• Show Date: 15/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: james cuddy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter

Border Union Agricultural Society.- 15th June 2019 

Irish Red And White Setters 

It was a wonderful day for my first time awarding CC,s in the Breed and I am most grateful to Border Union for inviting me.I had a terrific entry of quality dogs and I thank all the exhibitors for the honour and pleasure of allowing me to go over them.My stewards were wonderful and helped make the day memorable. 

Heads on the whole were good and we musn,t lose that proportionate  broadness that the standard calls for,islands of red were very much in evidence and texture was not harsh in any exhibit.I wouldn,t like to see any exaggeration creeping in on coat length as a nice fringe is all that is needed,some work on muscle tone would not go amiss on a few,no bad mouths but some feet could be improved.That being said the breed is in good hands and the overall quality was excellent.  

JD.(2).1.Tattersall’s Carrick Shadow Dog At Alanea(IMP POL).I was really taken with this young dog and going over him was a delight,masculine head with lovely dark eye and irish expression,muscular neck on good lay of shoulder to strong back,front and rear quarters well angled and a good length of stifle,developing along the right lines for his age and very sound on the move,definitely one for the top.2.Wade’s Oldestone Take A Chance On Me.Not as forward as 1 but good breed type,well balanced head ,straight front with good angulation in upper arm and return,chest developing well and nice shape to the loin,correct tail set and showed his strong rear end in his movement.PGD.(2)1.Martin’s Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean At Shannonstyle JW.Such a well balanced boy overall,compact in shape and really good conformation,strong boned and well angled front and rear,lovely head set on sound shoulders and firm back to good croup,deep chest sloping nicely into strong loin,muscular thigh development and strong hocks providing a driving movement.2 .Taylor’s Laoirebay Monte Carlo.A little mischievous today and took a while to get settled but when he did he showed his good quality,nicely balanced head with dark eye and lovely expression,muscular development is progressing which will show off his good angulation in time,nice deep chest with good ribs,liked his bend of stifle but a little too enthusiastic on the move ,just needs to settle into his job.LD.(3)1.Ward’s Cornadore Argyle With Copperwhite(IMP POL).Well developed masculine head without any coarseness and typical endearing expression,compact and well balanced,strong neck ,firm back,good bone ,and a muscular frame,deep chest with plenty of heart room and sloping neatly to good loins,driving on the move and was the deciding factor in this strong class.2.Ball & Harrison’s Corranroo Commitment to Siorrudh JW.A dog I like a lot as he has such a well balanced structure,lovely head  on a muscular neck set on a good lay of shoulder into a firm back,straight front,developed rib cage,well angulated quarters and strong short hocks,well turned out but unfortunately let down by his wayward action today.3.Collins Romaunt Bloomin Grand At Forestpoint.OD.(3).1.Barry’s Sh Ch Rustasha Golden Rapper JW.Outstanding dog in his prime,chiselled face,balanced muzzle and skull,dark eye and pronounced stop,strong neck set on good shoulders flowing through to muscular back,well angled quarters,lovely deep  chest  and nice slope to the loins,strong on the move with good extension.RCC.2.Pilmer’s Anisbrig Tobermory.Lighter in frame than 1 but overall a well balanced dog ,well shaped and attractively marked head,long clean neck set on well and sound body ,good croup and correct tailset,good muscle development to quarters and nice length of stifle,unfortunately he didn,t convert his muscular prowess to a good performance in his movement.3.Knox&Jakins Terne Des Coris Qalimero At Coolfin(IMP BEL) JW.VD.(2).Two outstanding and worthy  show champions made up this class.1.Wade’s Sh Ch Ballakinnish Malachi At Oldestone.You have to go over this dog to truly appreciate his quality .Beautiful masculine head of correct muzzle to skull proportions,deep flews,correct stop,strong muscular neck set on terrific shoulders with good return of upper arm,firm in the back and well bent stifle with well developed muscular thighs,lovely deep well ribbed chest with loads of heart room and short  coupled strong loin,short hocks used impressively on the go.A wonderful advert for the breed.DCC ,BV,and my BOB.2.Barry’s Sh Ch Rustasha Rhapsody  in Red SHCM.Another quality dog of real substance,lovely dark eye and kind expression,strong arched neck of good length ,sound shoulders and level back to correct tailset,good angulation to front and rear quarters,chest of good width and depth ,correct length of stifle ,well balanced throughout,well turned out but lacked the enthusiasm needed to compete with 1 today. PB.(1).1.Ward’s Cornadore Bia Becomes Copperwhite(IMP POL). Attractive youngster developing in the right way,playful but learning her craft,sweet head and expression,clean in neck and shoulders with a good ribcage,nicely angled quarters and sound in her movement ,her feet will tighten as she progresses.BP.  JB.(2).1.O’Connor’s Dalcross Dancing Queen With Caispern.One of the best heads today,attractive and feminine and with just a lovely expression,elegant arched neck and well laid shoulders,slightly longer caste but real balance,straight front, deep chest,good length of stifle and thighs nicely developing the muscle needed ,strong mover.2.Ward’s Cornadore Bia Becomes Copperwhite(IMP POL).PGB.(2).1. Ball&Harrison’s Laoirebay She’s Leaving home To Siorrudh JW.Compact and very well balanced young lady,nice deep flews,good stop,strong neck and good shoulders with correct return of upper arm,firm back and correct croup,lovely forechest and good ribcage,well bent stifles and strong hocks ,really good mover showing power and drive.2.Hart’s Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines At Gilliegrae.Smaller in stature than 1 and lighter framed but good conformation,sweet head and neat neck set well on good shoulders,still developing her muscular attributes and it is coming together but needs a little time,sound movement.LB. (2).1.Tattersall’s Killary’s Class Act At Alanea(IMP USA).Quality bitch with balanced head properties ,good reach of neck and well laid shoulders,firm back and good croup,body of substance and strong loins ,well made hindquarters and moved freely and enthusiastically.2.Wade’s Oldestone Charlies Angel.Preferred the head and neck assembly of 1 but another very sound one,feminine head ,good shoulders and body ,deep chest ,still a youngster and developing her muscular frame but a nice outline,good feet,steady on the move.OB.(4).1.Hart’s Gilliegrae Swift N’Chic.Hair splitting in this class with the standard so high however this girl stood out in many departments and has matured beautifully,such a refined head and expression with lovely dark eye,elegant but strong neck set on fine shoulders ,excellent construction throughout and muscular development is evident,good chest with correct depth of brisket,powered around the ring and really showed her presence.BCC ,I understand that this makes her 3rd,congratulations.2.Sherratt&Blackwell-Sherratt ’s Sh Ch Alanea Holly Fern At Charnborough,  I judged her as a puppy and she has developed into everything that she promised then,still a youngster so will mature moreso  but already a very worthy champion.The sweetest of heads with good skull shape,clean slightly arched neck set on well laid shoulders,good forechest,and chest with plenty of heartroom,neatly sloping up to strong loin,well angled quarters with good first and second thigh development ,strong hocks,she didn,t match the power and drive of 1 today .RCC.3.Tait’s Sh Ch Lovenjoel Sleepng Beauty. VB.(2,1)1.Mole&Knox’s Dalriach Silver Tassie At Edincraw.If only they were all as well behaved as this girl.Compact but well balanced all through,good shaped head,strong neck and firm back with correct tailset,neat straight front,good depth of chest and short loin,well made hindquarters and moved soundly.       Jim Cuddy.