• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Macdonald Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

WELKS 2019 Cocker Spaniels.

Thank you for a lovely entry. So much quality made judging a pleasure.


Veteran 2

ShCh.inter.nat.ch.hung.ch.Joaldy Mandolin Wind ShCM Well known black/white, In top form.

Still looking and showing like a youngster. In full coat and wonderful condition. BV.

2 Wilmerella Keep Dancing with Melandroy. Very smart blue.showed well in lovely coat.

Minor Puppy Dog. 10 - 1

Super class

1 Claramand countdown well grown O/R. Filling out his frame. Dark eyes and most attractive head and expression.well bodied and compact. Sound rear movement in

sparkling condition and lovely coat.

2. Sharemead the Conquerer. Dark blue.well finished for his age. Close up to one.

Nice overall shape. Sweet expression.neat front well rounded quarters.,tidy sound mover

3 Sonham Jimmy Choo.

Puppy Dog 6

1. Amaroanne Theo’s Short Coby dog, nicely balanced all through. Lovely head with just the right development for his age. Neat neck into well placed shoulders. Dark expressive eyes kept a level top line moving merrily. BPD

2 Jennobar Dream Lover. Sweet light blue. Showing a lot of promise short deep body

Pleasing in profile .gentle expression, neat legs and feet. Strong hindquarters.steady sound mover

3. Craigdene Killiecrankie at Candyke.

Junior Dog 5-1

1 Riondel Candyman this short merry cockery boy took my eye, beautiful head, well chisled with soft expression. Nothing flashy but correctly made all through.well placed shoulders deep brisket ,good well boned legs..level top line and powerful quarters. Moved so soundly and happily, RCC

2 Joaldy Best Mate attractive typey light blue. Excelled in neck and shoulders.super outline kept his top line on the move and went with zest. Close up to one.

3 Kerrigiglow Dream again at Quattrozampe.

Yearling Dog 7-1

1 Cassom Canaletto at Barnsbur super dark blue. Quality head and soft expression.lovely outline.neat compact body well placed shoulders.developing really well .very promising youngster.

2 Sandlauga Soul Man typey well presented golden.soft spaniel expression, substance but not overdone. Well developed in keeping with his age. Balanced overall in lovely coat and condition.

3 Glowhill Silversmith for Pearkim .

Novice Dog 3

1 Amaroanne Apollo. Litter brother to puppy dog winner.almost out of the same mould but not quite. It interested me that their sire who l have given a CC to is producing a lot of the cockers on the show circuit This delightful young lad who has a lot of quality , masculine but not overdone. Stood foresquare on good neat feet. Moved freely showing a balanced outline.

2 Hey Georgie Boy. Larger framed so more of him. Good front and rear angulation.

Reachy neck, happy confident mover.

3 Obsidian Spring Marvel

Postgraduate Dog 13-1

1 Corazon De Sibi Night Star ( Imp Esp)

Headed a quality class, eyecatching and stylish.very well put together, pleasing in profile.

Deep brisket, short in loin. Strong rear end. Gentle expression and lovely masculine head without exaggeration. Top class presentation and finish. Moved merrily and soundly.CC

2 Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke. Handsome masculine merry cocker. Melting expression . Well rounded ribs. Short loin. Well boned with substance throughout.

Excellent rear action went round the ring soundly and in style.

3 Abiwrose clean sweep at Whisperwood.

Limit Dog 6

1 Helenwood Islander. Short cobby golden. Sweetest expression . Fits the standard so well.

Nice square outline deep chest and well sprung ribs. Excellent topline correct angles fore and aft. Happy steady mover.

2 Lujesa Starman at Wylyeview

Not much between first and second.good looking black nice head shape and ear placement

Moderately angled all through attractive head and expression.kept a level topline on the move. Short coupled with a well rounded quarters. Moved well

3 Serci After after dark at Shadow Amor of Chamford. ( imp Serbia )

Open Dog 8-2

Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming of Pearkim. Super mature orange roan. Lovely dark pigment to nose and eyes couldn’t fault his construction. Masculine head set onto strong neck .well placed shoulders. Deep body. Well boned legs, neat feet. In full coat. Certainly moved with plenty of power.

2 Abercrombie of La vie Magnifiquie for Claramand.

Striking light blue. Well put together. Quality head, tight eyes, first class neck and shoulders. Depth to his body with enough substance . Good front and rear angulation.

Well presented and handled.

3 Cassom Fast and Furious at Olibond.

Special Beginners dog 7

1 Acquelin Double Fara Flare. Mature blue. Very much the finished article. Short coupled with a well rounded rear . Nice angulation. Well set tail which he wagged a lot. Overall picture of a nice typey cocker.

2. Fonesse Fingibson in Gwbert JW Sh Cm . Very smart black, lovely head, short

compact and really merry. Beautifully presented in gleaming coat.

3 Serci After Dark at Shadow Amor of Chamford.


SPECIAL Beginners bitch. 6-4

1 Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill. Delightful orange roan. Such a sweet expression.good reach of neck set neatly into correctly placed shoulders. Well boned with enough substance. Full coat and sound happy mover.

