• Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/01/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Many thanks to Angela Cavill and the Southern Counties Committee for asking me to judge Dandie Dinmonts at their well run summer show. Thank you so much for a lovely entry both numerically and in number. 

Junior Dog. 1. Lilyphane Great Showman. Stood alone but is a quality mustard dog. Good for size and nice overall shape with correct topline. Pleasing head of correct proportions. Good rich eye and well placed ear. Correct shoulder placement. Correct front although he needs to drop into himself. Good hindquarters. Correct coat texture. Correct footfall although not putting all in on the move. 

Limit Dog. 1. Dainty Dandies River Mersey at Lenacourt. P/S. Nicely headed male with good size of head appropriate musculature. Nice eye, correct ear placement, and good pigmentation. . Nice overall shape to topline although falls away a little too steeply if one is being hypercritical.. Nice front with good bone and feet. Good jacket and well put down. Good front action although could be a little more positive going away. 

Open Dog. 1. Glahms Silver Legacy. Very nice male of super quality. Excellent make and shape. Very pleasing head of excellent proportions, correct expression., and lovely topknot of correct texture. Good strength of muzzle. Good length of neck into correct shoulders. Good depth of chest. Well off for bone. Correct feet. Best of hindquarters. Moved well. Unfortunately played his handler up in the challenge, which cost him higher honours. RBD. 

Special Beginners. 1. Lilyphane Great Showman

Veteran. 1. Cloverwood Midnight Blue. P/S Quality dog of correct size and shape. Very pleasing quality head with excellent expression. Good strong muzzle. Correct front. Good spring of rib and typical topline. Correct hindquarter angulation, with well muscled up hindquarters. In good hard condition and in excellent jacket. Moved well. Best Dog. 2. Ir CH Xenon Z Roxburku Sun At Millerim (IMP). Different type to the first placed dog. Nice size and shape. Not quite the head of the winner and unfortunately not in his best jacket. In good hard condition. Needs to be a little tidier in hind action. 

Puppy Bitch. 1. Cloverwood Cressida. Very promising young mustard bitch. Lovely make and shape. She has a beautiful head, which is feminine without any loss of strength. Good length of neck into excellent shoulders. Correct front assembly although if hypercritical would like a fraction more width. Super topline. Excellent hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Well muscled up for such a young bitch. Moved very well. RBB and BP. Junior Bitch. 1 Dandiroyal Cotswolds Dream. Quality mustard of good type. Nice size and shape. Pleasing head and expression. Well off for bone. Nice feet. Very typical in topline. Needs to tighten at the elbow. Moved well in all directions. 

Post Graduate Bitch. 1 Dandiroyal Cream Tea. Very Pleasing quality bitch, who scored highly with her very typical head and expression. Good overall shape. Super jacket. In good hard condition. Moved out well. 2. Wilmit Mildred Potter For Diddimont. Another pleasing bitch. Good size and shape. Nice front assembly. Well-muscled hind quarters. A good mover. Just preferred the head of the first placed bitch. 3. Ceilmar’s White Star Beauty. Nice make and shape. Not as positive on the move today. 

Limit Bitch. Just two entered but two high quality bitches. 1 Miss Sophie Di Luna Caprese At Torbae (IMP DEU) JW SHCM. Today she was the star of the show for me, I found her quite lovely. Good broad skull, correct domed forehead, super large expressive eyes, strong deep muzzle. Lovely head furnishings of correct texture. Good neck and shoulder. Good front. Lovely shape and topline.. Well developed hind quarters. Moved well in all directions. Pleasure to award BB and BOB and delighted to see her get shortlist in a decent terrier group. I can see her gaining her title with some fair play. 2. Wilmit Raffles At Etsill JW. Another quality bitch not belittled by standing second. Many of the attributes of 1. Just preferred the front assembly on the first placed bitch. 

Open Bitch. Thank you so much for bringing such a variety of lovely Dandie bitches under me. It is really helpful for an aspiring judge to be able to place their hands on quality and here I was spoilt for choice. It would be presumptuous for a B list judge to say so – but I could quite happily award a CC to the first three bitches. 1 Dandiroyal Cotswolds Dream. My winner of junior (above) 2 Ch Dentgate Sugarberries At Thystine. Super bitch out of the top drawer. Lovely make and shape. Super quality head and expression. Lovely front assembly. Correct length and topline. Good hindquarters and she is very sound on the move. Unfortunately out of jacket today which cost her a place, but she is of lovely type. 3. Ch Hawkesmill Jenny For Wilmit JW SHCM. Another quality bitch of good type. Excellent head eye and ear. Good bone and feet. Good overall shape and very moved well Special Beginners Bitch. 1 Loudounhill Tranquil Iona.

Dr Ian H Gabriel