• Show Date: 24/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Janet Saunders Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Dalmatian

Midland Counties Champ Show 27th October 2019

Thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge, and also thanks to those exhibitors who gave me the privilege of going over their Dalmatians. Also special thanks to my stewards Anne and Sian. My comments are much the same as the last time I judged the breed. Front assembly continues to be poor, with short upper arms and incorrect elbow placement which has an impact on how a dog can move, or even stand for that matter. The elbows should not be in front of the body or standing proud of the body like a bulldog. This in conjunction with poor rear ends does not lend itself well to enabling a dog to move with reach and drive with an economic and effortless gait. Dog showing is an expensive hobby and exhibitors should invest in ringcraft. Moving in a straight line, knowing when your dog is pacing and even presenting the dog to me at the table appeared to be a challenge for some. I had to approach some exhibits from around their handler which unsettled some who were hesitant to be handled. On the whole I was very happy with my top honours. Some classes exuded quality but sadly others left me begging.

MPD 6 (1a)

1st. Page’s Bleize De Montjuic at Winflash (Imp USA).Black spotted of moderate size with nice clean lines. Plain face but framed with nicely decorated ears and dark eyes to give a soft expression. Elegant neck into defined withers. Well placed elbows and adequate front angulation. Straight front legs and round feet. Good back end with well placed hocks, good bend of stifle, nothing exaggerated. A little raw on the move and at the bum high stage today, but saw enough to give him his class. Level topline and good tail carriage. Cleaner front movement in the challenge earned him BPD, and later BPIB.

2nd Richardson’s Mapplewell Pocket Rocket. Black bold spotted boy well up for size, does not want to go much bigger. Handsome head with similar attributes to 1, but a little straighter in front and not as free on the move which cost him the class. Excellent round bone and masculine through and through well placed hocks and good feet.

3rd Croft’s Kalokairies Great Gatsby at Koroyza.

PD 7 (2a)

1st Sampson’s Dalstorm Golden Guinea. Lovely b/s boy of moderate size who just exudes quality. Love his classic outline. Masculine but elegant with correct head, dark eyes and kind expression, well arched neck into well placed shoulders and defined withers. Nice front assembly, elbows neatly carried close to his deep body with plenty of lung and heart room. Level topline with correct tail set and carriage. Strong hindquarters, well placed hocks. Plenty of good round bone. Perfect round feet. Effortless side gait covers the ground with ease, just a little loose on the front fore and aft which cost him in the challenge, This will settle, a lovely Dalmatian.

2nd Richardson’s Mapplewell Pocket Rocket. As MPD.

3rd Croft’s Kalokairies Great Gatsby at Koroyza.

JD 4 (1a)

1st Wilkinson’s Gwynmor Llewellyn to Hunacres (IMP NLD), Clear B/s on a crisp white coat. Quality, all male with handsome, well proportioned head, dark eyes and soft expression. Long arched neck into well placed shoulders and plenty of body. A little longer cast but nevertheless balanced on the stand and move with a level topline. Elbows carried well to the body with good front angles. Hindquarters strong and propelled him well on the move but would benefit from a looser lead, but I appreciate he is a strong boy to handle.

2nd Green’s Perdita Almirez. Liver spotted, another quality male. Stronger in head, good amber eyes with melting expression. Good front assembly, plenty of bone and such a strong body with depth of chest, Round bone, straight front legs into round feet. Strong hindquarters, excellent width of thigh, well placed hocks, moved around the ring with good reach and drive, wonderful boy, just preferred the elegance of 1 today.

3rd Williams’ Tolkain Storm King from Phandante JW

YD 2 (0a)

1st Locke-McFadzean’s Caprilli’s Panache over Sassafras. B/s stallion of a dog, upstanding male of top size. Classic head with dark eyes and kind, soft expression. Long arched neck, strong but elegant into good lay of shoulder. Excellent front assembly with good length of upper arm resulting in good elbow placement, good round bone into tight strong feet. Deep chest, with good spring of rib, strong loin and excellent hindquarters with correct width of thigh and bend of stifle. Can be a little proud of his tail which does detract from that level topline but nevertheless a top drawer Dalmatian with so much to like. So balanced on the move. Happy showman, was a true contender in the challenge and really up for it, but just a little close behind today which cost him.

RCC 2nd Sims’ Mullabuoy Magic Man for Snowspeeder. Another lovely b/s boy, very different to 1 and moderate in every way. Handsome head, dark eyes, adequate length of neck and shoulder placement. Deep chest, good width of thigh, round feet. Nice tailset carried well. A little distracted today but moved well.

PGD 13 (2a)

Large but varied class, a difficult class to judge, though found myself a few really nice dogs. 

