• Show Date: 16/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Welsh Kennel Club

English Springer Spaniels

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington

I would like to thank the committee of the WKC for the kind invitation to judge at this super show. We were blessed with good weather, ideal for showing. A good size ring and most of all super dogs. Thank you to all the exhibitors who made the long journey to Builth Wells

Class 2265 VD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5965 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester

So full of quality, this liver tri dog is coming up 8 years of age, but seeming more a junior in his demeanour! Who I feel has matured like a fine wine. He has lovely substance all through, yet elegant and flowing in his lines. Balanced head, with a butter wouldn’t melt expression, good reach of neck, holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Well boned limbs and tight feet. He has the desired depth through the body and strong hammy hindquarters. A pleasure to watch on the move, as he covers the ground with an easy action. Put down in super coat and condition. RCC & BVIB & Veteran Group 3

2nd: 5942 CHARLTON Miss J Petranella Jubilee Jester

Another liver tri, just 7 years old, a slightly more sturdily and compact in build, presenting a pleasing outline when stood. Masculine head which has a good length to the foreface and kind expression. Depth to the brisket, well boned straight front. Showing a good spring to the ribs and short coupled, good rear angulation. Moving out soundly, not the drive of the winner

3rd: 5969 MURDOCH Mrs D Roqfolly Spectre

Class 2266 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5956 HOLMAN Mrs C Roqfolly Jumpin Jack Flash

7 month old L&W dog, very raw, at that growing stage at present, being a little up on the leg, but he has plenty of time on his side. He has a balanced head for his age, which is well proportioned, a good length of neck, holding a firm topline and short coupled. Moderately angulated fore and aft. Moving out steadily, just needing to tighten up

Class 2267 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5966 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Peasblossom Xanti

Classy and stylish 11 month old B&W dog. A real eye catcher and showing himself off with confidence. Like his size, substance and masculinity, he is very balanced with nothing overdone. His outgoing personality shining through, a mischievous glint in his lovely dark almond shape eye. Clean neck of good length flows seamlessly into a firm, well held topline and tail set. He has lovely development for forechest and depth to the brisket. Nicely angulated hindquarters with a good width of thigh. Showing power, reach and drive (and the occasional bounce!) on the move- BPD & BPIB – shortlisted in puppy group

2nd: 5978 THOMAS Mr D & Miss G Tigerrock Ocellatus

Spirited 10 month old black tri dog, is of a different stamp to the winner, having a little more range to his outline at present. Providing his handler with a bit of a challenge today. His head has good ratio of backskull to foreface, would like a little more strength to the foreface. Kind dark eye and gentle expression. Holding a firm topline, needing to develop in body at present. A little distracted on the move, but showing a nice side gait

Class 2268 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5954 HAVARD Mrs & Miss P & L Trimere Ted Baker With Annavah

Shapely 13 month old liver tri dog, having substance yet elegant in his outline. Still needing to finish maturing into his frame, but he stands foursquare with a good length of leg. Having a nicely moulded head, with eye toning, good length and depth to the muzzle. Pleasing length of neck, well placed shoulders and development of forechest. Holding a firm topline, and short coupled. Strong hindquarters with a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Maintaining his outline when moving, with a ground covering action

2nd: 5958 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Royal Mayfair

Close up to winner, Very smart 14 month old L&W dog. In profile has a lovely outline with clean lines and mature through the body. Masculine head, with good ratios, a little deeper in stop and flew, eye darkening nicely. Long neck, deep in the brisket, holding a firm topline stood and on the move. Well bent stifle. Beautifully presented. Moving out at one with his handler with positive footfalls

Class 2269 ND NO ENTRIES

Class 2270 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 5950 GLENDINNING Ms F Plaiglen Bstylish

Mature B&W dog coming up 3 years of age. Lovely dog on the stack, so balanced and typical. He is shapely, but unexaggerated and compact in outline. With good strength all through but hint of elegance. Quality head, showing balance and masculinity, and nicely chiselled with fluting between those dark, naughty but nice eyes. He is well developed through the body with good ribbing and short coupled. Well boned limbs and super tight feet. Good rounding to the bum. He was true in his footfall, just wishing he had a little more animation on the move

2nd: 5942 CHARLTON Miss J Petranella Jubilee Jester

Repeat Veteran

3rd: 5957 HOLMAN Mrs C Roqfolly Endeavour For Arthycreath

Class 2271 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5976 TERNENT Mr G R & Mrs A Hunterheck Turn Back Time

Very much liked this 2 year old B&W dog, medium sized and an honest sort with nothing overdone with lovely body lines. Compact and sturdy in his outline and shown in full bloom. But I feel the best is yet to come for this dog. Pleasing masculine head, well chiselled, dark almond eye with such a gentle expression. Clean through the neck, with a well developed forechest and brisket down to the elbow, would like the ribs to be carried back a fraction more. Firm topline, wide thighs and a good sweep of stifle. He moved with drive and reach, in the mix for top honours

