• Show Date: 16/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Huw BISHOP Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Society Of Wales

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)



Wednesday 16 October 2019

My thanks to all exhibitors for such a fabulous and quality entry which made interpreting the standard and class decision making exciting and challenging. I can also acknowledge from personal experience the disappointment that sometimes comes from decisions made. However, the final cards in all classes for both sexes were, in my opinion, good or better examples of the breed, with some worthy of different placings at other opportunities and indeed the potential for higher honours. Principal winners were,however,outstanding and I was thrilled to bits to have had the privilege of judging such quality and awarding them the highest honours.

Minor Puppy Dog 4.2

1.Bailiss; Tissalian High Chaperal

Such a promising youngster has a lovely head and expression, good pigmentation and correct bite. Pleasing, balanced body, good bone with lovely angulation fore and aft. Clean cut, developing muscular without being overdone. Moved with energy and drive – everything I would expect in a 6-month puppy.

2.Shirton; Woolman Cromwell

A shade taller than 1 and a finer outline overall. Good head and expression – correct eye and ear set. Much still developing as you would expect. So attentive to his handler with a great temperament for showing. Good angulation and moved well.

Puppy Dog

1.Young; Potterspinney Silas

A real showman and worthy winner of this class, outgoing. Lean neck, good head with level planes. Well angled and strong shoulders, level topline, held on the move and good tailset. In super coat and moved purposefully covering the ground well. BPD

2.Perkins. Carromer Teguilia By Keeninspires

Lots to like about this youngster. Lovely head ,super expression and kind eye. Correct shoulder angles reach of neck and level topline kept sufficiently to assess sound overall conformation and good movement.1 Had the edge on this today though.

3.White; Serengoch’s Lincoln Gyda Arghishalee (AI)

Junior Dog 4.0 .

1. Hodge. Naiken East Meets West (AI)

14 months, black, well-constructed, the right size and a superbly sound and driving mover. Balanced throughout and held his shape well. Well angled shoulders, level topline and good tailset. Showed off a strongly built and active appearance which took my eye immediately and didn’t disappoint at all. RDCC

2.Baker & Judd. Harpitts True Spirit

Again, a fine upstanding dog in excellent coat, good head, super eye and correct ear set. Strong, clean neck set into well placed and muscular shoulders. Good angles front and rear. Moved well and with drive. Preferred the overall outline of 1 who had captured my eye completely.

3. Chapman Daisypatch Jelly Tot

Yearling Dog 3.1

1.Druggan. Mafia Lab’s Taboo Webster At Balladoole

Such a handsome yellow of 23 months. In super condition and presented well – biddable and very eager to please. Broader head defined but not overdone and oozing with kindness. Clean, strong neck set into well placed shoulders. Good width and depth of chest. Moved with real purpose to win this class.

2.Metcalfe. Carromer Jack Flash To Baileydale JW Bel Jnr Ch

Another upstanding and handsome yellow of correct size. Stands well on superb bone and excellent feet using his well bent stifles to full advantage. Strongly built, broad and deep through chest and ribs. Excellent bone and distinctive, correct tail. Moved well too, but 1 really carried it out today.

Maiden Dog 2.1

1.Kempson;. Gothleed Blue Velvet

Black of 10 months standing alone. Good front ,kind head and good reach of neck into well-placed shoulders. Good bone and in good coat. Deep chest and well boned forelegs. Tight feet and moved well.

Novice Dog 3.1

1.Baker & Judd; Harpitts True Spirit

2.White. Serengoch’s Lincoln Gyda Arghishalee (AI)

Nice youngster, good head with typical features, good reach of neck leading to strong muscular shoulders. Good bone. Level topline held well on the move – slightly erratic to begin with but settled into the drive.

Graduate Dog 6.1

1.Grummitt; Suttonpark Phoenix At Manorwell JW

This yellow stood out in this class. Strong and short coupled. Masculine head, correct eye and ear set. Soft expression, good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good topline through to tail although he had the capacity to lift it a little too high at times on the move. Nice deep chest. Moved soundly, freely and true.

2.Richmond; Brigglebank Birdman

19-month black presented well, balanced and well-constructed. Good reach of neck, correct shoulders deep chest and level topline. Excellent bone, strong hindquarters, nice round, compact feet. Movement improved as he got going!

3.King’s Linthwaite Excalibur JW

Post-Graduate Dog 8.2

1.Britton; Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones

Another eye catcher for me. Super side profile stood four square. Well-constructed, good bone without being overdone. Good reach of neck leading to good shoulders and a strong level topline. Deep chest, well sprung and short coupled, strong loins. Moved well and true.