2 Beckaby Bluberry Muffin. Overall picture of a well balanced typey blue. Super outline, well ribbed body. Straight neat front. Level topline and showing her smart stride out round the ring.

3 Beechtops Majestic

Veteran bitch 3

1 Beechtops Double take not a big one here but such a merry little girl. Looked so fit and well

Short and sweet and well constructed. Showed herself off to advantage. Sound and happy on the move.

2 Starbourne Gazinia. Pretty orange roan, nicely put together, not quite so outgoing as one.lovely shape and with her soft gentle look and overall balanced look. Very nice girl.

3 Evaremoc going for gold

Minor puppy bitch 9-3 lovely class

1 Claramand Ziggeta. Stylish and outgoing Pretty feminine head and soft appealing expression. Shapely outline with a well developed body. Stocky and compact with a straight front and neat feet. Nicely coated , just the right stage for her age. Well presented and handled.

2 Shansart Mary Poppins. Similar in type to above. Short and square. Feminine head with lovely expression. Body developing nicely, substance in handling but not overdone.

Tidy straight front. Showed herself off well when moving.

3 Cachel pop the Question to Meloneras.

Puppy. Bitch 16 A dream class of promising pups. Several deserved a first.

1 Zheridons Chinese Whispers. Eyecatching and stylish blue who caught my eye immediately. On closer inspection she was just what l was looking for. Correct head and expression, no coarseness. Reachy neck set into fine sloping shoulders. Plenty substance and depth but not overdone in any way. Lovely outline showing a short well made Cocker of the right size showed herself off to full advantage. Sound and merry. Presented in top form.


2 Fair Exchange to Oktumi. Blue of similar type , could be related to look at. Sweet and typey attractive head moderate neck, tidy well placed shoulders. Short deep body, well turned stifles. Neat feet, hot on the heels of the above. But not quite the finish .

3 Amaroane Athena at Wilmerella .

Junior Bitch 11-1

1 Sh Ch Anilann Miss Zing. Gorgeous blue girl, a pleasure to handle. Sweet gentle expression, balanced head, nice lay of shoulder.short loin, strong hindquarters. Well prepared and handled.

2 Riondel Carribean Blu. Dark blue with substance . Sister to my RCC dog. Short and sturdy. You could say .a lot of dog in a small space. Attractive head well developed but still a soft look. Deep chest and well boned legs. Sound and on the move .

3 Kyna Concepta Hewitt at Dargess.

Yearling Bitch 6

1 Grandtully Gabrielle sweet black. Presenting a elegant outline . Very shapely yet short and cobby. Good angulation fore and aft. Well rounded ribs and ample substance. Deep brisket and straight well boned legs. Tight neat feet. Beautifully turned out in full coat and top condition. Went with enthusiasm. RCC

2 Sheigra Simply A Star JW. Super black not far behind above. Correctly balanced throughout. Pleasing in profile, with substance yet feminine. Pretty head,moderate neck and well placed shoulders . A lovely girl in full bloom

3 Rayol Night Shadow

Novice Bitch 2-1

1 Canyonn Could Be Magic. Very pretty black. Short and cobby. Nicely balanced all through. Lovely head . Depth and bone without coarseness.in nice coat and condition. Well deserved her first.

Postgraduate Bitch 13-2

1 Sheigra Super Special JW. This exhibitor consistently produces solid colour cockers of a lovely type. Not flashy, but always correct in make and shape. Quality head and expression .that soft look that is so essential to a cocker. Balanced and true outline on standing and moving. Well made body, top notch presentation. Just unfortunate to meet two who were trying that little bit harder on the day.

2 Sunzo Songstar. Very pretty golden who moved really well. Not a common colour in the ring these days. This was a lovely type. Melting expression, with a proper well developed head. No narrow jaws here. Sturdy well made body and well boned straight front. In full coat beautifully prepared and presented.

3 Courtmaster Songbird.

Limit Bitch. 10

1 Gilcar Crystal Blue With Manchela Super class. Looked a picture. Beautifully proportioned. Sweet feminine head , eyecatching and stylish very well made with correct balanced construction . Deep brisket, short in loin, no excessive angulation

. Level topline no sloping rear end here. Top quality Cocker, presented and shown to advantage in full coat. CC and BOB

2 Shenmore She’s The One another delightful blue who presented a very nice outline.developing nicely. Gentle expression. Well made throughout.nice rounded quarters.

Ample bone and substance, moved merrily and soundly.

3 Sheigra Stars in Her Eyes JW

Open Bitch. 6

1 SHCH /Es/pt/lB Ch serenade De Annaba Key. Gorgeous black girl in super coat and condition lovely head reachy neck, very shapely throughout. Presented a correct topline and straight neat front. Strong hindquarters which showed sound happy movement.

2 Whithiflor Wheels on Fire Mature black n Tan. Who was in very good form. Such a sweet head . Sturdy compact body short coupled.correct proportions making acorrect balanced outline. Moved with enthusiasm.

3 Kimpapa Kinda Kramer

Judge. Helen Macdonald.