled on the move he was handled and presented to perfection.

YD (8 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: COOPER-JONES Mrs H Bowshella Royal Charger For Abney 

Well made gold dog that took this class on his super movement. Good angulation both fore and aft but without the exaggeration seen on some today. Masculine head with soft expression. Shown well in correct, double, mid gold coat.

2nd: VERNON Mr M P & Mrs D J Graceleigh Popeye 

One of the best top lines and tailsets of the day which was more impressive for being held on the move. In good coat and condition with strong muscular neck, straight front and neat feet. Would just prefer slightly shorter coupling. Very deep through the chest with well sprung ribs.

3rd: WHITE Mr A G O & Mrs D S Ninell Indiana Jones Of Alandiagold 

Very attractive blond dog, nicely balanced with good angulation. Just my type of head, masculine but well chiselled with a soft expression. He didn't quite match the accuracy of movement of the first two today.

UGD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 

1st: VICARS Mrs M & Miss C J Peersbrook Game Set Match JW 

Lots to like about this confident young dog that has deservedly done plenty of winning. Liked his balanced outline, well let down and parallel back pasterns and pleasing head, with soft expression and good pigment. Presented in full cream coat he showed and moved very well.

2nd: BELL Mrs F V & Mr M Hoaaloha Maui 

3rd: WHITE Mr A G O & Mrs D S Ninell Indiana Jones Of Alandiagold 

GD (9 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: MAYNARD Mr R & Mrs L Chinnordale Cue Card 

A beautiful young boy, his deep gold coat gleaming in the sunshine, who moved really well today; not surprisingly as he is very well made and in hard condition. Liked his masculine head with kindly typical expression and dark pigment, his good angulation and shortness through the couplings.

2nd: WELLS Mrs J Pearlbarn Peroni 

Very close decision between first and second. Stylish pale gold coated dog who also covered the ground well with drive from strong quarters. Well shaped head wth soft expression although pigment not quite as good as one. Again short coupled and nicely balanced overall.

3rd: PARRY Mr & Mrs D & P V Mitcharron Kentucky Road 

This mid gold dog is maturing very nicely indeed and is just right for his age. Not yet in full coat but beautifully handled and presented, again moved out very well with a confident and happy attitude.

PGD (9 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: AYLING-JONES Mrs T E & Mr S Leighsham Cococabana At Raiveslake 

Beautiful dark gold dog in the most super coat and condition, which helped him win this this hard fought class, where again I was splitting hairs between first and second. Typical golden head with the best of pigment and soft expression. Well made through out with nothing overdone he moved with drive and animation.

2nd: SEAMONS Mr P D & Mrs J L Messano Blue Suede Shoes JW 

Paler coated young dog who was handled and presented to perfection as is the norm from this kennel. Very good shape to the head, masculine but in no way over done and enhanced by correctly shaped dark eyes. he has a good layback of shoulder and excellent top line. I particularly admired the reach and accuracy of his front movement and correct hind angulation.

3rd: WELLS Mrs J Pearlbarn Peroni 

LD (30 Entries) Abs: 5 

Where do I start to comment on this class except to say it was by a mile the strongest class I have ever judged. If ever a Mid Limit Class was needed today was the day ! Several dogs that didn't make the first cut were well worthy of a stud book number and without exception the rest could have won the class. It was both a joy and a challenge to judge.

1st: COOK Mrs W Calarose Over The Moon JW 

Finally, after 2 cuts and a great deal of deliberation, I made this beautiful blond boy the winner due to his true ground covering movement displaying both good reach and drive. He had to be on top form today and in my opinion, true to his name, he shone. Very pleased to award him the Reserve Dog CC.  

2nd: LOACH, Miss S & ZUBAIR Mrs S Thornywait Rossini 

Well from one end of the colour spectrum to the other, this lovely boy being just as dark a gold as the first was the 

palest of creams! Wow what a beautiful dog from every angle; In super coat and condition, masculine without coarseness, excellent angulation and a lovely head with typical expression and darkest of pigment completed a very pleasing picture.

3rd: JOY Mrs M Shardanell Just Like That 

Really admired this dog who like so many in this class was unlucky to come up against such quality and quantity of competition. Balanced outline with good shoulder placement and well let down hocks and lovely head. With short couplings and well sprung ribs he was presented in attractive cream coat and displayed great ring presence.

(9 Entries) Abs: 5 

1st: BROADHEAD Mrs J D & Mr P Sh Ch Monchique Pure Imagination JW Sh.CM 

This beautiful cream dog won the Reserve Dog CC when I last judged and today went a step further by winning his 12th ticket. So well presented and handled, as he always is, he excels in outline and balance. Good shoulders, level top line and correct double coat are among his many attributes. Very little separated the first 2 in this class who are, in my opinion, excellent examples of our breed. Dog CC.

