• Show Date: 21/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hilary Norbury Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel


Puppy Dog (1)

1st - Davies’s Bowcara Be My Guest

Stood alone but made his presence known, a proper little showman.

Pale Gold with Black Mask, lovely outline in good coat for age. Well balanced outline, Correct shaped eye and pigment, good dentition, neck of medium length with just the right amount of required bow to front. Good spring of rib, level topline. Hocks were straight when viewed from the rear. Carried tail well both standing and on the move.

Moved well, but still a puppy.

Junior Dog (4)

1st - Whitfield-Roberts Dandydayo the Architect

What a boy, Silver sable of good size with masculine head. His head is his crowning glory which makes you want to stare at it. Lovely oval eyes, good use of ears, super dentition, and dark pigment, super correct length to neck leading to well laid shoulders, super front. Level topline with tail set high and carried both on the move and standing. Moved well both going and coming back. At one with his handler who got the best from him. This boy has a bright future and I look forward to following it with interest. RDCC, BJIB

2nd - Thompsons Susu Prince Charming

In some respects the comments for 1 equally apply to this boy, if I had to be picky, I preferred the ear placing of 1. Another one to watch out for.

3rd - Kerrs Vonvue Little Emperor

Post Grad Dog (3)

1st - Derizzio’s Parloueve Rhapsody in Blue

Balanced sable boy of good proportion, nice shape to head with well placed ears, lovely dk eye, just the right amount of cushion to muzzle which had depth. Good length to neck, well placed shoulders, leading to good front. Level topline, well placed tail, movement was a bit hit or miss, had a tendency to go a bit close on the rear movement at times.

2nd - Stevensons Tamrae Time Lord at Amadrew

Finer TS than 1. Preferred muzzle of 1 who had more cushioning. Correct angulation to shoulders, slightly straighter that 1 on the front. Moved OK but unfortunately was more interested in the ground today.

3rd - Kerrs Balgay A Kunchen for Vonvue

Limit Dog (7,1a)

1st - Simper & Scoates Wellbarn Here Comes Havoc

Different type to 2, good head but would prefer a bit more cushioning, lovely shape to head, dark oval eye, and just the right length to muzzle for me. Lovely dentition. Super neck, well placed shoulders and just the right amount of bow to the front. Good amount of spring to the ribs, Level topline with well placed tail which was carried well throughout. Moved well both out and back.

2nd - Mortons Linsdown Rambler

Heavier type of dog to 1, but still in correct proportion, lovely outline with no over 

exaggeration, masculine head with dk eye with a bit more cushioning to muzzle than 1.

Level topline, good tall set and tail carried over the back at all times. Today, just preferred the movement of 1. There will be many days when these 2 will fight over the top spot for the class.

3rd - Lilleys Knattings Riverdance to Kensing JW (Imp)

Open Dog (3)

1st - Lemons CH Souska I Need Your Love 

What can be said about this dog that has probably not been said before, in my eye, when I picture a TS, this dog is IT. Totally in tune with his handler who get the best out of him from the time he entered the ring to the time he left. This dog commanded that you look at him.

Head of super proportion, masculine without being coarse, lovely dk eye, just the right amount of cushioning to the muzzle, super dentition, ears all placed and carried in an alert manner all the time. Super length to the neck, well laid shoulders, super front. Good spring to the rib, topline level at all times. Well placed tail and carried proudly, never saw him drop the tail once, movement was true both going and coming back. Coat of correct texture with good undercoat. CC, BOB

2nd - Hughes Andor Hoorah Henry

Slightly heavier that 1, again a super head without coarsness. As with 1, shoulders had correct lay leading to a good front. Good spring of rib, level topline and tail carried well. Shown in lovely condition and in tune with his handler. On the day, just referred the front movement on 1. 

3rd - Cooper & Ellingfords Amcross Going Dutch

Puppy Bitch (5)

A lot to like about 1 and 2, this class was decided by movement.

