• Show Date: 13/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janette Yarrow Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Brittany Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Brittany

Brittany Club of Great Britain

Championship Show 13th July 2019

Minor Puppy D/B (2 Entered 1 Absent) 1st Booth’s Rochus Olwen. Very pretty o/w 8 1/2 months old bitch. Typical head with high ear carriage, dark eye and correct dentition. Body developing nicely with deep chest but a little longer in loin than BP. She was very lively, exuberant even, and movement was okay. She made me smile and a lovely way to start my day. 

Puppy D (0) 

Junior D (4) 1st Cook’s Highclare Only One avec Tailliside.17 mths o/w Looked a picture standing four square. Masculine head with quizzical expression, eye of correct shape and tight lips. Straight front with correct pasterns and neat feet. Deep front with good angulations front and rear, short cobby body, well ribbed, short loin and shown in gleaming coat and condition. Handled to advantage, moved out with brisk stride. 2, Hayes and Wilson’s Tillybirloch Otto. 14 months o/w with a super head, high set ears and a medium neck. Moderate bone and deep chest reaching brisket. Moved straight and true. From a slightly larger mould than 1. 3, Lay’s Tarward Olmo. 17 month old o/w. Masculine head with wide open nostrils. Straight front with legs of good length. Deep chest giving plenty of heart and lung room. Good bone and standing on neat feat. This young handler was entered in a few classes and by the last class had got him moving beautifully around the ring with correct straight movement and brisk stride. What a pity he didn’t start like this because it presented a completely different picture. 

Novice D (3) 1st. Hayes and Wilson’s Tillybirloch Otto. 2. Purawal’s Rochus Nico. O/w. Lovely expression on this young dog using his ears to advantage. Head of correct ratio, short cobby body and a good depth of chest. A little skittish on the move and would like to see darker pigmentation. 3, Lay’s Tarward Olmo. 

Post Graduate D. (4) (1) 1st, Mooney’s Challowmoon Noah. O/w. Beautiful head of correct proportions, parallel planes of skull and muzzle, tight lips, correct scissor bite and moderate stop. Deep chest and correct length of leg for body. Short and cobby he has tremendous ribs, short loin and strong rear quarters. A strong topline leading to slight slope to croup. Compact and of correct height this young dog held his topline when moving with a short brisk stride viewed from any angle. Pleased to award him his first CC. 2, Poole’s Sanbosier Naos at Laurremar. O/w. Looked a picture when standing in profile, with good overall balance and spot on for weight. Excellent angulations front and rear and a very typical well proportioned masculine head with correct eye shape and wide open nostrils. Correct length of leg with enough depth to chest and width of ribs. It was lovely to watch this dog move, he floated around the ring head held high, retaining his topline at all times and giving the correct Brittany gait front and rear. RCC. 3, Hayes and Wilson’s Sanbosier Nevis. Unlucky to meet the first two today. Lovely straight legs and shoulder placement. Short in back and a very strong topline. Very eye catching coat of deep orange and white. Head a little deep in stop for me but an alert confident expression with high set ears. Just needs to collect himself on the move to complete this very nice picture. 

Limit D (3) (1) 1st, Samardzija’s Patouche Lambert. B/w. Beautiful coat and very eye catching masculine head and expression to match with correct eye shape. Very good type and balance. Slightly sloping topline and correct angles front and rear. Movement sound and brisk, handled sympathetically to achieve to best from this dog. 2, Axtell’s Schioholm’s Dago (Imp Dnk) O/w. This dog was full of fun and exuberance. Pleasing head with a mischievious glint in his eye, correct dentition and high set ears. Good bone with the deepest of chests, wll ribbed and short in loin. Correct bend of stifle, nothing over angulated and giving the correct square picture. Movement was erratic to start with but once settled it was okay. With a little more ring training this dog could trouble the best. 

Open D (3) 1st, Coveney’s Sh Ch Tillybirloch Jem. O/w. One I have met and placed before. As always, shown in hardworking condition. Pleasing head, body compact, short and cobby. Good pasterns, neat feet and angulations. Stepped out briskly with style, just had to give way to the younger stock today. 2, Andersons Sh Ch Rochus Moet. B/w. Another that I have met and placed before. The most lovliest of heads with tapered muzzle, expressive eyes and ears. Correct angles at front, slightly over angulated at rear. Deep chest with brisket reaching elbows. Moving a little wide behind today. 3, Wright’s Hawkwise Land Agent. O/w. Shown in good hardworking condition. Very expressive with a mischievious quizzical look in his eye and high set ears, muzzle a fraction long. Medium neck leading to an excellent short cobby body with a strong loin. Moved with confidence, carrying his head high whilst retaining his topline, in gleaming coat with just the right amount of feathering. 

