• Show Date: 30/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janine Waters Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Pekingese

Best of Breed and Dog CC Miss Morley & Mr A Box Jidoran Professor Green

Bitch CC Mr J Shaw & Miss W J Mee CH pekehuis Its Simply Magic

Res Dog CC Easdon & Martin Yakee the Aristocrat 

Res Bitch CC and Best Puppy Mrs A Thomas Meritorious Caralinka 

I really enjoyed My first CC appointment. I am great full to UKToy dog show for giving me this opportunity. It is a daunting experience as the Peke community is very small and opinionated. However I found judging the dogs fairly straight forward and I was lucky enough to have many Beautiful dogs under me on the day. The quality is impressive throughout the dogs and bitches. 

SBD/B 1st Harbron’s Bratilda Starman. A substantial well made dog, neat front and lovely Ribbing. Well presented with a good harsh coat texture.

Veteran Dog 1st Lenton’s Livanda Cabrero. Seven year old male, impressive solid conformation. Large head and lovely finish of coat. 

MPD 1st Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Evening Tide. A six month old Black, a well balanced, nicely constructed puppy, beautiful head, good nose place and neat finish of mouth finished with a gentle expression, Cobby, low to ground and moved well. 2nd Davenport’s Greyport Egoiste, well presented seven month old, well balanced and attractive head, very smart on the move.

PD 1st Oade’s Brentoy Max Power. Solid and well constructed throughout, just Ten months Old. Large attractive head, nice eye and nose placement, his front is well made to accommodate his cobby ribbing. Good top line. Moved well with a correct rolling gate. 2nd Shaw & Mee’s Pekehuis Avenger. An animated ten months old with all the attributes of the first prize but just slower little in blossoming, also presented lovely and moved well.

JD 1st and RDCC Easdon & Martin’s Yakee the Aristocrat. What a lovely package dog, this little show dog has is all. His great head, short thick neck, well constructed front, barrelled ribs, short loin, level top line, good tail set, good coat texture presented beautifully and moved well. 2nd Davenports Endeavour. Attractive and expressive little dog. Presented beautifully and moved well. 

GD 1st Oade’s & Evans Brentoy High Aces. Lovely size, balanced, cobby dog with good coat and finish. I’m looking forward to seeing him mature and I’ve no doubt this dog will have a successful show career. 2nd Morley &Hitchcock Mezrab Red to talk to lizlanmor, a close second, impeccably presented and what a lovely head, bright and good size eye, nice nose placement and nice finish of mouth, great body and size. Another impressive male with great prospects. 

PGD 1st Oade’s Zhong Noble Khan by Brentoy. A smart young dog with all the attributes of a great show dog, good size head with large dark eye, perfectly presented and of lovely size and balance which shows in his slow and dignified rolling movement. 2nd Harbron’s Bratilda starman. Also groomed beautifully, a tidy and substantial dog with a Neat front and level top line, Moved well. 

LD 1st, DCC and BOB. Morley & Box’s Jidoran Professor Green. I was really impressed with this dog, he has it all and some. He brings a smile to my face. His large head and black mask carries a nice sized bright eye, he has open nostrils on good nose placement. lovely teeth and finish of mouth. His gorgeous face and cushioning all framed with his black ear fringes. He has a short thick neck and well placed shoulders, little bowed thick legs and big feet all fitting neatly with his exceptional rib cage. Short loin, level top line and high tail set that carries a beautiful plume. Neat and close moving hind quarters with good angulation. Finished with good textured red harsh coat. This dog is made well so he moves well, a typical slow and dignified rolling gate. Exemplary relationship between dog and exhibitor. A pleasure to judge. 

2nd Machin’s Divahaven royal dream at Barpeke. This dog is very well constructed throughout, he has good bone and balance. Unfortunately he isn’t always presented or handled to show his true potential. 

OD 1st A Thomas’s Klerkshof lomi Meritorious. Beautifully presented light red mature male. Attractive large eye and nice expression. Superb front and ribs, nice tail set, Good movement. 2nd seen dog. 

VB 1st Tilsed’s Mezrab Phoenix of merrimee 10 year old pretty Red bitch. Shallow head with Bright eyes, nice finish of cost and moved well for her age. 2nd heavy and substantially well made throughout. Another well presented veteran with great coat and body. 

MPB 1st and Res Bitch CC A Thomas’s Meritorious Caralinka. Attractive pale red Bitch with large black shallow head. This little girl took my eye immediately in the class, lovely to go over, envelope head, clear round dark eye, good size wrinkle and not overdone, good height nose placement and neat mouth, tight at the elbows and thick front legs, cobby body, level top line, good rear angulation. Moved well and full of that show temperament. 2nd Easdon &Martin’s Yakee Contrary Mary, another beautiful bitch from this Kennel all the virtues of the first and moved well, I just preferred the open face of first place better on the day. 

PB 1st Pearce’s Chasing shadows at Hetana. Very pretty and low to ground, super nose placement and chin giving a lovely oriental expression, cobby with great shoulder, a nice size bitch. Lovely coat and texture. 

JB 1st Easdon & Martin’s ch Yakee the debutante. This bitch I have admired many of times at shows and she is absolutely no disappointment to go over from head to toe she is exceptional. Construction to die for and finished to perfection, however in the class I found her movement difficult to asses. I give her the class but unfortunately her movement in the challenge was easier to see and unfortunately let her down. 

2nd Shaw & Mee’s pekehuis Morgana, solid, honest bitch with a lovely oriental alert expression, shallow head, tight front, short thick neck, cobby body, good rear and moved very well. 

PGB 1st Murray & Peterson’s Bratilda Madison. Beautiful light fawn bitch, Lovely Quality throughout, expressive shallow head, cobby and substantial, moves very well. 2nd Morley, Morley &Box’s Jidoran Grace. Super little package, large pretty head, good shoulders and neat front, short in back, good tailset and moved well. 

LB 1st A Thomas’s Meritorious I love my life, superb bitch, quality and substance from head to toe. Very nice shallow head with open nostrils and noticeably nice mouth and teeth. Good firm chin creating that little extra finish. Moved well and presented immaculate. 2nd Easdon & Martin’s klerkshof lulu at Yakee. A balaned and attractive bitch. Super head, excellent front, cobby with short loins, great coat and texture presented beautifully, moved well. 

OB 1st and Bitch CC winner. Shaw & Mee’s Ch Pekehuis it’s simply Magic. A lovely type, this bitch is quality, she is oriental, free moving and unexaggerated. Shallow head, bright eye, open nostrils, lovely chin, short neck, good shoulders neat front and cobby short body, level top line, good tail set, good rear angulation, great coat texture. Moved well. 2nd Morley & box’s Jidoran Emma. Another impressive bitch from this Kennel, consistently producing quality Pekingese, All the attributes of the 1st place, a joy to judge.