1st Cobb’s Kalokairie Eddy the Eagle JW. Liver spotted, longer in type but balanced proved himself a handful for his experienced handler today which was a shame. Elegant head with correct amber eyes. Arched neck, well laid shoulders. Strong front with good length of upper arm correct elbow placement and round bone. Level topline and good tailset. Moved with plenty of drive.

2nd Finlay’s Dalfin Actual Fact. B/s of lovely make a shape. Elegant throughout with good head, well proportioned, dark eye and kind expression. Love his full body, good front and hind assembly giving him sound movement. Yes he has a gay tail at times but this does not detract from his overall qualities. Handled well.

3rd Healey’s Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor JW

LD 6 (1a)

1st Gibbs’ Phandante Mr Blue Sky JW ShCM. B/s of standard size. Masculine but elegant head, dark eye. Good lay of shoulder and depth of chest, Can be a bit lack lustre and has a tendency to rest back on his hocks on the stand, however they propel him nicely around the ring with a level topline.

2nd Wallington’s Rovinjdal Dare to Dream ShCM, Liver spotted, a little rangier than 1, with lovely outline and elegant head dark eye and clean mouth. Adequate front angulation, good bend of stifle, moved well on round feet.

3rd Pace’s Big Addo.

OD 6 (1a)

1st Dunnachie’s Ch Dvojica Vendetta. Black spotted masculine boy. A well known champion, who I feel can sometimes look heavy from ringside, however today he looks to have shed a few pounds and looked and felt lean and elegant. Classic handsome head with dark eyes and clean mouth. Elegant neck into good shoulders and good definition of wither. Neat elbows, deep capacious chest, excellent width of thigh and round, tight feet. Moved around the ring with such ease and handled to perfection. Pleased to award him the CC.

2nd Hopkin’s Rapanooey Red Rose JW. A moderate size male of similar type to 1.Excellent head and expression, Good front assembly and elbow placement. Well bodied with deep chest, strong loin and level topline held well on the move. Good second thigh and neat feet, good tail carriage, happy boy moved well.

3rd Christie’s Ch Sophtspot Gold Dust JW

VD 5(2a)

1st Scott-Allen & Davis’ Tolutim Yaffle. Black spotted with elegant head and dark eyes, good straight bones in front. Adequate lay of shoulder, level topline, well placed hocks. Moved well with good tail carriage.

2nd Pace’s Big Addo. Liver spotted, unplaced in open, Good make and shape, good elbows, straight front legs. A little proud of his tail, but he moves well with purpose.

3rd Newton & Newton O’Brien’s Chizzmic Chase Me.

MPB 7(1a)

1st Richardson’s Mapplewell Limited Edition. Compact black spotted bitch with plenty of substance without losing any femininity. Classic head with dark eye and kind expression. Good round bone. Good front and sgoulder placement. Excels in width of thigh and tight feet. Moved well, clean fore and aft. Look forward to seeing her develop.

2nd Holland’s Capearlla Apres Ski. Black spotted, nice type with elegant head and dark eyes. Good front, correct elbow placement. Nice neck into defined wither. Good depth of chest, well off for bone and nicely let down hocks. Moved well for and aft and covered ground well. Nice pup.

3rd Clarke’s Dalstorm Heart of a Promise.

PB 6(1a)

1st Horscraft’s Perdita’sToodle Pip at Manchando, Liver spotted girl caught my eye as soon as she appeared in the ring. Substantial but feminine in every way. Lovely head, strong muzzle, Correct amber eye and face framed by well set pretty ears, Elegant neck into well laid shoulders and elbows so neat to the body. Excellent round bone and deep capacious body. Strong width of thigh, well muscled in hard condition. Good length of body with level topline. Moved so well around the ring with such reach and drive. Loved her. To be critical, would prefer neater feet and tidier tail carriage which cost her in the challenge for BPIB however a lovely Dalmatian. I was happy to give her BPB.

2nd Richardson’s Limited Edition. See 1st MPB. Just missed out in this class as 1 more mature and together.

3rd Pratt’s Gatfuls Honey Bee of Lyndalla (IMP Swe).

JB 15(3a)

A lovely class of quality youngsters. 

1st Dunnachie & Phillip’s Dvojica Daisy Diamond. Another cracker from this kennel. Black spotted with substance and elegance. The darkest of eye enhances her kind head and expression. Good shoulders and elbow placement. Deep chest and neat underline. Level strong topline. Excels in width of thigh, well placed hocks and the roundest of feet. Good tail carriage. Sympathetically handled and covered the ground with ease. Lovely to watch. Will have a good future for sure.