2nd: 5953 HAPPS, Mrs A C & MARRIOTT Miss E Clentonian Solomons Seal

4 year old L&W dog from a slightly large mould than winner, but well balanced in his proportions and of sound construction. Maturing nicely with a solid and shapely outline when stood. He has a handsome masculine head, with nice rounding to the backskull and good length of foreface. Clean strong neck flowing into a well held firm topline, lovely depth to the body and well boned limbs. Moderate hindquarters with a good width of thigh. Moving out as one with his handler

3rd: 5949 DAVIS Mrs S J Madisarmar Big Apple

Res: 5942 CHARLTON Miss J Petranella Jubilee Jester

Class 2272 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

Quality class

1st: 5979 TOPLISS Mrs T E Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

Super quality 2 year old L&W dog, oozing breed type. Great to see him on top form, today possessing that extra sparkle to clinch the DCC. A lovely dog who has unexaggerated symmetry, so balanced with clean flowing lines. Liked his overall substance and development through the body, a mature male in tip top coat and condition. He has an appealing head, eye darkening, with lovely fluting and chiselling, strength yet refined. Flowing well from nose to tail, well sprung ribs, short coupled with a well rounded bum and width of thigh. Lovely

 to watch him move with a happy ground covering action. Pleased to award him DCC

2nd: 5974 SMITH Mr R J Sh Ch Melverly Top Geezer

Another classy dog, this 4 year old L&W dog is similar in make to winner. He has an impressive stature, a lovely dog from any angle. A compact and upstanding dog in profile, presenting an imposing outline. He has strength all through yet with a hint of elegance and refinement. Having a balanced head piece, with good proportions and lovely length and depth to the foreface, kind oval eye all giving a thoughtful expression. Long, slightly arched neck flowing into a firm topline, deep in the body, short coupled and well boned limbs. Well feathered to finish the picture. On the move he is positive and true, but today seemed to lack to zest of the winners

3rd: 5941 CASEY, Mr E & CAVALLO Mr C Aust Supreme Ch Sandicam Royal Escort (Imp) Aus

Class 2273 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5944 CORBETT Miss S J Olliwa Ruthless With Trimere (Cze Imp) TAF

L&W bitch just come up into veteran, and looking on fine form. Feminine all through with good substance and nicely furnished. She has an appealing head, well proportioned with chiselling under her dark almond eye, giving such a soft and gentle expression. In profile she is a fraction longer in loin, but has a lovely flow to her outline. Good depth to the ribcage and well developed in forechest. Holding a firm topline with strength in her hindquarters which she put to go use on the move, moving with enthusiasm and drive

2nd: 5970 REYNOLDS Mr R & Mrs J Mompesson Royal Flush

8 year old bitch, more compact in outline than winner, again with lovely substance and bone. Not as clean cut in the head, a little throaty, but still having that pleading look in her dark eyes. Strong neck flowing into a firm back, good spring to the ribcage, short coupled, and moderate hindquarters. At one with her handler and showing to be true fore and aft

Class 2274 MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5961 LAWLER, Mrs C & LAWLER Mrs D Roqfolly Back In The Habit

I was taken with this 7 month old L&W bitch, she is so shapely, compact and elegant in her outline yet having enough substance and strength. Pleasing feminine head, with the desired work to it, her almond eye starting to darken, and a gentle expression. Her neck flowing cleaning into well placed shoulders and firm topline. Good depth for her age, well sprung ribs and short coupled. Hindquarters showing a good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Handler just needing to get to grips with her on the move. Showed enough to be true in her action

2nd: 5962 LEWIS, Mr D M & BULLOCK Mr J E Roqfolly Keeping Faith In Trixhund

Liver tri bitch and sister to winner, but of a different stamp. Pleasing bitch with super development through the body, more moderate in her angulation fore and aft. Feminine head, good length of neck, firm and well held topline. Depth to the brisket and spring to the ribs. At one with her handler on the move and beautifully behaved compared to her sister! Just needing to tighten a little on the move

Class 2275 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

Super class of puppy bitches, bodes well for the future

1st: 5943 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire

Quality L&W bitch coming up 10 months of age, looked a picture on the stack and typical in outline and sound in construction. She has a lovely flow to her outline, nothing is overdone or out of place. Appealing feminine head, with a good length to the foreface, well chiselled and eye darkening nicely all to give a sweet and gentle expression. Clean neck of good length flowing into a firm topline and well set on tail. Showing good depth and development through the body. Well boned limbs onto neat feet. Good width to her hindquarters. Well presented and moving with a ground covering action - BPB

2nd: 5982 TOPLISS Mrs T E Beresford Guiding Light

Close up to winner, another lovely 10 month old L&W bitch with so much to admire, but unfortunately not making the most of herself today. She is a little more compact and sturdier in outline than winner. Showing lovely body lines when stood, and feminine all through. Pleasing head of good proportions, strong neck of good length, firm level topline, short coupled, and deep through the body. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Moving with pizzazz showing her zest for life! Another one with a promising future

3rd: 5975 SMITH Mr R J Melverly Lil Dancer

Res: 5951 GLENDINNING Ms F Plaiglen Encore

VHC: 5963 MACHRAY Mrs M Avonbury Moonlite Senorita

Class 2276 JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5959 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Glam Princess