1st Davies’s Bowcara Rose Gold

Litter sister to puppy dog winner, but a more feminine version. Had ‘that’ look of aloofness down to a T. Head in proportion to her body. Lovely dk oval eye, well set ears, just the right amount of cushioning to muzzle. Good length of neck leading to well placedshoulders. Not too much bow to the front legs. Level topline, good spring to the ribs. Tail well set. Moved well both going and coming back, BPIB

2nd - Short’s Malia Summer Memories

Another lovely girl who will do well. Slightly finer version of 1, but 1’s critique equally 

applies to 2.

On the day, felt that 2 was slightly closer on the rear movement. 

3rd - Thomspn & Prentices Philcars Phanfare for Sanville

Junior Birch (5)

1st - Kerrs Vonvue Mythical Queen

Fawn sable of lovely balance. Good shape to head, dk eye, good depth chin with good cushioning to the muzzle, enhanced by the dk mask, well set ears, neck was just the right length and led onto shoulders with correct angulation. Carried topline well both standing and on the move.

Moved well.

2nd - Johnstones Tuyet Linca

Black coat that makes you really have to look closer, feminine girl who was balanced in outline. Lovely face, correct mouth, good shoulder placement, front assembly was correct with just the right amount of bow. Level topline, with tail set high, moved ok but preferred the movement of 1.

3rd - Cooper, Ellingford & Morgans Susu Maleficent

Post Grad Bitch (7, 2a)

Hard choice between 1 and 2, just felt that overall, 1 had the better ring presence and balance.

1st - Cooper & Ellingfords Susu Widow Twanky

Femine gold bitch with lovely head, dk eye and good pigment. Good mouth with just enough cushioning. Good lay of the shoulder and good front. Nice spring of rib, level topline, super coat, not overdone, moved well and enjoyed her time in the ring.

2nd - Derizzio’s Parloueve All That Jazz

B & T girl with super markings, balanced in outline and of correct proportion. Good eye, just the right length to the muzzle which was well cushioned. Well laid shoulders, nice front, level topline with correct tail placement. Lovely coat with correct undercoat.

3rd - Borretts Tulibell Kash Mere with Tibama

Limit Bitch (8,3a)

Hardest class of the day, at any other show, the placings of the top 5 could be changed.

1st - Shorts Malia Eclipse JW

What a super girl, happy to be there and it made you want to look at her closer, and I 

certainly wasn’t disappointed. Super ladylike head, with dk oval eyes. Muzzle of good length with just the right amount of cushioning. Good mouth. Well placed ears and was happy to use them. Length of neck just right, good lay of the shoulder and super front. Level topline that was maintained al all times. Good ribs. Well set tail that was well plumed. Super on the move both going and coming back. Well deserved BCC.

2nd - Thompson & Prentice Tamrae Back to Rhedd

Another girl with a lot to like, another class where the critique for 1 easily applies, to 2.

For this class, I needed to be a bit picky and boiled it down to 1 having more of a the aloof look required by the standard.

3rd - Rice’s Ricox Somebody to Love JW, SHCM

Open Bitch (5)

1 - Hughes Andor Carnival Queen

Lovely balanced bitch in super coat. Her head is well balanced and feminine. Dk eye, good pigment and the muscle was well cushioned with depth . Well placed ears, good neck length leading to well placed shoulders. Good front. Ribs well sprung, level topline that was maintained on the move, well placed tail, moved freely and was good both out and back. RBCC

2nd - Smiths CH Torfness Scarlett Phancy

Feminie girl who had unfortunately left her coat at home, but this didn’t detract from how lovely she is. Totally balanced in outline. Lovely head, moderately domed , muzzle of correct length, depth to chin just right, good cushioning. Correct length of neck, lovely front, good spring of rib, level topline, correct placed tail. Moved well at all times, Felt that 1 was slightly better on the rear movement.

3rd - Poyser & Bodells Caselden Blaze of Magic at Tinamba