2nd Tingey’s Dallydor Secret Addiction. Have admired this girl from ringside since a pup. Larger frame but well proportioned and lovely make and shape. Elegant but workmanlike. Beautiful head and dark eye. Elegant arch of neck into good shoulder and defined wither. Round bone and neat, tight feet. Excellent hindquarters, well muscled in good condition. Disappointed that she had a tendency to pace but settled into her stride and moved well.

3rd Healey & Wheaton’s Hebemor Ruby Tiger from Acinonyx.

YB 10(1a)

1st Peterson’s Daedalus Grand Finale. Love this black bitch of substance. Strong but feminine through and through with dense pigment. A classic head with dark eye, correct length of muzzle, clean mouth. Elegant neck with defined wither and good shoulders. Good front assembly. Capacious chest with plenty of body and neat underline. Round, strong bone but excels in width of thigh. Flew around the ring with plenty of drive. Stood out in the challenge but met some super bitches today. I am sure her day will come.

2nd Christie & Scott’s Checkmate Iz Terletskoy Dubravy by Sophtspot (Imp Rus). Black spotted finer in type than 1 and of a different mould,but nicely put together. Clean lines though slightly longer in loin. Pretty head and elegant neck. Well defined at wither with a level topline. Handled to advantage and covered the ground well.

3rd Page’s Salsusa A Million Dreams at Winflash.

PGB 8(1a)

1st Crookes’ Dalmark the Ratafia. Eye catching liver feminine bitch, nothing overdone. Elegant head and dark amber eyes, good length and arch of neck, Adequate shoulder placement and level topline. Excellent width of thigh and good bend of stifle. Tail well set and carried. Best mover in class.

2nd Richards’ Divazzi’s Desire for Romance. Substantial shorter coupled black spotted bitch. Beautiful head with dark eye, strong neck and well laid shoulder. Defined wither, deep chest, good round bone, nice feet. Excellent width of thigh. Moved really well. Loved her, but just carrying too much weight today which cost her the class.

3rd Pace’s Dalcatori Morganite Rosa.

LB 10(3a)

A wonderful class of quality bitches. 

1st Cuthbertson’s Ellemstra Little Mix with Kalsodoni. Absolutely love this bitch. Judged her as a youngster and loved her then. Black spotted substantial of correct height. Beautiful head, dark eye, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and level topline. Excellent front assembly and hind quarters that compliment each other so well. Tight elbows, carried under her well bodied frame. Plenty of heart and lung room. Strong thighs and tight feet. A bit of a fidget on the stand, but when she moved she was totally forgiven. Covers the ground so well with such drive and purpose. Strong contender in the challenge but thrilled to give her RCC, she is surely knocking on that door.

2nd Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW ShCM. Liver spotted, another favourite of mine who I gave best pup to last time I judged. She has reached her potential and maternal duties have matured her well. Feminine but substantial, quality right through, Plainer face but framed with good ear set and her dark amber eyes give a soft expression. Long neck into strong shoulders well laid, defined wither and level topline. Well angled front quarters with good upper arm and elbow set. Strong round bone and tightest of feet. Excellent rear with a nice bum. Covers the ground with such ease. Unlucky to meet 1 today.

3rd Chattaway’s Shydally Dahlia.

OB 10(4a)

1st Gardner’s Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW. Liver spotted epitomises the breed standard with her classic outline and ease of stride. She has both elegance and workmanlike qualities that every breeder should aspire to. She has an elegant head with the kindest of expression, elegant neck into well placed shoulders and good upper arm enabling her elbows to sit nicely to her body. Round bone, well placed pasterns and tight round feet. Deep chest with strong loin and good width of thigh, excellent bend of stifle, not overdone, well let down hocks all contribute to her effortless movement. Nothing flashy but does the job economically and with ease. She hasn’t got the pizzazz that some like to see in the show ring, but that is not necessary to do a day’s work, movement should not be flash and dash. I am sure this girl could go all day. Adored her quality as a pup and am pleased to see she fulfilled her potential, and some. Thank you for bringing her under me today. Pleased to award her CC and BOB.

2nd Wright’s Millebelle Fernie JW JWW 18. Another quality liver of a different type and smaller all round but from the top drawer. Strong but feminine with the nicest of heads and dark eyes. Muscular throughout with strong shoulders, deep chest and strong hindquarters, good bend of stifle, well set hocks and round feet. Full of herself and a happy show girl who powers around the ring. I feel this girl still has a lot to come and will be at her best when she matures as she is still a youngster, but nevertheless a fine specimen of the breed.

3rd Christie’s CH Sophtspot Glitterati JW

SVB 0 entries.


Janet Saunders (Dallydyl)