• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Heather Simper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Pekingese

Bournemouth Canine Association  

10th,11th & 12th August 2019  


Puppy Dog (0)(0) 

Junior Dog (2)(0) 

1. Oades Brentoy Max Power. His head displays lovely round dark eyes of a good size, His nostrils are wide and the pigment is strong. Good bone and substance picking up heavy, correct amount of coat. Moved displaying a dignified roll and using his strong hindquarters. RDCC  

2. Shaw & Mee’s Pekehuis Avenger. Lower to ground than 1 with good bone and construction. I preferred the nostril width of 1 which I consider very important. He moved well and has the correct amount of coat of good texture.  

Post Graduate Dog (3)(1) 

1. Paradise’s Rickenny’s George Ezra with Shardlow JW. Low to ground compact dog able to move well. In good coat of nice texture. Envelope shaped head with lovely dark eyes of good size.  

2. Morley & Hitchcok’s mezrabRed To Talk to Lizlanmor. I liked this dog but he did not appear to be giving his all particularly on the move. He has excellent bone and substance and picks up heavy. His head shape is not as shallow as 1 but it does display dark round eyes and good wide nostrils.  

Limit dog. (1)(0) 

1. Shaw, Yau & Mee’s Pekehuis Sorcerer. Good envelope shaped head with lovely dark, round expressive eyes. Compact body with reasonable bone but would like a better barrel of rib. Moved with dignity.  

Open dog (2)(0) 

1. Shaw & McNamra’s Ch Pekehuis Super natural for Lynbank. I was pleased to award him the DCC and BOB and happy that he achieved a G3 placing. He is ideal for size, short and coby with a good pear shape brought about by a short neck well laid shoulders excellent barrel of rib leading back to strong hindquarters and good tail set. His head is good in shape displaying lovely expressive dark eyes of good size, wide nostrils and correct amount of wrinkle, he also has a strong chin. He has enough coat which has a soft undercoat and a good harsh topcoat. His movement is dignified.  

2. Easdon & martin’s Ch Yakee The Aristocrat. He is well made throughout and moves ok. His head is a correct shape with good round dark eyes. He is not as compact as 1 and I would like less coat of a more correct texture.  

Veteran Dog  (0)(0) 

Special Beginners D/B (0)(0) 

Puppy Bitch (3)(0)  

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Dear Prudence. This young lady really took my eye. She is so well made throughout, good bone, short and compact, short neck leading to good shoulders, good barrel of rib for one so young and strong hindquarters with a good tail set. She has the sweetest expression brought about by such dark eyes, shallow head and wide- open nostrils. She moved with such confidence. I was pleased to award her BCC and BP and happy to see her perform well in the puppy group to take PG4.  

2. Shaw & Mee’s Pekehuis Charmed. A longer cast bitch. Very feminine head & expression displaying good sized dark eyes and good nostril width. On the move she needs to tighten a little in front.  

3. Penman & Dixon’s Jonsville Floral Design at Dragden. I liked this bitch for make and shape.   What a pity she was not enjoying her day out.  

Junior Bitch (2)(0) 

1. Paradise’s Pekehuis Scarlet with Shardlow. This young lady has excellent bone and substance and really picks up heavy. She has a very good spring of rib, is low to ground and very tight in at the elbows. Her head displays lovely round expressive dark eyes and correct wide nostrils. She moved well. I note her father was my BOB.  

2. Shaw & Mee’s Pekehuis Dream Girl, A black not as compact or as low to ground as 1 but moving well.  

Post Graduate Bitch (1)(0) 

1. Easdon & Martin’s Yakee Contrary Mary, aptly named as she really was not cooperating with her handler. She has a good shaped head displaying good open nostrils and lovely expressive dark eyes. She has a correct compact body shape brought about by a short neck leading to a good barrel of ribs she also has good bone for a puppy.  

Limit Bitch (0)(0) 

Open Bitch (1)(0) 

2. Easdon & Martin’s Ch Klerksof Lulu at Yakee. A well- constructed lady with good substance and shape. Her head displays all the correct essential, wide open nostrils, Dark round eyes and envelope shape. Coat of correct texture. Moved with Dignity. RCC 

Judge Heather Simper