2nd: MILLINGTON Mrs J Mitcharron Buster Keeton JW Sh.CM 

Fantastic mid gold boy who was so close to top honours today. His construction is difficult to fault and he moves with great style and accuracy. My soggy notes say ‘nothing overdone and nothing lacking’.  

3rd: TRINDER Mr A Sh Ch Thornywait San Valentino JW Sh.CM 

A very worthy champion who stands out for his balanced outline. Very masculine but without any trace of coarseness. Correct angulation both ends with super level top line. He has a nicely proportioned head and again was shown and presented so well.

VD (6 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: BROWN Mr M R & Mrs S Gunmarsh Tamarind Star Over Ipcress JW 

A favourite of mine who has taken a while to mature into the beautiful, balance dog on display today. Like all in the first 3 he is a credit to his owner and certainly belies his 9 years. Shown in profuse cream coat he moved with a long ground eating stride to win this class and to take Best Veteran in Breed.

2nd: MAYNARD Mr R & Mrs L Ch Napoleon Uber Den Wolken To Chinnordale (Imp) 

Typical golden champion dog who moved with great enthusiasm even in the pouring rain. He has a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and excellent top line coupled with a short, compact body and correct amount of bone; a real asset to the breed.

3rd: GODDARD Mr B & Mrs A M Soneve Stargazer At Glansevern 

Shown in good coat and condition and very well muscled that enabled him to excel in movement. I particularly like his compact, short coupled body and strength of topline. Good head and typical golden expression completed a very pleasing picture indeed.

MPB (10 Entries) Abs: 4 

1st: ZUBAIR, Mrs S M & TRINDER Mr A Thornywait Cassiopeia 

Sweet gold girl so typical of this kennel. Very well made with good length and strength of neck which flowed into well laid shoulders. Excellent top line and tail set. Moved with accuracy and confidence, although needs to tighten a little in front movement as you would expect at this age.

2nd: BIRKIN-GREEN Mrs S Sansue Lovestruck 

Pretty cream puppy very close up to the first. Carrying a good blond coat, she has neat feet and a very well shaped head with dark eyes. Loved her wagging tail and confident attitude. Short through the couplings and with excellent shoulders and level top line she is very together for her age.

3rd: NELSON Mrs V Wheatcroft Gracie Fields To Cadwst 

Looking very much a baby, as she should at just 6 months. Good length of leg which will mean her angles and body depth will take a while to catch up and a more balanced outline appear. Very positive movement and great length of stride.   

PB (15 Entries) Abs: 5 

1st: HAZELTON Mr J & Mrs L Cailloch Sitka 

Glamorous blond baby who is just right for her age and I’m sure has a bright future. Correct length of neck flows into well placed shoulders and good top line. She has the sweetest of heads with soft expression and correctly shaped dark eyes. Correct angulation and really neat feet completed the picture. Best Bitch Puppy.

2nd: ZUBAIR, Mrs S M & TRINDER Mr A Thornywait Cassiopeia 

3rd: TRAFFORD Mr J & Mrs E Wynrita Misti Daze 

Very promising gold puppy with everything in the right place. Nicely balanced shape, pretty head and expression. Handler needs to work on steading her on the move but one that is coming together very nicely.

JB (16 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: GOWLAND, Miss P & GIBBONS Mr P Tamara Von Schnellenberg For Remington (Imp) Deu 

Well grown cream bitch of lovely type. Really liked her head, enhanced by the darkest of pigment that helps to give her such a kindly expression. She also appealed for her straight front, neat feet and super flow of neck into good lay back of shoulder. Sure she has many more firsts awaiting.

2nd: BIRKIN-GREEN Mrs S Sansue Keep The Faith 

Again splitting hairs between first and this similar type of girl. Beautiful shape with the most faultless of top lines and well set on tail. I loved her balanced angulation and excellent neck and shoulder. Moved straight and true with good reach and drive.

3rd: PRICE Mrs A Palton Up Up And Away 

Dark gold bitch so well put together with good upper arm and well bent stifles leading to short, parallel rear pasterns. Well balanced head completed the picture helping to give her a well deserved 3rd in this strong class. 

YB (16 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: NELSON Mrs V Willowlawn Devon Belle At Cadwst 

My notes, by now very damp and hastily scribbled, just say ‘blond and beautiful’. Another not overly mature for her age but has it all to come. She stood four square on neat feet with a lovely head, good coat and condition and that all important overall balance. She moved with a lovely head carriage and great accuracy, just a little close behind at this stage. 

2nd: O'NEILL Mrs L Linirgor Misty Mornings At Strathlon 

Mid gold bitch in good coat but would not want her to carry any more weight at this age. Good shoulders and level topline. She has cat like feet and a lovely feminine head with pleasing expression and good pigment.

3rd: SIMMS Mrs P A Messano Remember Me For Stvincent 

Lovely angulation and super level back on this girl who moved extremely well with a powerful driving action. Pretty head but would just prefer more depth of muzzle. Presented and handled well she is very short coupled with a good length of leg.