Special Open O/W D (1) 1st, Lay’s Tarward Olmo.

Special Open AOC except O/W D (3) (1) 1st, Anderson’s Rochus Noble. A striking tri of correct height. Masculine strong head and correct lay of shoulders. Deepest of chests, short back and very cobby. Altogether a very nice dog but was unsettled on the move and just needs to collect himself on the move. 2, Stevens’ Jassendue Inspiration at Sanbosier. Beautiful head with expressive eyes and short ears set on high. Smaller than 1 but within the breed standard. Compact short body and deep chest. Short in back and buttock and hock in line with each other giving that square outline. I understand he had not been in the ring for a while but put in an excellent performance, he showed his socks off and moved to match. 

Veteran D (2) (1)1st Tournesol Ferdinand at Bryantscroft. B/w. Nine years old with beautiful head, correct eye shape and small ears. Compact body and very well ribbed with strong muscular hindquarters. Used all the ring to show off his excellent brisk movement with head held high.BVD. 

Special Working D (2)1st Finch’s Jassendue Manet’s Medley am Cetgueli. Lovely, well presented three year old o/w roan. This handler certainly knew how to get the best out of her dog. Typical head with kind, alert expression and correct dentition. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, bone and length of leg. Well muscled thighs and moved as one with handler giving short brisk stride just a little long in back. 2. Andersons Rochus Marvin. Very smart b/w. Beautiful head of correct proportions, lovely eye shape, tight lips and high set ears which he used to his advantage. Medium neck, good lay of shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed and short in loin. Unfortunately not co-operating with his handler and was unable to see his mouth. Movement was okay once settled. 

Field Trial D (0) 

Puppy B (4) (1) 1st Southorn’s Rochus Ottilie. B/w. Sweetest of heads developing well with correct scissor bite and pleasing expression. Well off for bone with good neat feat. Short with a cobby body but still an immature baby that needs time to fulfil her promise. Movement okay and once in her stride showed a typical gait. BP. 2, Anderson’s Rochus Olive. O/w. Litter sister to 1 and another with a lovely, pretty feminine head with dark eyes and typical expression. Lovely front assembly and good angles front and rear. Slightly longer cast than her sister and body still to develop but time is on her side. Moved with correct gait. 

Junior B (2) 1st, Tully’s Highclare Oos The Daddy. 17 months old o/w. Feminine head with typical Breton expression, dark pigmentation and high set ears. Elegant neck, short in back and a cobby body. Enough bone and neat feet. A little over angulated at rear but retained her topline on the move. 2, Cottrell’s Opium du Canal de Lunel (Imp Fr). O/w roan. Another pleasing head with an alert, kind expression with moderate stop, tapered muzzle and correct scissor bite. Strong neck, good spring of rib, loin short strong and of sufficient breadth. A Well muscled active bitch of compact outline. Strong, rounded rear quarters. Sound contruction with moderate angulation and a sound mover. 

Novice B (3) 1st, Southern’s Rochus Nelke. This tri bitch really caught my eye. Very pretty with feminine head and melting expression and correct head planes. Well placed shoulders, enough depth of chest and well bodied. Good angulation front and rear and in excellent coat and condition. Handled well with correct movement. Just missed out on RCC on maturity. 2, Lewis’ Patouche Josie avec Reethdale. O/w roan. Pleasing head and expression, strong neck, well angled shoulders. Good depth of rib, short loin. Strong, well muscled rear quarters. Workmanlike bitch that presented a square picture. Plenty of lung and heart room and moved correctly. 3, Davies’ Tarward Lana. Very pretty with feminine head of correct planes. Enough forechest and brisket reaching elbows. Good length of leg. A little on the shy side but moved correctly with style retaining her topline. 

Post Graduate B (2) 1st, Skeet’s Sanbosier Naia. O/w. Typical Brit that was full of go and mischief. She had a glint in her eye that said she would rather be running than showing. Her handler did well to keep her attention. Very typical feminine head and high set ears. Enough forechest and short in back. Buttock and hocks in line with each other.Just enuough bone ,Moved okay when settled but moved off a little wide behind. 2, Coveney’s Challowmoon Naya. B/w. Up to size. Correctly proportioned head, high alert ear set, very expressive but would prefer a darker eye. Strong neck, deep barrelled ribcage and strong rear quarters. Maintained a correct topline at all times standing and on the move, she moved out well with high head carriage. Just preferred the squareness of 1. 

