• Show Date: 13/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Iva Cernohubova Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Basset Hound Club

Breed: Basset Hound

I want to thank the club for the invitation to judge Basset Hounds in its country of origin. It was my first judging appointment in your land and pleasure to go over your dogs. I see them generally healthy and fit for purpose. I tried to find my choice as balance between good breed type, soundness and proper construction and kept in mind, that the purpose of the breed is hunting, so movement is always for me the most important item. Thank you for nice entry and the show committee for excellent ring service. The only disappointment was, that my ring steward didn´t have his traditional Scottish kilt, which he is known for.

Veteran Dog  (2 entries / 0 absent)

1st  ELLRICH´s  Ch Malrich Sir Ruff Diamond  Absolutely balanced r/w blanket dog, well proportioned, masculine head with well shaped muzzle, good eyes and teeth for his age, typical masculine expression, excellent line of neck, topline and well set up tail. Level and firm topline, smooth shoulders, well sprung ribcage, solid bone, correct angulated front & rear, tight feet, good ground clearance for his age, calm temperament, goes with style. Pleasure to judge. CC, Best Veteran in Show & Best in Show.

2nd PEARSON´s Ch Malrich Diamond Geezer at Armardio Balanced tri male of very good type, excellent proportions, lovely masculine head, less ground clearance than the winner. I preferred the movement of the winner, yet a classy dog.

Minor Puppy Dog  (7 entries / 2 absent)

1st  MELDRUM´s Cintal King Arthur Good size and proportions, strong bone, balanced with enough ground clearance, masculine head with healthy eyes, no exaggerations, good ribcage, goes well, parallel with enough reach and drive.

2nd ELLRICH´s Malrich Hey Jude Dark tri, smaller but still a puppy, good size & bone for his age, good substance, excellent head & expression, pleasant leathers. Lovely temperament. Preferred movement of the winner.

3rd GHEZZI´sTeocrazia San Diego  Lighter type, but balanced dog, he needs time to develop. Fine head, would like to see more parallel head planes. Good length of neck, solid bone. Ribcage still in development, needs more fore chest, upper arm should be longer. Well handled in move and stack.

Puppy Dog  (2 entries / 0 absent)

1st  NEWMAN´s Woferlow Kylo Ren  Very elegant well-proportioned dark blanket tri male. Excellent outlines, good ground clearance, good ribcage and strong firm topline for his age. Good bone and good length of muzzle. Moving parallel front and rear, good coat and skin. My later Best Puppy in Show.

2nd GHEZZI´sTeocrazia San Diego  (Cl.3 3rd)

Junior Dog  (5 entries / 1 absent)

1st AVSIANNIKOVA´s Buffobass Van Cleef Nice tri youngster with excellent outlines, good shape of head and muzzle, soft expression, excellent leathers, extraordinary depth of lips, the only wish to change is little more tighter eyes.  Super front, fore chest and angulation front & rear. Level topline ending into well set tail of correct shape. Strong bone and feet. Extraordinary balance, long reach and drive, covering well the ground. Nice temperament, well handled. A new star is born. My later Res.CC & Res. Best in Show.

2nd MELBOURNE & MURRAY & HIRST´s Diheath Jamaica   Smaller but balanced tri male of excellent outline, good bone & substance. Nice head of good proportions, healthy eyes, well set leathers of correct length, enough fore chest for his age, ribcage could be longer. Wish he showed better turn of stifle. Moved well, but preferred the movement of the winner. Good temperament.

3rd GHEZZI´sTeocrazia San Diego  (Cl.3 3rd)

Res. JOHNSTON´s, Badina Grand Master Of Burnvale

Post Graduate Dog (3 entries / 0 absent)

1st   BENSON´s Switherland Silent Partner Sound balanced r/w masculine dog with excellent ribcage and fore chest, solid bone & substance, well-muscled, extraordinary apple bottom. Correct masculine skull, he could have a little more lip, he has closer scissor bite yet correct. Good temperament, but wish to improve his handling, better cooperation with the handler to feel himself more comfortable in the stacking.

2nd JOHNSTON´s Burnvale Zephyr Balanced tri male of correct proportions, very elegant long neck and noble head & expression. Good bone, ribcage could be better. Unfortunatelly he was lacking in movement, probably after small fall from the ramp as mis understood with his handler when leaving the ramp.

3rd SHADBOLT´s Sedonia’s Ambassador Of Akura Dark tri. Wish he had more balanced head to body and longer neck. Good bone. Steep in shoulders & rear, which limits him in movement, should be more smoother.