UGB (16 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: NELSON Mrs V Willowlawn Devon Belle At Cadwst 

2nd: BIRKIN-GREEN Mrs S Sansue Keep The Faith 

3rd: HAZELTON Mr J & Mrs L Cailloch Caorunn 

Very pale cream girl of lovely shape and quality. Excels in hind angulation with great bend of stifle but with out exaggeration. Would prefer more animation on the move but a very promising girl indeed.

GB (14 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: SMITH Mr & Mrs T B & L G Goldmarker Luminara 

Totally new one to me but so much to like about her. Very dark gold bitch with excellent front construction and equally good rear assembly, however would prefer a slightly greater length of leg. She displayed a good reach to her muscular neck and correct shoulder layback. Her level top line was held on the move as she she covered the ground very well.  

2nd: BIRKIN-GREEN Mrs S Sansue Keep The Faith 

3rd: WILLIAMS Mr E E & Mrs P C Cesarka Pin Up Girl JW 

Mid gold girl who excelled on the move. Good shoulders, level top line and super angulation. She has a very feminine head with that all important soft expression. Shown and handled very well she stood four square with a wagging tail producing a very attractive outline.

PGB (12 Entries) Abs: 3 

1st: TAYLOR Mr & Mrs F J & P D Pandreft Krystal Magic 

Cream, larger framed bitch with the most lovely outline. Great angles both ends and very level top line. Pretty head, neat feet, good bone and very sound on the move; I thought her a lovely example of the breed.

2nd: GAYLER Mrs P D Carolake Remember Me JW 

More compact bitch but with the most beautiful of outlines; very balanced with level top line and well set on tail. Correct angulation and one of the best movers of the day.

3rd: FOSTER Mrs C & Mr B Auristela Sweet Sixteen JW 

Very well shaped head with sweet expression on this cream girl who was shown in lovely coat. A straight front, good bend of stifle coupled with straight, parallel rear pasterns resulted in her moving accurately and with drive.

LB (23 Entries) Abs: 6 

1st: MAGSON Mr & Mrs K & S Castlegolden Classy Lady Jw 

Another hard fought, fantastic class with numerous lovely bitches not in the cards; again a Mid Limit Class was needed as it is disappointing not to be able to acknowledge this depth of quality. This blond girl looked a picture today, with a very balanced outline, super angulation and good shoulders. In hard muscular condition she moved with drive and enthusiasm to cover the ground effortlessly. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC, Best of Breed and, despite the pouring rain, was delighted to see her shortlisted in the Sundog Group

2nd: JONES & ATHEY Mesdames Ninell Gwendolyn 

This super girl appealed to me greatly for her soundness and type. The loveliest of top lines and correct tail set which were held on the move, coupled with good angulation, helped her to look stunning as she flowed round the ring. Feminine head with plenty of shaping and gentle expression completed this lovely exhibit. Pleased to award her the Reserve Bitch CC.

3rd: ZUBAIR, Mrs S M & TRINDER Mr A Thornywait Cinzano 

Beautiful gold girl in good coat and condition, handled and presented to perfection. She stood four square with a wagging tail almost saying “look at me” ! Well made through out with a strong muscular neck of correct length, level top line and tail set she was both stylish and true on the move.

OB (10 Entries) Abs: 2 

1st: DOUTHWAITE, Ms A & WHARFE Ms S Sh Ch Gracewood Lilibet JW 

Gold coated champion who I have done well before. She moved really well keeping her level top line and has good angulation, neat feet, a short compact body shape and the correct amount of bone for a bitch. Not quite in her best outfit today which precluded her from getting top honours.

2nd: ARCHER Mrs S Monchique Believe In Dreams for Shancade JW

Beautiful cream girl, so well put together with good angulation, excellent length of neck into well laid back shoulders. She has good bone and is deep through the chest. She appeals to me greatly but today gave her handler a bit of a hard time and was a little unsettled on the move.

3rd: SIMMS Mrs P A Poppygold Fire Opal With Stvincent 

One of the best movers of the day, covering the ground with ease, showing good reach in front and drive behind. Particularly admired her rear construction with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. So sound and confident as a golden should be, she was presented and handled very well indeed. 

VB (8 Entries) Abs: 1 

1st: POUNDS-LONGHURST Mrs S H Sh Ch Mossburn Eva Mindfool JW Sh.CM

Smashing champion bitch still holding her shape on the move . She has a straight front, super level back and correct angulation both ends. A real credit to the owner who shows her so well. Just lost out to the dog in the challenge for best veteran on movement.

2nd: CARRINGTON Mrs V Gloi Princess Grace 


Upstanding gold bitch in lovely coat and condition. Still moving well with drive and enthusiasm. Good head with lovely expression . Typical golden oldie.


3rd: HUDSON Miss D J Aymsbury Akasha

Smashing to see such a lively veteran, still absolutely full of herself after a long day. In great coat and condition and still showing the youngsters how to move. She has an excellent bend of stifle, good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Another who is a real credit to her owner.