• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Bakewell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Manchester Terrier

Driffield Championship Show 

21 September 2019 

Manchester Terriers 

VD No Entries 

PD 1 

1st Plant PLANTOCRACY BOLD PRINCE Overall well balanced would not like him to get bigger, good mouth, ear set and muzzle length. Nice neck and strong shoulders, good front, body and rear. Moved well once when settled. 

JD 1 

1st Oxley DIGELSA DOUBLE TOP Lovely overall construction, nice head and dark eye, good mouth and ear placement. Good neck on nice lay of shoulder, straight front with good thumb prints. Nice depth of rib and well made rear. Moved well and sound front and rear. Lovely to hear he took PG1. BPD BPIB BD BOB. 

YD No Entries 

PGD 1 

1st Oboyle PAUCELIN IN FURET AT RUFFAGGE Nice head, good mouth, would like darker eye, good neck and strong shoulders. Good body and nice tail set, moved well on rear but a little wide in front. 

OD3 (2 Abs) 

1st Charlton CH DIGELSA DONE N DUSTED AT LIZELMS SH CM Nice head, dark eye, good mouth and strong muzzle. Good neck and shoulders, front, body and tail set. Moved well in front. 

SBD No Entries 

GCD No Entries 

VB 1 

1st Greenslade CALASTOAS MATERIAL GIRL Nice head and eye, good mouth, neck, shoulders with good top line. Well muscled rear, moved in front. 

PB 2 (1 Abs) 

1st Rudd DIGELSA DARK VELVET Pretty head, dark eye, good mouth, neck, front , body and rear. Nice overall size, moved well. BPB 


2ND Oboyle PLANTOCRACY HARMIONE Lovely size overall, nice head and shape of eye, well placed ear and nice reach of neck. Good front, body and rear, moved ok when settled. 

JB 1 

1st Oboyle RUFFAGGA FOR ANNORIA Nice head and eye, good mouth, muzzle and skull. Nice reach of neck on good shoulders, good front, body and nice fall off, well muscled rear, moved sound both ways. 

YB No Entries 

PGB 2 (1Abs) 

1st Plant RUFFAGGA RITZY RIZZO Nice overall size, good muzzle to skull, mouth, eye, moderate neck. Nice shoulder, front, body and depth of chest, nice rear. Moved well fore and aft. 

OB 2 

1st Walshaw CH JANMARK BACK T’black Lovely girl nice head and eye, good mouth, shoulder and front, nice ribs and well muscled rear. Moved well fore and aft. Was close for best of breed. Best Bitch RBOB 

2ND Greenslade UTTERBYGREEN MIMT CHOCLAT SHCM Heavier overall in type to the winner, good mouth, neck, shoulder, front. Not the angulation as winner on the rear. Moved ok. 

SBB No Entries 

GCB No Entries 

Judge Mrs Helen Bakewell