• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hannah Houchin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Judge: Miss Hannah Houchin 


I would like to thank the National show committee for inviting me to judge Giant schnauzers today; it was a great honour to give CC’s for the first time here. I’d also like to thank the exhibitors for their entries; there were some lovey examples of the breed. 

Minor Puppy Dog (1 entry) 

1st STAPLES Riesenheim Taio Cruz To Ruffhaus 

9 month old, good head and correct eye, ears flying on the day, correct dentition. 

Sloping topline, decent chest and well angulated. Correct harsh top coat. Moved ok, does need to fill out and mature, a little leggy at the moment. BPD 

Puppy Dog (no entries) 

Junior Dog (1 entry) 

1st CULLEN Piri Reis De Cuthuz Philoma 

Very happy boy, enjoying his time in the ring which is great to see! 

Lovely head and eye, ears carried well. All-round good profile, sloping topline and well laid shoulder, he had a good texture to coat and well-muscled hind quarters. Once settled on the move he held himself well and deserved the RCC I awarded. 

Limit Dog (4 entries – 1 absent) 

1st VEAL Philoma Midnight Sun 

For me this boy was the one that stood out today. Well turned out, square in profile, beautiful outline. Correct proportions of head, well arched neck leading into well laid shoulder and sloping topline. Well-muscled all round, harsh coat, presented in tip top condition. Moved with purpose and drive. A pleasure to award this dog the CC & BOB 

2nd WOODGATE Dasaval Good And Ready 

Bigger dog in profile, good head, harsh coat, doesn’t have the body of 1. Moved ok. 

3rd WATMOUGH Lucavale Washington At Andmaura 

Open Dog (2 entries – 1 absent) 

1st CAMPBELL Mountslemish La Boheme 

3 year old mature male, decent head proportions, good eye and dentition. Harsh coat, well-muscled rear – would prefer more angulation on rear quarters. Shoulder flat and moderate chest. Carrying a little too much weight for my liking which resulted in rolling as he moved. 

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 entry) 

1st CULLEN & SMITH  Philoma Leading Lady 

This little girl caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring. She has such a character about her and shows her attitude off on the move. Although just 6 months and still very raw, she has it all there, well-constructed, beautiful head very feminine, ears just a little fly away today. Coat to be worked on but texture is there. I look forward to watching her mature and I’m sure she will go on to do big things.  BPB & BPIB 

Puppy Bitch (2 entries – 1 absent) 

1st EVANS Mountslemish Dark Justice 

10 month old p/s. Feminine, correct head proportions, good eye and dentition. Ears a little big for my liking but carries them well. Good chest and well laid shoulder. Moderate angulation. Topline ok, lost it on the move. Is carrying weight which again made her roll as she went round the ring. Correct harsh coat and colouring.  

Junior Bitch (no entries) 

PG Bitch (1 entry) 

1st TRAFFORD Treuherz Georgia 

Another feminine bitch, good head and eye, correct dentition. Moderately long neck set cleanly on shoulder. Good strong body, deep chest and strong front. Moderate rear angulation, tail set on high. Harsh coat, moved well  with reach and drive.  


Limit Bitch (6 entries – 3 absent) 

1st LOWOOD-PRICE Dasval As Good As It Gets 

Smaller Bitch but square profile. Well constructed. Correct head, dark eye and scissor bite. Ears set high dropping towards temple. Slightly arched neck leading into flat well laid shoulder, sloping topline and good front. Moderate chest, well sprung ribcage and strong hindquarters. Harsh coat texture and moved well – could do with slowing down a little to show off her drive more. RBCC 

2nd CULLEN & GREGG Philoma Ms Kalifornia 

Bigger bitch than 1, beautiful head and eye. Good harsh coat. Lost it a little on the move which resulted in her looking close behind.  

3rd ROTHERFORTH Silbertraum Ice Maiden 

Open Bitch (3 entries – 1 absent) 

1st CULLEN & THOMAS CH Philoma Lana Lang 

Although this bitch is on the bigger side of scale, she is very much in proportion all-round and gives a great outline. Well-constructed, typical giant schnauzer expression, ears set high and are neat. Sloping topline, great muscle on rear quarters, moderate chest and well sprung rib. Harsh coat texture. Moved with purpose with good driving power and balance. BCC & RBOB 

2nd EVANS Ir CH Mountslemish Blk Rigoletto 

Another lovely bitch, but felt 1 had the edge. Good head proportions, deep chest and good front. Moderate angulation, movement ok but sluggish. In good coat condition, Is carrying extra weight than needed.