2.Walton; Gallybob Marmalade

Such a kind head and melting eye expression. Lovely outline overall – despite his capacity to fly his ears at times Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Held his topline and moved particularly well driving around the ring

3.Harvey Major. Linjor Rigsby JW

Mid limit Dog 5.0

1.Casey & Jayes; Sandylands Hit The Road

Another quality yellow of correct proportions and with everything in the right place. Pleasing masculine head, nice ears, good pigmentation. Excellent bone and not overdone in any way. Stood four square and moved well and with drive. Easily deserved this class.

2.Ellis & Matulla; Dolwen Coleman JW

Workmanlike and eager to please! Correct proportions, masculine and kind head, good shoulders but just a shade on the heavy side today. This didn’t affect his movement however which was determined, and he moved out well with a good stride.

3. Phillips; Sheenaron Merry Charlston

Limit Dog 7.1

1.Gaskell; Sharouns Ventriloquist For Tempaskell JW.

A great outline but this isn’t surprising as he is so well constructed. Lovely head and correct eye, correct front and with excellent bone. Stands four square on neat feet. Deep muscular chest through to the loin. Has a long stride on the move which is always at a fast and driving pace which stood out in this class today.

2.Tooth; Sandylands Over The Moon To Ludalor JW

I like this yellow – again, well-constructed and presenting a super outline. He has a very expressive head and following through is a good reach of neck, level top-line, excellent tail set, good rib with plenty of heart room. Well bent stifles – good front and rear angles which are so well-defined standing and, on the move,

3.Price. Rowanhol London Welsh

Open Dog 8.1

1.Bailiss; Sh Ch Tissalian Hi Jack JW.

So much to like about this dog. Judged him before out of a junior class and he caught my eye then and he did it again today. He has real presence in the ring and demands to be noticed. Masculine head but with a lovely soft and gentle expression and the kindest of eyes. Good reach of muscular neck set on to good shoulders and a well-made and correct front. Well sprung ribs. Movement is confident and true with correct tail set held with his level topline. DCC; BoB

2.Williamson; Sharouns Talk Of The Town

Lovely overall outline, kind head with such a biddable expression showing a keen and intelligent purpose. Strong and powerful neck into correct shoulders. Good angulation front and back. Level topline kept right through on the move to the tail covering every inch of the ring. In good coat too.

3.Johnson; Sh Ch Cremino Chilly Pepper SHCM

Veteran Dog 1.1

Minor Puppy Bitch 8.2

1.Harvey- Major;. Linjor Sansa

Lovely 6 month yellow of superb quality at the start of her show career, strongly built and short coupled. Excellent bone and overall substance. Lovely developing head and feminine expression, correct ear set, good reach of neck and straight topline. Moved around the ring covering the ground well.

2.Shirton. Woolman Colette

A biddable and pleasing 7-month puppy, different type to 1 but nicely balanced. Lovely feminine head and expression. Good reach of neck. Level topline and good tail carriage. Moved out well.

3.Robinson & Coddington; Tissalian Hi Five

Puppy Bitch 9.1

1.Metcalfe; Baileydale Mrs Tiggywinkle.

Almost 12 months, really stood out and appealed for type, balance, overall shape and substance. Pleasing head with good eye and expression. Super neck into well-laid shoulders. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed Firm topline and well-developed quarters. Moved strongly, covering the ground well. BPB; BPiB; PG2 RBPiS

2.Lally; Chyanhal Trezelah

Balanced outline, pleasing head and expression. Good reach of neck and level topline. Strong fore and hind quarters. Good bone and feet and another good mover.

3.Kent. Chyanhal Trevose Of Trewinnard

Junior Bitch

1 Bailiss; Tissalian High Society.

Presented a lovely and irresistible quality profile. Yellow of 15 months with lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, correct angulations front and rear. Correct front construction, lovely topline, strong boned and well-muscled. Moved freely and with a purpose.

2.Allen; Warringah’s Wirrabara At Timouron

Black well-balanced youngster with clean lines and angulation. Sweet head and feminine expression. Sufficient neck into good shoulders. Good bone, tight well-padded feet, hocks well let down and moved well.

3.Mills; Trendlewood Day Dreaming

Yearling Bitch 8.2

1.Wood; Sundyke Secret Steps

Well balanced, compact and feminine black of excellent type and good shape and outline. Attractive head, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good angulation front and rear. Level topline through to otter tail . Moved well.