Classy and elegant, dark saddled 14 month old L&W bitch. Liked her for her overall size, shape and substance. Her dark markings can be an optical illusion, making her look longer in body than she is. Really pretty head, with width and length to the foreface, well chiselled with a kind eye. Good length of neck, flowing into a firm and well held topline. Standing on well boned limbs and neat feet. Pleasing depth to the ribcage. Stifles are well bent, a little more length to the second thigh. Moving with a ground covering action

2nd: 5948 CROUCH Mrs A E Trimere Timeless With Kassan

Flashily marked 16 month old L&W bitch. Having a little more range to her outline than winner at the moment, but still balanced in her proportions. Feminine head, which is well balanced with the desired fluting and chiselling, eye starting to darken. Good length of neck flowing well into a firm topline. Well sprung ribs, just needing to finish developing in the body to finish the picture. Having a good width of thigh to her strong hindquarters. Moving in harmony with her handler

3rd: 5945 CORBETT Miss S J Trimere Taylor Swift

Class 2277 NB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5959 JENKINSON Mrs K Eastriding Glam Princess

repeat Junior

2nd: 5943 COKELL Mrs H Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire

Repeat Puppy

3rd: 5948 CROUCH Mrs A E Trimere Timeless With Kassan

Class 2278 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 5967 MITCHELL Mr & Mrs D & J Peasblossom Whisper

Compact and sturdy 19 month old L&W bitch. Impressive outline on this young bitch, so well developed through the body and well boned but still having the feminine elegance. She has a balance head piece, strong neck of good length flowing seamlessly into a level topline. Super ribbing and depth to the ribcage, short coupled with a lovely round bum. Her hindquarters show a good width of thigh and well bent stifle. She did not like to make things easy for her handler! Moving out with precise and positive footfall

2nd: 5971 REYNOLDS Mr R & Mrs J Clentonian Picture Perfect

Lots to like and nothing is overdone on this 2 year old bitch. Liked her for her size, overall shape and substance. She has a feminine head of good proportions, well chiselled, eye a little rounder, but still giving a kind expression. Well developed through the body with a good forechest and brisket well let down. Moderate hindquarters. Moving out soundly

3rd: 5960 LAWLER Mr G H Wenark Mayzin Grace For Roqfolly NAF

Res: 5938 BASHFORTH Mrs L Jorobaden Little Polveir

Class 2279 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 5980 TOPLISS Mrs T E Beresford Night Class

Looking on great form and the picture of elegance, 2 year old L&W bitch. Upstanding and showing herself off with confidence. Most feminine of heads, clean cut and well chiselled, kind almond eye. Good length of neck, cleanly flowing into a firmly held topline, chest down to the elbow. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Using her strong hindquarters to drive around the ring showing great scope on the move. In harmony with her handler and beautifully presented

2nd: 5972 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Chara

Mature 6 year old bitch, more compact and sturdier than the winner. Would like her to carry a fraction less weight. Another that is so feminine in the head, refined with elegance, but also well proportioned with a gentle dark almond eye. She is well developed in the body, with a lovely spring of rib and depth to the ribcage. Holding a firm topline both standing and on the move. Short coupled with a good rear end, strong hindquarters and well let down hocks. Today she moved at one with her handler and showed to be true with good drive

3rd: 5977 TERNENT Mr G R & Mrs A Hunterheck Under A Spell JW

Res: 5985 WEYMAN Mrs J Spuffing Molly's Secret

VHC: 5940 BASHFORTH Mrs L Jorobaden Mon Mome

Class 2280 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 5946 CORBETT Miss S J Sh Ch Trimere Ticket Maid

Just loved her, quality L/W bitch who presents such a pleasing picture when stood, substance yet feminine. Having a lovely flowing outline and showed herself off with confidence and style. She has harmonious proportions and just right for size and balance. Having an appealing head, with a lovely soft expression. Elegant yet strong neck with a slight arch, flowing into well placed shoulders. Good depth to the brisket, with ribs carried well back, holding a firm topline at all times. Nicely boned with tight feet. Well developed rear end and strong hindquarters. In harmony with her handler she showed power, reach and drive on the move. Put down in super coat and condition. Delighted to award her BCC and BOB, and later to watch her take Group 2 in a strong competition – Well done

2nd: 5981 TOPLISS Mrs T E Lordsett Uptown Girl At Beresford (Imp)

Most appealing 4 year old L&W bitch, impressive from any angle, having a little more substance all through than winner but still so feminine. She has strength, and is compact in outline, but also graceful in her body lines. Really liked her balanced head, shapely and well chiselled, with a lovely dark almond eye giving her a dreamy quality. Her neck flowing into a firm well held topline, super depth and development of forechest. Well bend stifle with a good width of thigh. Dripping in coat and shown to advantage. Today she pulled out all the stops and moved with enthusiasm and drive - RCC

3rd: 5952 GREEN Mr K & Mrs C Kennair I Am I Said

Res: 5973 RICHARDSON, Mr P & TERRY-RICHARDSON Mrs Y Cherishym Celaneo