• Show Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association

Breed: Norfolk Terrier

Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association

Special Classes at the Championship Show

3rd November 2019

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge the special classes at the championship show. I was delighted with the high quality of the dogs before me, and it went right down the line. So, a huge thank you to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your super dogs.

Junior Dog/Bitch (8,2)

1. Mrs Gee - Watercroft To Coin A Phrase

Smart and confident 16 month old red dog, so well balanced in outline and such a character. Full of breed type and showing well for his young handler. He has a well proportioned head, lovely dark oval eye giving a keen and alert expression with a hint of mischief. Good length to his strong neck, flowing seamlessly into a firm level topline. Well sprung ribs with good depth. Hindquarters having a well bent stifle, which he used to good effect on the move, showing to be true and driving in his action. Shown with a good harsh coat. Delighted to watch him take the RDCC at the championship show afterwards

2. Mrs Gee - Watercroft Bit Of Crumpet

Cracking outline to this 11 month old red bitch, being compact and low, but with a hint of feminine elegance. Showing her socks off, and so attentive to her handler. Most feminine of heads, well proportioned, with strength to the foreface, width of backskull, and a kind dark eye. Holding her level topline both stood and on the move. Well boned limbs onto nicely rounded feet. Good spring to the ribs for her age. Well presented in a harsh jacket. Moving out with correct footfall

3. Mrs Thompson-Morgan - Belleville Li’l Black Number

Open Dog/Bitch (7,1) 

1. Mrs Thompson-Morgan - Belleville Crumble Topping

An impressive outline on this 22 month old red dog, looking an absolute picture on the stack. Built on a slightly larger frame, sound, balanced throughout, and all male. He has such a presence about him, with a ‘look at me’ attitude. He is compact in the body with plenty of substance. Handsome head, well balanced in its proportions, kind dark oval eye. Clean straight front with well boned limbs, super depth and ribbing, short coupled with strong hindquarters. A pleasure to watch on the move, so true in his action whilst holding his outline. Again, delighted to see him win the DCC in the championship show held afterwards - Congratulations

2. Mrs Thompson-Morgan - Belleville Back To Black

Appealing 2 year old B&T bitch, loved her cheeky and up for anything attitude. She has a lovely compact outline when stood. Such a feminine head, but with good strength to the foreface, well placed ears and her dark eyes, all giving alert and keen expression. She has pleasing depth to the ribcage and development of forechest. Nicely boned straight fore legs and neat feet. Firm level topline with strong hindquarters and short hocks. She has real power to her movement, covering the ground with strong driving action. Presented in good coat and condition.

3. Mrs Smith - Javidel Despicable May

Really liked this red dog, but he decided to be a bit of a muppet for his handler!