• Show Date: 21/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Biggs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Irish Water Spaniel Association

Breed: Breed Championship Show

Irish Water Spaniel Association Championship Show 

Sunday 21st July 2019 

My thanks to the Association and its Members for the invitation to judge this well-run show, it was an honour and a privilege. My thanks also to my very capable Steward Kirsty Biggs for keeping the ring moving efficiently and the exhibitors for entering their dogs under me and accepting my decisions in such a sporting manner. The Ring craft introduction before the start of judging seemed to work well to settle the nerves of the handlers new to showing and enabled them to show their dogs to better advantage. The IWSA Championship Show has always been an opportunity for new owners to have a go at showing in a less formal environment and it is important that this continues. I was pleased with my entry overall and found the quality I was hoping for in my principal winners.  


Minor Puppy Dog (1 – 0 abs) 

1st Hempstead’s Cuvana Quills Precious Gift; promising 7 months male, head already well developed with good length and strength to muzzle and correct almond shaped eye of good colour. He has a good length of neck in to well-placed shoulders, ribs already developing in to correct barrel, short coupled with some depth to loin already, he is well muscled for his age and well angulated front and rear with low set hocks enabling him to move out freely and soundly for his handler with a good length to his stride. Coat of good colour and texture finished the picture. BPD and BPIS 


Puppy Dog (2 - 0) 

1st MacMahon and Choi’s Tiger Tail; taller, well-developed 11 months male with good head and body proportions. Good length and depth to muzzle and well domed skull. He is a little light in eye as yet which should darken as he matures. Well bodied with moderate angulation all through, just needs time to mature and fill his frame. Moved okay in profile although a little loose coming and going. Coat of good colour and texture coming through. RBPD  

2nd Hallett’s Chill Chainnigh; 7 months male, giving a lot away in age and maturity to 1 in this class being very much at the baby stage. Kind head and expression, moderate angulation all through, moved okay when settled. Coat still very much at the puppy stage. 


Junior Dog (4 - 0) 

1st Busby’s Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby; very smart, well-schooled young male of good type. Correct shaped head with good eye for colour and shape. Well arched neck into good shoulders, correct body length, well angulated throughout, moved well. Just needs more body and muscle now to finish. Coat of good colour, curl and texture, well-presented and handled. 

2nd Mets-Boom’s Bognaneilean Star Fish; another quality youngster, kind head and expression with good eye for colour and shape. Well balanced all through with well angulated front and rear allowing him to move with reach and drive. Not quite the coat quality of 1 as yet.  

3rd Lavender’s Santarocca Fergus.  


Special Beginners Dog (1 - 0) 

1st MacMahon and Choi’s Tiger Tail 


Novice Dog (3 -0) 

1st MacMahon and Choi’s Tiger Tail 

2nd Hallett’s Chill Chainnigh 

3rd Lavender’s Santarocca Fergus.  


Post Graduate Dog (1 - 0) 

1st Hempstead’s Diddymowg Turquoise Storm at Cuvana; liked this dog for size and type. Kind head with correct almond eye of good colour, large nostrils and adequate length to muzzle. Strong neck into good shoulders, level back, short coupled. Moved with reach and drive. Not in the best of coats on the day but what he had was presented in curls and ringlets as the standard requires. 


Limit Dog (1 - 0)  

1st McCallum’s Weemaes Swans a Swimming; upstanding male of good proportions, he has a balanced head with kind expression, not quite in full ‘show’ coat on the day but what he had was of good colour and texture with curls and ringlets present. Moved out well in profile, just a little untidy coming and going.  

Open Dog (6 - 0) 

1st Davies and Margerison’s Kandrelli Jack Snipe; this young male had all the essentials I was looking for. From his well-proportioned masculine head, lovely almond shaped eyes of good colour, long low set ears and good dome to skull through to his strong neck into well placed shoulders and short level back with well-developed ribcage. He is deep through the loin and well-muscled all through which, combined with a good bend of stifle and low set hock enabled him to power around the ring demanding attention. A coat of tight curls and ringlets of good texture and colour completed the picture. CC, his 2nd I believe, I am sure he will gain his crown with ease. BIS 

2nd Hackett’s Curlyco My Hot Rockstar; another quality male of good type. Not as mature as 1 but developing nicely for age. Masculine head with all the essentials, balanced body proportion with good rib developing, coat of good colour and texture which was well presented, another that moved well in profile, just needs to tighten all through now and will trouble the best. 

