• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jason Hoke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Great Dane

Critique for Great Danes at Southern Counties Canine Association 31/5/2019    

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee of Southern Counties Canine Association for the privilege of awarding my first ever Challenge Certificates. To say this was an honor is an understatement. The shows attention to detail is rivaled by none. I can wholeheartedly say this is one of the finest shows I have attended not only in the UK but anywhere abroad. Thank you again for a most memorable day.      


Minor Puppy Dog    

1st   3618  Ms.L & Mr A Chappell - Selmalda Ricochet    

This charming youth had what the breed requests with its elegant tall stature while being perfectly balanced in proportion from the outline to the well chiseled head, never exhibiting exaggeration in any regard. Squared off well carrying a correct amount  of bone this puppy has all the traits to mature into a classic Great Dane.    


2nd   3631  Mr. J.C., Mrs H & Miss C Dyson - Samdice Bond JamesBond    

A quality young dog possessing a nicely appointed head with proper eye and expression followed by a lovely crest of neck and flow into the body. Chest well let down through the body for its age. Topped off by a well angled hindquarters allowing for free reach and drive.    


Puppy Dog    

1st  3622  Miss I E M Cooke - Kinnegans Mission to Mars with Tantallon    

A well suited dog who was masculine in a most pleasing way having the proper head planes with a neck well set into the shoulders, deep full chest with the prized short solid loin missing so often today in the breed. On the move this dog held a correct shape and balance completing the picture.    


Junior Dog    

1st  3612 Mrs. S & Dr T Biston & Mosvold - Geordieone Torpa Stenhus    

This correct dog of classic breed type when view from the side showed great shape and style, cut well from every angle. He was masculine but still regal in his style and manner. Head piece of a classic type. His carriage both in the lineup as well as on the move is what sets him apart from the from the rest. A dog in balance for his age.  Certainly a contender for the ticket.   

2nd  3667 L. Webb & Morgan Evans - Vanmore What A Guy   

This youth was another impressive entrant in the junior class. Masculine head with dark pleasing eye and expression. Planes to the skull well defined. Deep capacious chest and ribbing. While I'd ask for a shorter loin it was not viewed as a detriment as it was carried solidly. A free moving dog balance both front and rear. Cleary and example of proper breed type.   


Yearling Dog   

1st 3620 Ms. L. & Mr. Adam Chappell - Hoppingham's Changes Selmalda   

A dog whose is an example of carrying correct bone and substance without ever approaching coarseness, a difficult task to find balance in. Distinctive clean planes and stop to the skull carried on a well crested neck with good flow from the nape all the way through the body. Strong solid loin with a deep chest fully filled at the elbows. An easy mover possessing carriage and with grace. A dog strongly considered.   

2nd  3636  Mr. M & Mrs. A Holland - Socar Nosye Parker At Dramalex   

A solid balance yearling who shows nice promise. Stylish with a nice stance and poise over the ground. A well developed head with strong muzzle, and clean eye. Moderate neck and a strong short loin. Angled well at both ends and utilized his legs well on the move.   


Limit Dog    

1st  3614 Mr R.C. & Mrs M Bithell - Bourntwyn Rags To Riches   

An impressive dog in silhouette having an graceful outline. Tall and statuesque. Majestic in his outline. Well boned but maintaining his elegance. Long reaching arched neck completing the picture from afar. Needing a slightly more true stance in front his gait was clean and sound in all regards. When fully mature this dog should flesh out nicely and maintain his dignified stature.   

2nd Mrs J & Mr. S Thurbly - Justinian Lord Bradley JW   

A dog with a correct head with lovely well defined stop which sometimes is missing. Carrying a correct amount of bone, HIs angulation was so pleasing with laid back shoulder and balanced rear to follow. This carried through on the move as was expected. A pleasure to see angles in balance which tend to be our breed's main downfall.   


Open Dog   

1st, DCC, BOB -  3668 L. Webb & Morgan Evans - Ch Vanmore Stop and Stare at Castleton   

His name says precisely what one will do when this dog walks in the ring. A truly impressive dog of great import . A dissertation in balance from the tip of nose to the tail. Fully mature and solid without any sign of a weakness. A classic male Great Dane head with the proper eye, stop, as well as the often lacking chiseling under the eye. Well crested neck with a natural grace through the shoulder flowing to a hard level topline. Croup well placed and strong balanced rear. All of the parts easily translated into what was to be excepted on the move. Carriage, freedom of reach and drive, and true, sound foot placement both coming and going. A dog deserving of the win on the day most handily.   

2nd, RCC - 3617 Mrs L. & Mr, A. & Miss J A Chappell & Williams - Ch. Selmalda The Journey JW   

This dog was quite and impressive picture. Tall and upstanding. Beautifully masculine with a clean crisp outline. Far reaching neck flowing well. Excellent spring of rib with a solid forechest fleshed out well to the elbows. Boned well to carry the masculine frame yet without excessiveness. Stylistically different than the Ticket winner but his strengths are evident as he certainly denotes the Apollo of dogs. Only bested by the winner in small details in the head.   


Special Beginners Dog   

A lovely type dog who stood out when on the move. Sound with smooth carriage. A nicely appointed head with good eye and proper planes. A balance through the body with angles that were most pleasing.    



Minor Puppy Bitch  

1st, BP- 3619 - Ms. L & Mr. A Chappell - Selmalda Liza Jane  

An elegant bitch who was quite similar in type to her litter mate who won the Minor Puppy Class. Possessing a lovely head with proper planes, an excellent  stop. Pleasing expression. She is all elegance with her graceful neck flowing well into a correct short coupled body. A very nice picture of balance in femininity without becoming too refined. Classic in type and style and went on to best her brother for Best Puppy. To see two littermates of such similar type speaks well for the consistency of a line.  

