• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: janette Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: German Spitz (Mittel)

Leeds Championship show 27th july

German spitz mittel

Thanks to Leeds committee for inviting me to judge. Such a shame about the weather but still well run show and so friendly. Thanks to everyone for entering under me, it was nice to see the mittels are still high quality even though the numbers have dropped, but  that is the same in most breeds. I did find that depth of chest is still lacking in some dogs,but great to see the breed is not falling into what some breeds are doing which is breeding exaggeration in shoulders and rear, well done for sticking to the breed standard.

PD. 2 (1)

1st Francis D Pearce G and Roberts D. Longsdales Rebel Rouser at Cwrtafon. Bp and RCC. 7month black dog who has fantastic bone and construction. His head is a good wedge shape and to set it off has nice ears. He is square with great foot shape and good mouth. Although he stood alone in his class this dog has it all. Nice dense coat which shines. He should go on to do well. Presented lovely. His movement was true front and back. A pleasure to judge, thank you.

JD. 1.

1st Miss A Felex. Lindcoly black inkspot.14 month black who i felt needs to still settle on the move, he has lovely ear size and shape, with a beautiful expression with a good mouth. Very nice size and shape. Looking forward to seeing how this dog matures.

Limint dog. 4 (1 ab)

1st Garbutts and Corkin. Nixtev zeventis. Black 2 yr old. Loved his bone and depth of chest. He moved straight front and back with good muscle tone. His head is a lovely shape and size with a good mouth and his ears are set well and correct shape. Presented excellently in full coat.

2nd Saich’s Lindcoly the one and only.  2 and half year old who was only out done by 1st’s bone but a very nice dog. So square in shape and moved true front and back, his shape is set off with a flawless head and ears.

3rd Heslops . flamuna arktouros.

Leeds championship show july  27th 2019 german spitz mittel.

Open dog. 5

1st Smiths Sobriety suited and booted. This was a hard class and placing was so close. 3 year old dark cream in full coat with great texture. Fantastic bone and construction. His pigment is so dark which enhances his nice head and ear shape. He moved effortlessly round the ring commanding attention. One to watch.

2nd. Learys ch Amoyalois rufus for cadasaro (IKC). Sable party 6 yr old in profuse coat and presented in great condition. This dog is so square in shape, lovely front and rear angulations he used this to his full as his movement was spot on. Lovely deep chest too.  

3rd. Roberts. Ch longdale’s turning tables at cwrtafon.


1st Smith’s ch Spellcast jive talking. Dog cc and BOB and best veteran. Black in super condition, His shape cannot be equalled, and he has such good bone and construction, his shoulders are so well lai with rear angulations to match, this meant his movement is so true. His head is one of the best i have seen in years with dark eye and awesome ear shape and size. Loved this dog when i saw him and was so happy when i went over him. Thank you for entering him.

2nd. Heslop’s Flamuna zetes. Another black of high quality. Not as square as one but he is still a good shape and construction. Lovely head shape and good bone. A credit to owner.

3rd. Saich’s Hocombewood hot toddy for lindcoly.

Puppy bitch. 2

1st.Pearce and Francis’s Longsdale’s love i lost. Red gold presented to a very high standard. She is such a nice shape and size. Her pigment makes her excellent eye shape a size stand out even more, she just sparkles. Nice front and back construction. Her coat is great texture and length. One to watch.

2nd. Saich’s Lindcoly crazy little thing. Light gold of great quality. Nice size and shape with good shoulders and front, good rear angulation to match. Great dark pigment too.

Leeds champ show July 27th  2019. German spitz mittel

JB.3 (1 ab)

1st. Saich’s Lindcoly vision in blue. Such good bone on this bitch, nice shape feet with good shoulders and rear angulation. Her head is great shape and size and such a sweet eye. Still a baby but I look forward to seeing how she matures.

2nd. Saich’s Lindcoly love affair. Another tough class as this bitch has great confirmation. She has a beautiful shape head and eye shape. She moved true front and back to finish the picture.

PGB.3 (1 ab)

1st Heslop’s flamuna kallisto. This bitch moves so true front and back and has a nice coat and texture to it, great colour too.Her head is of good shape and size, lovely deep chest and good  straight front with good feet.

Limit bitch. 3 (1 ab)

1st. Garbutt’s and  corkin’s ch nixtev xamira. Very attractive shape and size. She has such a charming and alert head and expression, this is finished off with good ear shape. Her shoulders and rear are well balanced. Very nice bitch. Moved with a typical spitz attitude.

2nd Alfred’s Nixtev vitesse at teamor. 5 yr old with a fabulous wedge head. Nice eye shape and so dark, ears set nicely. Her coat is a nice texture which finishes the picture, she has good confirmation throughout.

Open bitch.7 (3 ab)

1st. Moir’s ch jansanleis envy jw Bitch cc. This bitch is so well presented and handle to perfection. Beautiful head and eye shape which just melts your heart, this is finished off with lovely ear shape and size. Awesome coat and texture. She is a nice square shape and of good size. She moves so well front and back, such a pleasure to judge. Great quality bitch in all aspects.  

2nd. Leary’s cadasara lets parti (IKC). RCC. This bitch has such nice bone with lovely shape shoulders and balanced rear. Presented in such good condition and in full coat. Not head of one but so well constructed. She moved so true front and rear.

3rd. Garbutt’s ch nixtev yazara.