Limit Dog (6 entries / 1 absent)

1st WESTON´s Longmynd Zodiac Lovely dark blanket male, all over balanced, excellent top & underlines, enough substance, good ribcage, well angulated front & rear, good length of neck, excellent head proportions & soft expression I love. Correct feet, moved soundly across the ring, parallel coming and going. No exaggerations at all, a sound male with lot of breed type. No doubt no.1 in his class.

2nd MELBOURNE & MURRAY´s Diheath Wreckless Eric Dark tri male of good balance, enough substance & bone. Good masculine head, correct length of neck, wish longer upper arm. Tight feet. He is better in stack than movement. Nice temperament.

3rd NEWMAN´s Woferlow Han Solo Lovely dark tri of good size, not the masculinity of 1st and 2nd. Nice eye & leathers, good forechest, nice substance. Wish to see more ground clearance for his age. Lovely temperament.

Res. INGRAM´s Enguerrand Massimo Beau

V.H.C. GWYER´s Kortebin Dwarf King

Open Dog (4 entries / 0 absent)

1st WILLIAMS´s Ch Bromp Brian Smart Beautiful r/w sound male, good size, full of balance, nice level topline, strong bone, tight feet, good ribcage, well set leathers of correct length & texture, healthy eyes, correct bite, no exaggerations at all. Well angulated front and rear, his construction promises more than he showed. Wish he showed more energy in movement, yet goes with good reach and drive covering the ground well.

2nd SEDDON´s Sedonia’s Cosworth R/W blanketed male of good bone & substance, well proportioned, correct masculine head. Wish to see better angulation, yet enough drive from behind when moving. Nice feet, parallel movement front & rear. Wish to see better topline. Good temperament.

3rd NEWMAN & TITLEY´s Buckadoe Tom Collins Beautifull well proportioned open tri male, with excellent shape of head, eyes could be darker. Nice long leathers & elegant neck. Well angulated front & rear, his big feet could be tighter, nice topline. Moves a little wide in front.

Res. BLEVINS´s Ir Ch Blevwil Ruff N’ready

Veteran Bitch (2 entries / 1 absent)

1st MURRAY, STORTON, MELBOURNE & ISTED´s Diheath Conchita  7.5 years old tri female, nice feminine head & expression, well set correct leathers of good length, healthy eyes, correct bite for her age. Wish to see better front and longer upper arm, which allows the front legs to stand just below the deepest point of her chest to support the body. Lovely temperament, wagging her tail all the time of my judging.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 entries / 1 absent)

1st MELBOURNE & MURRAY´s Diheath Sherbet Lemon  R/W female of good size, bone & substance. Extremely happy attitude carrying the tail happily also when stacking. She shows her protentional and energy, fit for purpose, no exaggerations at all. Lovely feminine head & expression, healthy eyes & correct bite. Correct front & shoulder assembly, correct ribcage, good topline firm enough for her age. Correct strong rear, which allowed her to move freely over the ring. Good reach of forehand. Parallel movement front and rear. My later Bitch CC winner. I will watch her progress in future.

2nd JONES´s Clanwillow Centenary Dream large r/w female, well constructed, solid bone, enough depth of chest for her age, nice long neck & lovely head of correct proportions. Tight feet. Needs time to develope.

3rd MELDRUM´s Cintal Mable Dene Large puppy female carrying too much weight, needs to mature. Lovely temperament. Needs more ring training.

Res. LESIAKOWSKI´s Wellsbayview Florence At Brettchis

V.H.C. McGILL´s Sedonia’s Celtic Queen At Deniangill

Puppy Bitch  (4 entries / 2 absent)

1st NEWMAN´s Woferlow Mara Jade  Dark tri, very feminine, lovely female of good size & proportions, good bone & substance. Excellent head and expression, dark healthy eyes, correct bite, low set well curled leathers of fine texture, good length of neck. Topline ok for her age, well set tail of good length, moves well with good reach and drive. Nice temperament.

2nd  JONES´s  Clanwillow Centenary Hope Large r/w female well-constructed, enough depth of chest for her age, nice long neck & lovely well balanced head with feminine expression, good bone, nice feet. Needs time to develop.

Junior Bitch  (2 entries / 0 absent)

1st AVSIANNIKOVA´s Buffobass Vanity Fair Well balanced tri female of correct top & under- lines, lovely feminine head & expression, low set supple leathers of correct length, enough fore chest for her age. Well angulated front & rear, excellent smooth shoulders, level topline ending with well-set tail carried nicely in the ring. Moves freely, balanced & parallel. Nice temperament, excellently handled.

2nd ARCHER´s Armardio Chicago Fire In Roamanbay Smaller balanced dark blanket female with lovely head & expression, would like to see better bite. Excellent angulated front & rear, tight feet, nice temperament.