2nd - 3623 - Miss J Cranfield - Santanna Dazzling Spirit  NAF TAF  

A smooth outlined bitch with a lovely soft expression with good stop. Long neck with a solid back only needing a small bit out of the loin. Balanced angulation with a smooth ease about her while on the move.  


Puppy Bitch  

1st - 3651 - Mr. L. G. & Mrs S. E. Nas - Selmalda Shining Star  

Elegant female with a proper head and excellent eye. while in the awkward transition age she used everything she had and presented a nice silhouette. A clean mover with excellent reach and drive.  

2nd - 3611 -  Dr D. M. L. Birch - Foaldown Dark Angel of Busdan  

A tall square bitch of refinement. Angled well both front and rear. Possessing a pleasing eye and expression. I would ask a bit more bone and substance but the balance of shape and proportion was quite pleasing.  


Junior Bitch  

1st, RCC, BJ - 3645 - Mrs. M, Mrs. S., Mr. I & Mrs V McGuiness, Nelson-McGu - Dinahtron Rags to Riches  

A bitch of excellent type. Expressive eye with a classic head piece. Ever bit pleasing to the eye. She exuded type both in head and body. Long flowing smooth lines through the body. lovely angles in balance both front and rear. Could use for a more compact loin but excelled in all other regards. Tracking true on the move and the angulation provided for a lovely view from the side while on the go. An outstanding example of breed type.  

2nd - 3633 - Miss P Henshall - Calchas Yandamar Yours  

A hard pressing challenger in this class. Beautiful bodied bitch with all the features in the correct place. Deep forechest and well ribbed hard taught loin with a lovely croup and tail set. Another example in the class of excellence. strong tight feet and sound at both ends. Only bested by a small margin regarding a difference in expression. Truly a contender not to be mistaken.  


Yearling Bitch 

1st - 3607 - Mrs. S. Barratt - Bourntwyn Presley's Girl By Rioco 

A bitch whose set herself apart with Clean solid lines making such a smooth outline. A well defined head with a correct eye. Level planes with a good stop. Well filled chest reaching to the elbow. A rock hard topline with a blanced angles. Effortless carriage on the move propelled her to the top of the class. 

2nd - 3669 -  Mrs J White - Jutlanders Are You Ready JW 

A solid with bitch of substance having a clean skull and pleasing expression, with a good crest of neck, deep ribbing and solid back. On the move she displayed a precise correct reach and drive. 


Graduate Bitch 

1st - 3624 - Miss Cranfield - Zefathers Sweet Child O'Mine BJWNL'19 

A Great Dane of proper bone and substance, with smooth lines that complete a pleasing picture. A correct  type head and clean arch of neck.  A clever moving do who could have just benefited from a more compact loin.  

2nd -3639 - Mrs K. Kingsley - Penelope Von Den Borkener Turmen At Dianoak 

A bitch of moderate head with propoer bone and substance. tracked well on the move but would request a more elegant style and leg underneath 


Post Graduate Bitch 

1st, BCC- 3637 - Mr P Mrs A & Miss P Jacobs - Vanmore Diva Dancer At Kazabbie 

A true classic bitch devoid of all exaggeration. A true depiction of where moderation is the depiction of balance and type. Possessing a head of equal proportion with a melting noble expression so typical for the breed. all the head planes in balance with a strong stop and almond eye. A flowing neck into a clean smooth shoulder. A short coupled body with and exacting balance of leg underneath. What propelled this bitch to win the ticket was her easy of gait and lightness on the move. In such a giant breed it is difficult to have such surefooted ease and this female had it in spades. 

2nd - 3652- Mr. L G & Mrs S E Nas- Bourntwyn Main in Wales 

An elegant bitch of style had a love way moving around the ring with correct reach and drive. Showing a correct balance of muzzle with a clean crest of neck. Hindered only slightly through the length of loin 


Limit Bitch 

1st- 3646 Miss J H Middleton - Taysca Must Be Cartier At Dornoir 

Tall square bitch with a strong topline. an excellent mover with true front legs. A smooth long neck with finished off a correct outline. An expressive eye with correct chiseling below. 

2nd - 3630 - Mr J C, Mrs H &  Miss C Dyson - Samdice Best of You 

A strong bitch of bone and body with a deep stop to the skull and correct eye. Not lacking in bone of substance. Could stand to have shorter coupling but is applauded for a well developed body and full rib. 

Open Bitch  

1st -  3663 - Miss S Tempest - Adoreadane Just The Ticket JW

A classic type in the breed. Providing a clean cut outline with correct balance throughout. Head planes parallel with the precise amount of stop needed. A nice tight eye with good expression. full muzzle completing the foreface. This girl carried a nice arch and crest of neck flowing well into the shoulders which are correctly angulated.. Her body is well fleshed out with a good balance of bone and body. On the move she was sound and true tracking well both down and back. On the day she was a strong contender for the final award and only lost out be a small margin if she would have propelled herself a bit more strongly on the side while going around. A smart example of the breed.

2nd - 3613 - Mr R C & Mrs M Bithell - CH Bourntwyn By My Side JW

A bitch with great extension everywhere from neck to body. A powerfully made female with a pleasing head. Well boned and bodied with nice fill of forechest and depth of rib. shoulders laid back well with angle equaled behind. on the day she could have helped herself by a stronger sense of carriage.