3rd Andrews and Blades Sh Ch Eldarrah Clash of Kings for Antdela; smaller young male of lovely quality and good overall type, sound and typical on the move with lovely tail set and action. Best of coats presented to perfection. I would just like a little more of him all through as at present he is still a little immature.  


Veteran Dog (2 - 0) 

1st Andrews Sh Ch Antdela Oleander ShCM; this 12 year old male has lost none of the attributes he had when I first judged him 8 years ago. I loved him then and that hasn’t changed. All the essentials that the standard requires, he is so sound and typical from his lovely masculine head to the tip of his lashing tail. He moved with reach and drive belying his age and all topped off with the best of coats which was presented to perfection. He pressed the Open Dog winner very hard in the challenge but had to give way to youth on the day. A credit to his owners and my pleasure to have the opportunity to judge him again. RCC and BVIS 

2nd Davies’ Stanegate Fly Me to the Moon with Shelsievad ShCM; taller male of good type, masculine head of good proportions, long low set ears, well angulated all through with good barrel to ribs and depth to loin, moved well with good extension in front and driving well off low set hocks. Coat of correct colour and texture and well presented. Unlucky to meet 1 in such good form. 


Special Working Dog (2 - 0) 

1st Hempstead’s Goldenacre Searider at Cuvana; this 8 year old male was certainly fit for function, lovely head with typical expression, balanced all through with good angles fore and aft, strong and powerful on the move, not in his show coat on the day but good colour and curl if a little soft.   

2nd Hempstead’s Diddymowg Turquoise Storm at Cuvana; as previous 


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (2 - 0) 

1st Sclater’s Malanis Quarter Master; mature male of good overall quality and type with a happy disposition, lovely head and eye, good dome to skull and long low set ears. Moderate angulation all through with good width over back and depth through chest and loin. Moved soundly using his tail well. 

2nd Twist’s Gloi Donn All That Jazz ShCM; another quality male of good overall type, lovely head and eye, long low set ears and dome to skull, well balanced all through with correct body proportion. In good overall condition but disappointingly not moving with the drive and purpose he should be capable of. Sadly, just not his day. 


Minor Puppy Bitch (2 - 0) 

1st Hempstead’s Cuvana Anises Little Star; litter mate to my BP winner, similar remarks apply, well developed for age, good head and eye, large nose, correct ear placement and length of leather. Well angulated all through with some depth to body already and good spring of rib for age. Covers the ground well on the move. Correct coat colour and texture. BPB and RBPIS 

2nd Scrimshire’s Uibh Fhalli; finer bitch that although a similar age was not as mature as 1. Good head shape needs time to develop in body. Coat a little sparse with some patterning evident at present although what she had was of good colour and texture. A little more practice will help her gain confidence and settle to the job in hand.  


Puppy Bitch (2 - 0) 

1st Telford’s Uisemadra Tallulah; lovely length of muzzle on this almost 12 months bitch. Eye still a little light but will hopefully darken in time, good overall body proportions although a little long cast. Not the coat I was looking for although appeared to be at the in between stage on the day. Moved well and with purpose. RBPB 

2nd Scrimshire’s Uibh Fhalli; as previous 


Junior Bitch (1 - 0) 

1st Morris’s Caliway Dolly Varden; standing alone in this class but would hold her own in good company. Quality youngster of lovely type. Well-proportioned head with balanced muzzle and good dome to skull, long low set ears hanging close to the cheeks. Well arched neck into compact body with good angulation all through, moved freely and soundly both in profile and coming and going. A lovely dark coat of crisp curls and ringlets completed the picture. One for the future. 


Special Beginners Bitch (3 -0) 

1st Weaving’s Kandalin Golden Storm; just out of Junior this young bitch is of good type and size. Balanced feminine head with good dome to skull and strong square muzzle. Good body proportions with moderate angulation all through, moved okay once settled. Coat needs some attention now to present her to best advantage. 

2nd Telford’s Uisemadra Tallulah; as previous 

3rd Corcoran’s Uisemadra Barley Siucra 


Novice Bitch (2 -0) 

1st Weaving’s Kandalin Golden Storm; as previous 

2nd Corcoran’s Uisemadra Barley Siucra; finer bitch of good overall make and shape, moved well when settled, coat needs some attention to make the best of her. 


