• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terriers

Manchester 2019

Many thanks for the lovely entry both in terms of number and quality. The higher classes were tightly fought with many quality dogs present. I was pleased to find some very promising youngsters which bodes well for the future. In this entry I felt the bitches were overall stronger than the dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed my day in the Bedlington ring, many thanks to the Manchester Committee for affording me the honour.

Puppy Dog A nice class of promising youngsters to start the day. 1. Davie’s Velvety Eye Of The Storm at Honeymist. Very pleasing young dog of quality. The first thing the strikes you when he comes into the ring is that he is an upstanding dog with a very typical and unexaggerated outline. Lovely narrow head with good depth and strength throughout. Correct eye shape. Well set ears of correct texture. Deep chest and good flat rib. Correct hindquarters of good length though without any over angulation. Moved well although needs to settle a fraction in front. Wouldn’t want him any bigger. One to watch as he matures. 2. Gillie’s Rhicullen Rennie Mac. Another pleasing quality youngster. Nice for size. Good head and expression. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Excellent front assembly. Not quite the topline of the first placed dog. Moved well with typical action. Good jacket of lovely colour. 3. Baldwin’s Woolytop The Pipers Son. NAF. Completed a trio of nice puppies

Junior Dog. Two a very raw puppies. 1. Bryne’s Miteymidgets What Is Love. Very raw young male. However, he has many of the attributes that will take him further with time. Overall presents a very nice silhouette. Pleasing head and expression. Correct front. Good neck and shoulder. Non-exaggerated topline. Good hindquarters. Good coat of lovely colour. Moved well. 2 Baldwin’s Woolytop Stand and Deliver. Very typey quality liver dog with lots to like about him. Super deep head with good eye and ear placement. Lovely open nostrils. Strong muzzle. Good overall shape. Good bone and feet. Correct linty coat. Just needs to strengthen behind.

Post Graduate Dog .1 Ross’s Major Tufts. Pleasing outline. Good head of correct proportions, Lovely neat dark eye. Good length of neck. Good depth of body and correct arch and tuck up. Not so typical in front assembly. Moved ok although front action could be tidier. 2. Mitchell’s Semper Paratus. Typy dog, who is a little longer cast than the first placed dog and does not have the topline of the winner. Good body and in good hard condition. Moved well. Preferred the head piece on 1.

Limit Dog. 1 Ross’s Major Tufts

Open Dog. A large class with a number of excellent specimens. A pleasure to judge. 1 The late Mrs S Davies’s Ch Honeymist Blue Bols. This is a super Bedlington in my opinion. He appeals for his overall shape and size. Lovely deep, clean head, strong throughout with no evidence of weakness, super eye, ears correctly set and of correct thickness and texture. Good length of neck for his size. He is deep in chest with an excellent front assembly. Lovely unexaggerated arch. Correct hindquarters. In good hard condition and in good jacket. Moved with typical action. Very happy to award him the CC today in good company. Very close to the bitch in the challenge for BOB. 2. Tcheria Causing Chaos. Another quality male. Again another of good size and overall shape. Very pleasing head and expression. Good front. Correct bone and feet. Not exaggerated in any way. Good coat of correct texture. Moved very well. RCC. 3. Bannister’s Miteymidgets English Dream

Puppy Bitch1. Walters and Mitchell’s BisbeeBlue Brocade of Tunman. Very promising young bitch of quality. I liked her very much for size and type. Super head and expression. Good length of neck and good shoulder placement. Excellent front, Good overall body shape. In excellent good hard condition and in great jacket of correct texture. 2. Ross’s Raphelyans Unzip to Roisin’s. Very raw bitch that needs time. Nice shape. Correct head proportions. Deep chest and good flat rib. Not the hindquarters of the first placed bitch.

Junior Bitch. 1 Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Makingwhoopi. I thought this bitch quite lovely. She really took my eye as soon as she came in the ring. Super head and expression. Very typical in outline. Excellent front with correct bone and feet. Lovely slight rise over the loin. Excellent hind angulation. Moved very well with typical action. In the challenge she upped her game further and my eye kept being drawn back to her. Considered for the RCC. I shall watch her progress with interest. Congratulations. 2. Ross’s Raphelyans Unzip to Roisin’s

Postgraduate Bitch. 1. Farnworth’s Sharnor Kwick Kuddles for Tsantha. Quality bitch. Nice shape. Correct front. Good hindquarters. Very pleasing colour and jacket. Moved ok. 2. Baldwin’s Woolytop Lavender Girl. Not belittled standing second as she is also of high quality. Most of the virtues of the first bitch also apply here. Good size, make and shape. Moved well. To be hypercritical I would like her to drop her tail a little on the move. 3. Bannister’s Miteymidgets This Is Me

Limit Bitch. Very strong class. Bishop’s Plumerias Sea Breeze. Lovely liver bitch. Beautiful outline with no exaggeration. Lovely for size. Super head and expression with excellent eye and ear. Good length of neck. Good deep chest. Excellent hind quarters. Just a fraction heavy in front action where I would have wanted her a little lighter on her feet. Otherwise a very good bitch who should do well. 2 Mayer’s Tcheria She’s Lovely. Different type to the first placed bitch. Many of the same virtues apply. Good size. Pleasing head and expression. Moved OK. I just would like a little more length to her neck to complete the overall outline. 3. Walters and Mitchell’s Aireview Limelight of Tunman

Open Bitch. Like open dog some really quality specimens to go over. A number of different types, which made this class interesting to judge. 1. McNally’s Ch Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW Sh.CM It is no secret I like think this is a lovely bitch and she was indeed my best of breed the last time I judged without CCs. Today I found nothing to change my mind. Beautiful head and expression, deep and strong yet still very feminine. Elegant long neck into correct shoulder. Non-exaggerated correct topline with slight arch and correct tuck up. Good depth of chest. Very good hindquarters. Pleasing front and good feet. Correct coat texture although just starting to lose her jacket. Moved with correct gait maintaining her topline at all times. A pleasure to further add to her CC tally. BOB over the dog, although very close decision. 2. Bishop’s Fralex Culibre Bolyn. Very typy liver bitch, who appealed for her overall type and shape. Pleasing head and expression. Good front. Excellent hindquarters. Moved very well and deserved her position today. Please to award her the RCC. I wish her well as with fair play she could gain her crown. 3. The Late Davie’s Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz . Super Ch bitch competing a trio of lovely bitches.

VB. Dodden’s Vakurblue Bacon Buttie. Nice bitch, Good size and shape. Pleasing head proportions. Good overall outline. In excellent condition for her age. Not so positive moving away.

Dr Ian H Gabriel