Yearling Bitch (4 entries / 1 absent)

1st MELBOURNE & HUDSON´s Ch Diheath Bob Lovely female of good size and proportions, excellent head & expression, healthy dark eyes, excellent well-set leathers well curled. Enough fore chest for her age, nice sound front and feet, parallel front & rear, sound mover. My later Res.CC

2nd PEARSON´s Armardio I’m On Fire Beautiful r/w female with good bone & substance, nice length of neck, parallel head planes and correct leathers. Nice fore chest, excellent ribcage, well angulated front & rear, tight feet. Would prefer more ground clearance for her age. Moves well, nice temperament.

3rd JONES´s  Clanwillow Bright By Design Smaller but lovely female of good type, pleasant head, I would wish better topline and better balance between front & rear coming & going.

Novice Bitch  (1 entry / 0 absent)

1st JONES´s   Clanwillow Shining Bright Nice young female, well proportioned, level topline, excellent dark eyes, pleasing head & leathers, well angulated front, enough fore chest, nice ground clearance. Would like to see better turn of stifle. Moves well, good temperament.

Post Graduate Bitch     (7 entries / 1 absent)

1st ARCHER´s, Roamanby Red Hot Chili Pepa  Very stylish in stacking. True basset in structure, typical head & expression, but I wish more tighter eye. Correct bone & substance, nice topline, correct angulated. Pity she didn’t show her potential in movement. She had no joy from presenting herself in the ring.

2nd MELDRUM´s Kimbleholme Dreamkeeper At Rumbleton R/W female of good size, not the proportions of the winner. Wish to see better topline and better turn of stifle. Eyes could be darker. Good bone, nice temperament. Moved well.

3rd KING´s Zawadi I Am What I Am Lovely R/W female, good bone & substance, wish to see more parallel plane of head & tighter eyes. Nice leathers,needs to improve her front. Good mover.

Res. WATKINS´s Blackvein Code Breaker

V.H.C. BENSON´s Switherland Silent Secret

Limit Bitch (8 entries / 2 absent)

1st PEARSON´s Armardio Almost An Angel JW Sound r/w female of good substance & bone, no exaggerations. Good ribcage, nice head & enough length of well-set leathers, nice fore chest, strong feet. I would preferer a better bend of stifle. Moves well with good reach & drive, covering the ground well.

2nd WILLIAMS´s Bromp Brrtha Brown Lovely r/w female of excellent type, nice outlines, excellent feminine head & expression, well set leathers of good length, enough ribcage, prefered the movement of the winner.

3rd NEWMAN´s Sedonias Cristal Rose Lovely r/w female, very feminine, yet of good substance, nice feminine head & expression. Prefered topline of 1st and 2nd. Would like to see more turn of stifle. Excellent mover with super drive.

Res. CARTWRIGHT´s Longmynd Yours Truely

V.H.C. GREEN´s Braithwell Penny Lane

Open Bitch (12 entries / 2 absent)

1st PRICE´s Ch Wellsbayview Rock On Ruby Nice feminine dark tri, lovely outlines, pleasing feminine head, good length of neck, well placed shoulders. Wish she had longer upper arm & better bend of stifle and more ground clearance. Moves well, good temperament, happy in the ring.

2nd SEDDON´s Sedonia’s Dawn Treader Balanced r/w female with nice head & expression, well set leathers, solid bone, tight feet. Would like to see more parallel movement of rear, preferred the topline and movement of the winner.

3rd PEARSON´s, Ch Roamanbay Russia With Love To Armardio JW Very balanced r/w Basset lady with lots of quality. Noble head, well set leathers of good length and texture, excellent expression, pronounced lip and dewlap. Good fore chest, nice feet, wish she had better turn of stifle. Level topline, good ribcage, lot of substance, yet a little too much for my taste.

Res. CARTWRIGHT & WILLIAMS´s Bromp Miss Velvet at Longmynd

V.H.C. BLEVINS´s  Ir Ch Blevwils Ravishing Rita Ir J Ch

Special Beginners Bitch (2 entries / 0 absent)

1st FREUDENREICH´s Malrich Puss N’ Boots Nice r/w female, balanced, good substance, nice long ribcage, correct angulated front & rear, correct tight feet. Nice head & expression, parallel head planes. Wish she showed better topline. Well presented with her young handler lady, that needs to relax more with her Basset.

Best Special Beginner in Show

2nd McGILL´s Sedonia’s Celtic Queen At Deniangill Small tri female with lovely expression, good bone for her size, steep shoulders, nice feet. Wish she had better topline.  

Judge: Iva Cernohubova (Bohemia Horrido F.C.I. reg.)