Post Graduate Bitch (2 -0) 

1st Weaving’s Kandalin Golden Storm; as previous 

2nd Nyallup Star Anise at Cuvana; balanced bitch of good overall type. Lovely head and eye with typical expression. Carrying a little too much weight on the day and coat not at its best. I see she is the Dam of my BP and RBP winners so perhaps not quite ring ready after her litter. Moved out soundly with reach and drive. 


Limit Bitch (4- 1) 

1st Ford’s Cúboglach Reed Tussock; very promising youngster of lovely type. Balanced head of correct proportions, correct eye colour and shape, good dome to skull and long low set ears. Strong neck into well laid shoulder, well angulated quarters with good length of stifle and low set hocks enabling her to move with reach and drive. Her overriding virtue is her well-presented coat of crisp dark liver curls and ringlets. Just needs to mature and fill her frame now, must have a bright future. Best natural coat. 

2nd Webb’s Foulby Singapore Sling at Shannonlee; another quality youngster of lovely type. Lovely head with dark eye of correct shape. Long low set ears hanging close to cheeks and good dome to skull. Good length of neck, well angulated all through she moved with reach and drive once settled with a good rolling action. Coat of good colour and texture.  

3rd Walker and Roberts’ Gloi Donn a Kind of Magic 


Open Bitch (6 - 3) 

1st Ford’s Sh Ch Cúboglach Petite Wave; a pleasure to have the opportunity to judge this lovely bitch shown in peak condition on the day. Everything about her is quality, from her beautiful classic head framed by long low set ears, through her strong neck into good shoulders and her balanced angulation fore and aft. She is deep through the chest and loin with a broad level back finishing in a lovely lashing tail which she used to great effect on the move, powered around the ring in defiance of the younger opposition. Her prematurely silvered muzzle only adds to the picture of a mature IWS bitch in her prime. Could not be denied the CC and RBIS 

2nd Smith’s Ir Sh Ch Foulby Niamh at Leonardston; another lovely bitch out of the top drawer. All the essentials I was looking for, beautiful classic IWS bitch head with lovely long low set ears hanging close to cheeks, good length of neck into good shoulders, balanced body proportions with correct angulation both ends, a hint of a roll on the move suggesting the barrelled rib now developing, just needs time now to fully mature and come in to her own. Another with a bright future I’m sure. Best Head and Expression.  

3rd Morris’s Caliway Dolly Varden; as previous 


Veteran Bitch (3 - 1) 

1st Mould, Bird and Andrews Antdela Aero in Koolwaters; at almost 10 years this sound typical bitch is credit to her owners. Lovely head with kind eye and expression, long low set ears, good length of neck into good shoulders, broad and short through the back, a little longer in loin than I’d like, well angulated hind quarters and well-muscled all through, moved effortlessly around the ring. Shown in good coat and condition, tail never stopped! Unlucky to come up against her kennel mate in the challenge for BVIS. 

2nd Walker and Roberts Sh Ch Stanegate Mystic Meg at Gloi; stockier 7 year old bitch of good overall type. Lovely head, eye of correct colour and shape giving the desired expression. Good angulation all through with big rib giving the desired roll on the move. Coat of good quality. Would like a touch more length to leg for balance.   


Special Working Bitch (2 - 0) 

Hempstead’s Riverforest Irish Eider at Cuvana; lovely balanced bitch with all the essential, best of heads with desired expression, lovely arched neck in to well laid shoulder, good rib and depth to loin, well angulated hind quarters with low set hocks, shown in hard condition enabling her to move effortlessly around the ring with reach and drive, displaying the desired roll to the ribcage. Good coat of curls and ringlets completed the picture. RCC  

2nd Hempstead’s Nyallup Star Anise at Cuvana; as previous 


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (0 entries) 

No entries 


Brace (3 - 1) 

1st J Hempstead – well matched for type and size, just had the edge over 2 in movement. 

2nd S Hempstead – another well matched and typical pair. 


Progeny (1 - 0) 

1st Hempstead’s Goldenacre Searider at Cuvana; this sound typical male has clearly put his stamp on his progeny, a distinct type evident of sound moving, well-constructed IWS with typical heads and desired expressions. All shown in lovely hard condition as befits a working Gundog.   


Judge – Ian Biggs (Kiahmist)