2.Phillips; Sheenaron Merry Penelope

Lovely yellow just short of two years, sweet feminine head and expression. Well set ears and correct eye. A little taller than 1 but sound in overall conformation, moved true and with ease.

3.Mills; Trendlewood Day Dreaming

Maiden Bitch 10.1

1.Harvey- Major; Linjor Sansa

2 Lally; Chyanhal Trezelah

3.Kent; Chyanhal Trevose Of Trewinnard

Novice Bitch 11.0

1.Minchella; Abbeystead Psion At Haselorhill

Black and well off for size, but not overdone at all. Good balanced shape, nice head with correct planes through from nose to skull. Good reach of neck into well-laid shoulders – level topline carried through to tail. Tight feet. Moved well and purposefully, covering the ground.

2.Metcalfe. Baileydale Miss Tiggywinkle

3.Harvey-Major. Linjor Sansa

Graduate Bitch 15.4

1.Peggs; Jancet Aurora

Lovely yellow, presented a very pleasing picture standing four square and also on the move. Pretty head with kind expressive eye. Excellent forequarters with good layback of shoulder. Rear angulation equally as good. Deep chest, well sprung barrel ribs, short coupled and strong. Level topline which she held well on the move.

2.Casey&Jayes; Sandylands High Time

Very pleasing overall profile. Well-constructed, feminine head and expression, correct eye and ear set but does not use the latter to her advantage all the time. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder – level topline and moved well covering the ground.

3. Chapman; Daisypatch Dolly Mixture

Post Graduate Bitch 15.6

1.Woodley. Crosscroyde Class Society At Alkamhurst

Attractive bitch with a feminine and sweet expression, standing four square and proud in profile. In hard condition. Well placed shoulders, level topline and good rear angulation used to drive herself around the ring.

2.Shirton Woolman Proper Dream Maker

Again, a lovely and very pleasing outline. Feminine, lovely head and expression , good fore chest front and rear angulation. Tight feet Moved out covering the ground with total ease.

3.Kent. Trewinnard Piccadilly

Mid Limit Bitch 6.0

1.Hermanutz. Rose’s Flower Of Finnwoods ( ATC AV02023DEU)

Beautifully balanced yellow, feminine head, kind expression and correct eye and ear placement. Good bone and tight feet. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Firm, level topline and tailset carriage. Showed and moved well, at one with her handler.

2. Coode. Warringah’s Gulwarra JW

Well balanced overall. Good head, feminine expression, correct ear set, eye and muzzle to skull proportions. Good reach of neck. Well sprung rib. Correct front and angles front and rear. Good bone and well let down hocks. A strong mover, covering the ground well

3.Evans. Farnfield Clarity

Limit Bitch 10.4

1.Hodge. Naiken Carinsia.

Such a striking young lady, noticed her straight away on entering the ring and couldn’t let go! Stood perfectly four square. Pleasing expression on a typical feminine head. Really liked her well-proportioned body and lovely overall outline with enough substance. Correct shoulders, straight front legs, nice and muscular. Level topline right through to the correct tailset. Super reach out on the move and just covered every inch of space. BCC

2. Williamson. Sharoun’s Victoria’s Secret JW.

So much to like about this one and so nice to go over. Lovely head and feminine expression. Strong well-made front, everything in proportion. Deep chest and lovely side profile going around the ring. 1 had the clear edge on movement today though

3.Jones. Oakhouse One For Joy At Serengoch

Open Bitch 15.2

1. Mills; Lembas Crackling Rosie JW

Lovely, mature yellow, totally balanced throughout. Pretty feminine head and melting expression. Good bone and tight feet. Good front and well-developed hindquarters and turn of stifle. Shown in good condition. Moved well and with drive. RBCC

2.Shirton; Woolman Proper Fancy Free

Another well-constructed and balanced girl with pleasing feminine head, good reach of neck and shoulders. Lovely fore and hind quarters and another excellent mover too.

3.Britton; Bowstones Polka

Veteran Bitch 3.0

1.Wallace; Richbourne Signature Tune Of Tiaja

Yellow in her 10th year, looking keen, alert and eager to please her handler. Good head and eye, well- muscled body with strong fore and rear quarters and moved like a dream. Stood four square and won this class on movement. BV .

2.Mills; Linjor Magnolia At Jaybec

7-year-old yellow of a lovely type and overall outline. Excellent, feminine head and expression, she kept her level topline when standing and on the move, which was really sound. In super condition too

3.Faulkner; Lewisan Look At Me

Huw D Bishop