• Show Date: 21/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janette Cotterill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Saluki

Critique for Saluki’s at Blackpool & District Canine Society

Saturday June 22nd 2019

My thanks to the officers and Committee of Blackpool Society for the invitation to judge at this show and the exhibitors who gave me such a quality entry also my two stewards Caroline Boardman and Veronica Haddock who kept the ring flowing

PD (2.1)

1. Hodge’s MUMTAZ HELIOS Tall cream boy very raw at the moment seems to have made his height and now needs to fill in. Dark pigment with good shoulder placement and length of loin. Could not access his movement as he was on a happy day and his feet hardly touched the ground

JD (3.)

1. & Best Junior Walton-Haddon’s BADAVIE DON PEPPINO Black/white blanket parti. This boy impressed me as he has a beautifully balanced refined head and reachy neck let into good shoulder placement. Moderately angulated he moved with precision both fore and aft. Just at the right body stage for age and on maturity could become quite special.

2. Brady’s CLASSICUS AZIM FOR BORDERCOT Very attractive grizzle, different in type to one, more mature, presented in superb coat. Masculine head with far seeing expression, good shoulder and return of upper arm, longer in loin with good bend of stifle. Moved with style and showed like a veteran. At this stage just preferred the balance of 1.


PGD (3.)

1. Postma & Smith’s FERNLARK ODYSSEY JW Irish marked black fringed fawn. Have watched this dog from a puppy liked him then and like him now. Masculine male who only needs to mature on. Beautifully balanced head with good expression. Good lay of shoulder and length of brisket, tail well set. Moved true fore and aft. Time is on his side.

2. Goulden’s FERNLARK CELEBRATION Smaller cream boy. Good pigment for colour. Moderate angulation with good length to brisket and well sprung rib, moved true but for me would have preferred a little more weight on him

3. Bloomfield’s GLENOAK LAQUAN

LD (6.1)

1. C.C. & BOB Copperthwaite’s AL CALIPHS ANJAL BEY This is my ideal Saluki, this type reminds me of when I first came into Saluki’s over 50 years ago. I could not fault him, he is for me the complete dog, the standard could have been written about him. Beautifully balanced head fore face to back scull with far seeing expression, good length of leather and correct width to chest. Just the right spring of rib which we seem to be losing these days. Neat tuck up with slight rise over the loin. Moved like a dream with light lifting gait covering plenty of ground.

2. Littlechild’s CLASSICUS BAROQUE AT RAVENSETT Very striking black and tan boy with a most appealing head, best of fronts, great depth of brisket with good length of loin, good bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Movement very stylish and true.


OD. (5.1)

1. Res. C.C. Glaister’s Ch VANECHKA OTIS BEREGA TURI JW SHCM (imp Rus) Caught my eye as he came in. This black and silver dog is well balanced and not exaggerated in any way. Attractive masculine head with dark eye and good pigment. Good return of upper arm and shoulder placement, good depth of brisket with clean tuck up and slight rise over loin, everything just flowed, no odd angles here. Movement true light and lifting.

2. Goulden’s ALI’FU’AD OF FERNLARK An old favourite of mine who has matured quite a lot since I last judged him. Not a flashy boy but a good sound honest dog. Pleasing head and expression, great depth to brisket with spring of rib. Slight rise over good length of loin and good width to thigh. Movement true both fore and aft.


MPB. (2.)

1. Ince’s INIDIANNA BYRLINCE I was very impressed with this six month old black grizzle baby. Very pretty head, good shoulder placement and return of upper arm, good depth of brisket for age with slight rise over loin. Saw enough of her movement to be able to assess. Another little one in a happy place which is what I like to see at this age.

2. Rooney’s ALISHAMMAR RAVEN AT ZEATANA Another black grizzle of different type. Very much at the legs and wings stage, She has made her height now needs to fill in. Beautiful head and expression, longer in loin than 1. Felt she was a little straight in shoulder and over angulated behind which was effecting her movement. Still only a baby so has plenty of time to drop into her frame.

PB. (4.)

1. Best Puppy Layton-Smith’s VELOURIAS PRIS VON SCHMIDT Love this little girl, so much like her mother at this stage, Sweet feminine head with good eye and dark pigment,. Neck just flows into shoulders, another with good depth of brisket and neat tuck up for age. When collected movement was true fore and aft. If brought on at the same rate as Mum I predict a very bright future.

2. Freegard’s MUMTAZ ASTERIA Pale cream girl with good pigment for colour. Good spring of rib and depth of brisket, well bent stifle, longer cast than one and felt she was going through a growing spurt as she was slightly up at the rear, another that will need time to drop into her frame


JB. (1.)

1. Ward’s NICOLEFARHI DEL BORGHINO Black grizzle, just loved the head and expression on this girl. Darkest of pigment, good length of leather, correct width of chest. Neat tuck up and good length of loin with tail well set. At an in between stage, just needs to tighten up. One I will keep my eye on

PGB. (3.)

1. Freegard’s JAZALLE ATHENA FOR MUMTAZ Black fringed fawn now just coming into her own. Balanced head fore face to back scull, good shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep brisket, well sprung rib, neat tuck up and good angulation. Strong top line which she kept on the move

2. Rooney’s MERENPATH AURIGA AT ZEATANA (Ir Jnr Ch.) Irish marked fawn, pretty little bitch, very feminine. Not as mature as 1. Reachy neck into well laid shoulder good depth and length of brisket and slope to pastern. Moved true.


LB. (5. 1)

1. & Res. C.C. Hudson’s GLENOAK LEILAH Beautiful black/silver very much my type. Super head , balanced fore face to back scull, lengthy leathers, excellent upper arm and shoulder placement, neat tuck up, strong firm back, covered plenty of ground on the move. A well balanced girl

2. Cole’s CESARIA Z GIBESOVY ZAHRADKY Red girl who I have placed well before. Good head and expression, strong neck, great depth of brisket, strong quarters and well let down hocks. Unfortunately she didn’t want to make any effort today and move as I know she can.


OP. (5. 1)

1. C.C. Layton-Smith’s CH. VELOURIAS VIVA VIVIENNE Mother of my Best Puppy and like peas in a pod. Irish marked silver grizzle. Not a big girl but have followed this bitch through from the start of her showing career, she has been slow in maturing which is the way it should be for Saluki’s and last time I judged her I placed her well but felt she still had a little way to go, well now I feel she is there. Ultra feminine, she has the sweetest, balanced head, good neck, super shoulders, great depth of brisket, nice neat tuck up, moderately angulated with well let down hocks. No odd angles here, she just flows.

2. Cole & Mintz VOICE OF MY HEART NESHEMA Another silver grizzle girl different in type to 1. Good head and expression, strong neck good depth of brisket, longer in loin than 1 Moved true fore and aft. This is the best I have seen this girl in the ring, another that has taken time to mature



Janette Cotterill