• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Turner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Airedale Terrier

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Airedale Terriers

Judge – Mrs Jane Turner (Crillee)

Thank you to the exhibitors for the good entry, my first time awarding CC’s.

Puppy Dog (3 2a)

1 Toulsons’ Toulsyork Quantum Quinn. Nice puppy, ears of good size and used when asked, eye of good shape, head of good proportions and good length of neck flowing into short back which still needs to firm up. Good spring of rib and set on, angulation OK, super coat and colour. Moved well for such a baby. Best Puppy Dog.

Junior Dog (2)

1 Purchons’ Jokyl Draw The Line. Starting to mature nicely and showed really well today. Masculine head with very little stop, good shape eye, ears and mouth Good. Neck and shoulder good, he has a lovely outline and moves well. Good coat and colour, one of the best turned out today.

2 Griffiths’ Singretts Playing With Fire. When he showed interest in something he held a nice shape. Would like to see a flatter skull, used ears well but not the neck and shoulder of 1. Good set on and bend of stifle, moved OK. Well presented.

Post Graduate Dog (2 1a)

1 Purchons’ Jokyl Draw The Line.

Limit Dog (2)

1 Moules’ Doraemi Buffalo Soldier. Loved this dogs head shape and that glint in his eye. Stood out in the class, he has a great attitude. Neck OK, flat shoulders. He has bodied up well, good set on and has really good drive behind and moved well in front. In lovely condition.

2 Moore’ Jokyl True Grit At Arngask. Good overall type, head neck and shoulder OK, nice body, would like a better set on, coat of good texture and nicely turned out, just lacked a bit of spark today. Moved a little close behind.

Open Dog (4 1a)

1 Swash’s Ch. Jokyl Wish List. Long head, super eye and used ears, correct scissor bite. Lovely front and lay of shoulder, good length of neck flowing into short back, good spring of rib, stood fore square, moved and showed well. In great condition, such a well balanced dog. CC

2 Greggs’ Bambusa So Noble. Liked this dog too. Head of correct proportions, used ears well and has a good eye, lovely flow through neck to body, good spring of rib. A cobby dog that also stood fore square, showed well and moved well. Great attitude. RCC

3 Ablard’s Multi Ch. Katherina’s Land Vip Lover.

Veteran Dog (1)

1 Webber’s Sherifs Red Hot Sh.CM. 7 years old and still as sound as a bell. Head of good length but a little broad between ears, but ears of good size. He has a great black and tan jacket, I would like to see a cleaner trim on the neck. Cobby dog with a short back and good spring of rib and set on. Good angulation. Really moved well. Best Veteran.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (3 1a)

1 Shields’ Toulsyork Phenomenal at Shielmach. (B) Nice temperament, head OK, could use ears better, good length of neck, slightly long in back, still has some maturing to do, moved well and well presented. Best Special Beginners.

2 Griffiths’ Singretts Playing With Fire. (D)

Puppy Bitch (2 1a)

1 Swash’s Jokyl Star Dust. Sweet puppy that has a bright future. Good head neck and ears, coat coming through. Super front, well balanced body, good set on and angulation. Enough bum behind her super tail, short hocks. Lovely feet, Moved well. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed.

Junior Bitch (5 1a)

1 Callon & Callon-Winn’s Russtam Cherry Bee. This bitch has quality and substance. She has a lovely flow from a quality head to an excellent set on. Never stopped showing and kept her handler busy. Moved well. She has a bright future. RCC

2 Grahams’ Thistleaire Touch of Frost. Nice type, bigger than winner. Good head planes, nice eye, expression and well filled foreface. Good neck, shoulder and short back. Angulation OK, would like a little more behind the tail, short hocks. Moved well.

3 Webber’s Kaolin Little Miss Sparkle.

Post Graduate Bitch (3 1a)

1 McCallum’s Glentops Movie Star. Cobby bitch, nice dark eye with head of good proportions, adequate neck and flat shoulder with good spring of rib and short back. Good set on. good coat and colour. A well turned out bitch that looked good today.

2 Fearnhead’s Singrett Just An Illusion. A little short in foreface, but ear and eye good. Coat still to come through and generally a nice type. Would like to see a little more animation. Moved well today.

Limit Bitch (6 1a)

A super class of quality bitches

1 Toulsons’ Nefarious. Well balanced bitch that has a lovely outline. Good head planes with good ear and eye. Well filled foreface and lovely expression. Correct Neck flowing into shoulders, big rib cage, super hind quarters. Well turned out. Moved really well. Showed well in the challenge.

2 Edwards Vivavick Whoopee At Smock Alley. Super cobby bitch that showed well today. Another that stands fore square with a nice outline. A little broader in head than 1 but has a good neck and shoulder. Top line spring of rib and set on good, good angulation and moved really well. Lovely tail.

3 Raper and Favell-Raper’s Shadlian Dancing In My Dreams.

Open Bitch (6 4a)

1 Greggs’ Bambusa Follow The Dream. Liked this bitch, lovely type. Head of correct proportions, used ears well and has a good eye, lovely flow through neck into back, good spring of rib. A cobby bitch that showed well and moved well. In lovely condition. CC & BOB

2 Browns’ Jokyl Noble Princess Foe Oceanaire Sh.CM . Bigger type than my winner, well balanced and another in lovely condition. Super head neck and shoulder, good firm top line. Good spring of rib, Set on OK, moved a little close today.

Veteran Bitch (2 1a)

1 Greig’s Matrasen Scarlet Lace With Evaire Just over 7 years old and acted like a 2 year old. Really difficult to assess as would not stand still. Nice overall type, ears a little high, good neck, good coat and colour. Moved out well but dropped tail on the move.


Jane Turner