• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

  MANCHESTER 19th January, 2019 

I would like to thank the Manchester Dog Society for inviting me to judge at their well run- and organized show. My two ring stewards were very efficient and kept everything in order and we finished well in time for the Group.  Thank you also to the exhibitors for entering so many lovely dogs under me and for accepting my decisions so sportingly.  


MPD (6,1) 1.Pingree´s Calzeat Gentlemans Agreement to Heatheridge (imp) What a cracking puppy this is who for sure will have a bright future, elegant head and kind expression, lovely neck which is well set on, nice front, bone and feet, excellent body for age, super topline and tailset, correct tail, strong quarters, very sound mover and very promising 

2.  Holland's, Flatcharm Mr Brightside Lovely balanced puppy with a pleasing head and expression, nice neck,  front and feet, just the right amount of body for age, nice topline standing, good stifles,  moves well,  

3. Scaife´s, Flatcharm Mr Fix It for Shennanjoy 

PD (10,1) 1.  Pingree´s Calceat Gentlemans Agreementy to Heatheridge (imp) 

2.  Walker´s, Lizzlog  Shotgun Harry Appealing puppy with many good points, nice head and bright expression, very good neck, nice front, correct of body for age, nice topline, happy mover 

3. Mullins, Everblack Bronze Cruise 

JD. (4) 1. McDonnell's, Kazval Lugano at Torrweaving  Classic outline with an attractive head and expression, very good length of neck, excellent, front, bone and feet, correct body proportions and dead level topline, strong quarters, moves with style and reach, correct coat quality but needs more feathering for perfect balance 

2. Bright's, Hopevelley Morning Twister Well balanced head and kind expression, good neck and front, need better feet, good body for age and nice topline, sound rear, moves freely, nice coat 

3. Hammersley's Steelriver Country Garden 

YD. (6,1) 1. Walker's, Lizzlog Granny Wont Like It JW Striking young dog who oozes quality and breed type and combining masculinity and elegance in a correct way, my eyes were drawn to him like a magnet, well chiseled head with gentle expression, wonderful neck and shoulders blending smoothly into the withers, excellent front, bone and feet, plenty of heartroom and body of correct shape,  firm topline held on the move, tail carriage level with the back, powerful backend, could have watched him going round for hours,  put on a good performance throughout, presented in gleaming coat and handled to perfection. I was pleased to award him the CC, BOS 

2. Macdonald's, Deringwood English Oak Well presented male in good condition, pleasing head and expression, nice neck and front, good feet, excellent body, good topline standing but would prefer a better tailset, sound behind, moved out well, good coat 

3.  Smitherman's, Seahart Crian at Gloi 

GD, (7) 1. Trotter's, Lussac Vill I An JW Quality male with lots to like about, appealing head and expression, very good neck, front and bone,  nice feet, mature body and level topline and good tailset, well bent stifles,  strode out really well, sound coming and going, shown in very good coat 

2. Nicholson & Brown's, Chanangel U' Got The Look Masculine head, kind expression, reachy neck and nice front, good bone, excellent substance, nice topline, correct stifles, looks a bit heavy on the move, correct coat texture but not in full bloom 

3. Reynolds's, Telurn Can´t Touch This 

PGD (16,2) 1. Savory's , Hopevalley Morning Arizona Very showy male who is well put together, classic head & expression, very good neck and front assembly, correct bone and feet, short coupled and well arched ribs, excellent topline and tailset, good bend of stifle, covered the ground with ease, well presented in good coat 

2. Wrigley's, Oiyou Harum Scarum Stylish dog in good condition, lovely head &expression, reachy neck which is well set on, nice bone and feet, correct body, a touch long in loin,  strong rear with good stifles, smart mover, would prefer a bit more feathering 

3. McCormock's, Steelriver Sun's Up 

LD (13,1) 1. Millbank's Kvicksans Eye of the Storm of Larksdown Very high quality male with an attractive outline, most pleasing head & alert expression, good length of neck, nice front construction, good bone and feet, correct shape of body, nice topline, strong quarters used to advantage on the move, well presented in good coat. 

2. Reynolds's, Wiccanssage Hugo's Dream JW Well presented male with a nice head and expression, good reach of neck, moderately angulated in the front, lovely bone and feet, good substance , a touch soft in topline on the move,  well bent stifles, free mover, correct tail and lovely coat 

3. Mullins's, Seahart Byron 

OD (10,4) 1. Holland's, Sh Ch Brightmoor Caught In The Act At Flatcharm (imp) Stunning dog shown in lovely condition and very hard to overlook, beautiful moulded  head & intelligent expression,  reachy neck well set on, good front, bone and feet, right amount of substance, the best of toplines, short loin, correct tail and tailset,  perfect rear, effortless mover shown in lovely coat R.CC 

2. Mangham's, Sh Ch Onyxro Mensa JW Attractive male with many good points, appealing head & expression, good reach of neck, correct front, bone and feet, good substance, level topline  with correct tailset, strong rear with good stifles, smart mover, nice coat 

3. Walker & Roberts's, Sh Ch Gloi Dubh Fingal JW, Sh.CW 

VD. (4,2) 1. Harris's, Marjosi Springtime Charmer Veteran of eight years shown in good condition, pleasing head & expression, lovely neck, nice bone and feet, very good substance, nice topline, sound rear, moves with drive, lovely coat 

2. Horner's, Pajanbeck Magic Moments Lovely veteran with a nice outline, masculine head, well set neck, nice front assembly, good bone & feet, excellent ribs, would prefer a stronger topline, good bend of stifle, moves freely 