Limit B (4) 1st, Stevens’ Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier. Very pretty o/w with very high set ears which she used well but would have liked them a little smaller. Correct head planes, tight lips and fine muzzle. Medium, strong neck and well ribbed with strong loin. Tended to overstretch herself but when placed correctly could see her square outline. Moved off with style giving the correct stride. 2, Gudgin’s Jassendue High Society. O/w. Typical head, tight lips and correct dentition. Pasterns a little weak. Short cobby body and strong rear quarters with correct angulation, buttock in line with hocks. Lovely mover and at seven years old still had style with head held high, retaining her topline and moving out well 3,Ryan’s Patouche Jaimee.Elegant head with tapered muzzle. Very good front assembly with adequate depth of chest. Well ribbed with short strong loin. Moved as one with handler giving a short brisk stride. 

Open B (3) Three beautiful bitches. 1st, Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique. O/w roan. One I have met and placed well before and so pleased to see that she has fulfilled her potential. Pretty correct head with dark pigmentation and high set ears. Strong medium neck with straight front and deep chest. Short strong loin, very curvy with a nicely rounded rear with correct angulation. Nothing overdone here, everything in moderation and standing four square. Shown in gleaming coat and condition. Handled well and moved out in true Brittany fashion with a short brisk gait. A good honest Brittany. Very pleased to award her her first CC and BIS. 2, Lockie and Major’s Tournesol Iota at Bryantscroft. O/w roan. Elegant head, she almost looked regal, with the most melting expression, eye colour in harmony with coat and high set ears used well. Shoulders well placed, Deep cobby body, strong short back and good rear angles. Lovely to go over and oozed breed type. Moved at correct speed her movement was short, brisk and eye catching with elegant head carriage whilst retaining her topline. RCC. 3, Southorn’s Rochus Juliet. O/w. Quizzical alert expression with correct eye shape and high set ears. Deep forechest, straight front and neat feet. Moderately boned, short back and slightly sloping topline and very good rear angulation giving correct bend of stifle. Movement was hampered as she was slightly lame on her hind left leg. 

Special Open O/W B (1) 1st, Davies’ Tarward Lana. 

Special Open AOC except O/W B (2) 1st, Axtell’s Nl Ch Patouche Lyra for Callmillard. Liver Tri. Very pretty with correct head ratios. Medium neck, deep enough chest, moderate bone and very good pasterns. Very well presented and with good rear angulation and moved around the ring with the brisk stride that I was looking for. 2, Gudgin’s Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue. B/w. Pleasing head and expression. Strong neck and well placed shoulders. Short back, a little overangulated at rear and moving close behind. 

Veteran B (2) (1) 1, Gudgin’s Sh Ch Coxellot Chicita at Jassendue. O/w. It was hard to believe that she is twelve years of age. I have met her before at the beginning of my judging career and placed her well. She still retains her overall showmanship for the ring. Lovliest of heads and expression, medium neck, short and cobby and has retained her topline. Moved around the ring like a youngster. 

Special Working B (1) 1st, Davies’ Rochus Lottie. O/w. She stood alone but very worthy of her award. Ultra feminine head with a lovely expression. Correct head planes, eye shape, tight lips and high set alert ears which she used well. Good leg length to depth of body. Enough chest, moderate bone and moved out well, straight and true. 

Field Trial B (2) 1st, Cottrell’s Tournesol Indulgence. O/w. Good overall shape. Lovely head with correct dark eyes and expression. Well muscled neck leading to well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and correct angulation front and rear. Moved straight and true with brisk gait. 2nd, Cottrell’s Lilymoorland Gypsy.O/w. Up to size and workmanlike. Pleasing head and expression, correct dentition and short ears. Strong neck and deep chest but longer cast than 1. Strong rear quarters. Moved away okay but showed she was wide in front coming back. 

Brace D/B (3) (2) 1st, Coveney’s brace (Sh Ch Tillybirloch Jem & Tillybirloch Mistique). Hands together for getting two Brittanys to move in union together. A very well matched pair that stood well and moved correctly. Well done.

Janette Yarrow. Judge