MPB. (10,1) 1. Campbell's  Starworkers Bye Bye Baby Eye catching puppy who I predict a rosy future, lovely head & expression, excellent neck and front assembly, nice bone and feet, good substance and very strong topline,  lovely rear, happy free mover shown in good coat 

2. Strudwick's Flatcharm Miss Lotsa Love for Burpham Most appealing puppy with a super outline, elegant feminine head, lovely neck and front, nice feet, correct body for age and strong topline, well angulated rear and moved out really well 

3. Clark's Flatcharm Miss Chief 

PB. (17,4) 1. Romeo-Dieste's Hopevalley Morning Dew Top flight puppy with lots to like about her, feminine lovely head, nice expression and eyes, beautiful neck, front bone and feet, well arched ribs, perfect topline and tailset, strong quarters, short tail,  moves with ease, shown in lovely coat and condition, BEST PUPPY 

2. Walker's Lizzlog Nun on the Run Attractive puppy with an appealing outline, elegant head, reachy neck, nice front, bone and feet, excellent body for age, level topline, nice bend of stifle, moves well, nice coat 

3. Campbell's Starwalkers Bye Bye Baby 

JB (7,2) 1. Anderson's Falkirk Dior at Kazval This ultra feminine female took my eye directly she entered the ring for her correct make and shape, most elegant head and kind expression, good reach of neck which is well set on, nice front assembly, straight front legs, good bone and feet, correct body for age, level topline, short back, good tailset, well angulated rear, covering plenty of ground, nice coat, has a lovely frame to grow into and time is on her side, pressed hard for top honours 

2. Mantle's Almanza Aint't Nobody's Business at Rhiewvalley (imp) Quality lass with many good points, appealing head & expression, lengthy neck, nice front, bone and feet, good substance, correct topline and tailset, strong rear, meted freely, good coat 

3. Walker & Robert's Gloi Dubh Illusion 

YB (6,4) Armstrong's Bourbon Black Kiss at Bitcon Well presented female of high standard, classic head & expression, very good neck and a handful of forechest, good legs & feet, excellent body, would prefer a touch firmer topline on the move, powerful rear, moved truly and sound, nice coat 

2, Flynn's Simon Say's Home to the Castle Nord (imp) Elegant head, lovely eyes, reachy neck, adequte front angulation, nice bone and feet, nice body, topline Ok when standing, good stifles, moves well, a little short of coat 


GB (11,1) 1. Pelham's Stranfaer Victim of Love Delightful bitch with a nice outline, elegant head, gentle expression, lovely neck, good for and aft, correct  bone, neat feet, correct body, strong topline, a little proud of her tail, sound behind, moved freely, shown in lovely coat and well handled 

2. Williams's Wistaston Frozen Love (AI) Most attractive well presented girl, beautiful head, melting expression, excellent reach of neck and good front assembly, good  bone and feet, nicely arched ribs, level topline, good bend of stifle, short tail, shown in lovely coat, would like her to be in harder condition all over 

3. Delamere's Gamerights Deep Riverf Blues 

PGB (12,3) 1. Macdonalds's Steelriver Dance in the Sun at Skyloch Stylish girl with a lovely head, appealing expression, nice neck, nice front, bone and feet, correct substance, level topline, strong rear, good reach and drive, good coat 

2. Ashcroft & Long's Stranfaer Take it Easy to Keepersway Pleasing head with a bright expression, reachy neck, adequate front angulation,  correct bone, excellent  body, good topline and stifles, moves with plenty of drive, nice coat 

3. Robert's Gloi Dubh Gigha JW 

LB (14,4) 1. Lane-Ridyard's Kulawand Kodebreaker JW Classy female with an attractive head & bright expression, good neck springing cleanly into good shoulders, nice front and bone, very good body properties, dead level topline, well bent stifles, free flowing driving movement, showed faultlessly & presented and handled to perfection,  would benefit from a touch more length of coat. R CC 

2. Gilchrist's Seaheart Bryony with Ardmhor Elegant girl with a feminine head, good reach of neck and good front assembly, nice bone and feet, good substance, strong topline, correct tail, sound rear, effortless mover, shown in nice coat 

3. Hutchinson's Cablaidd Queen Bee at Waverton 

OB (11,3)  1. Joyce's Sh Ch Stranfaer Solitaire Beautiful unexaggerated bitch who stole my heart completely and took my eye immediately when she entered the ring, elegant well moulded head with an alert expression, wonderful neck and shoulders, textbook angulations, best of legs and feet possible, correct substance, perfect topline and well set tailset, short tail, good second thigh, moved seemingly without effort, looked a picture standing and moving and a credit to her owner, gorgeous coat, could not be denied the top spot, pleased to award her the CC & BOB 

2. Holland's Sh Ch Kvicksans Can't Take My Eyes off You (imp) Most attractive and well presented girl who oozes quality, beautiful head and expression, elegant neck  which is well set on a good front assembly, very good bone and feet, excellent depth of brisket, short couplings, level topline, good quarters, stylish on the move, beautiful coat 

3. Gilchrist's Gloi Dubh Erin with Ardmhor 

VB ( 4,2) 1. Goldberg & Keight's Sh Ch Ballyriver Band of Gold Delightful veteran of ten years, most appealing head & expression, good length of neck, sound forehand construction, good bone, deep though the heart, topline  a bit soft on the move, strong quarters, strode out really well, shown in lovely coat, BEST VETERAN 

2, Walker's Sh Ch Lizzlog Kiss Me Quick, JW,. Sh CM Quality veteran in good shape, well chiseled head, good expression, elegant neck, well put together, correct bone, excellent body, good topline standing but could be firmer, nice rear, moves and lovely coat 

Henric Fryckstrand (judge)