• Show Date: 05/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Graham Mullis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Trent Boxer Club

Breed: Boxer

Trent Boxer Club

Championship Show 5/10/2019


I would like to thank the committee of the Trent Boxer Club for the invitation, their hospitality on the day and the lovely gift. I really enjoyed the day, thanks to all the exhibitors for a quality entry and the sporting way they took my decisions and to my most efficient ring stewards. I was very pleased with the type and overall quality of my line up, I’m sure the final 4 will all gain their title.

Veteran Bitch (5, 1)

1st. Beardsell and Van Beck’s, Newlaithe On Design JW, 8 year old B/W in super condition, a balanced head with good width and depth of muzzle, good mouth, dark correct eye with an expression that’s spells trouble, she stands well over her front and presents a sharp outline, she moved with drive and kept her topline throughout, showed her socks off to win Best Veteran in Show.

2nd. Taylor and Lay’s, Izzamoor Trick Of The Light at Wivendene ShCH, 7 year old B/W, a well made bitch, longer cast than the 1st, presented in lovely condition, a clean head of good proportions with a good mouth, a keen expression, moved with purpose and drive, I preferred the neck and outline of the 1st.

3rd. Murfin’s, Farvalley Sirocco’s Gift ShCM

Minor Pupy Bitch (8, 4)

1st. Brough’s, Sat’elit Box Fantasy (imp BLR) (raf), 6 month old R/W, an eye catching baby who presents a smart outline, she keeps catching your eye in the ring, well angulated throughout, she uses her neck well and it flows down to a correct topline, she may be a touch long but she carries it well, she has a balanced very pretty head all in proportion, clean and not overdone at all, a melting expression with evident chin, her mouth is ok for her age. She flows around the ring with drive and reach, very well handled, will watch her career with interest as she develops.

2nd. Hawkins,Greenawell Ka Ching at Melhawk, 6 month B/W, a pretty eye catching youngster in super condition, her head is clean and she has the correct muzzle to skull ratio, a super expression, mouth ok, good angulation front and back, a smart profile but was a little erratic on the move.

3rd. McCarthy and Gething’s, Sunhawk Norwatch Lovelace at Jeddh

Puppy Bitch (6, 3)

1st. Morrison’s, Myntie Black Orchid to Xandene, 10 month B/W, well made throughout, she presents a lovely clean square outline without any exaggeration, she has good angulation front and back, super topline and underline. I found her balanced clean head and cheeky expression very appealing, she has evident chin and good lip placement, good width of muzzle overall a balanced pretty head, when she settled on the move she went well, just right for her age, BPB

2nd. Welch’s, Newlaithe On The Diddle, B/W a showy baby, tall and longer cast than 1st, nice in profile, a good front, everything flows from her lovely neck into a correct topline, lacking a little rear angulation at present, a pretty balanced head, good mouth and lip placement, kind expression, moved and handled well.

3rd. Harris’, Million Diddles from Newlaithe.

Junior Bitch (8, 4)

1st. Seeney’s, Maranseen Bespoke, 13 months B/W, she caught my eye straight away, very showy with a smart profile, well angulated front, a good length of upper arm, she has a very appealing clean balanced head a good mouth and evident chin, dark eyes with a mischievous expression, her arched neck flows down to a correct topline, a good underline and spot on tail set, well angulated quarters complete the picture. Took a little time to settle on the move in her class but went well when she did.

2nd. Jones and Charles, Charlons Astute, 15 months R/W a square cobby bitch, lovely when stacked, she has a sharp pleasing outline, her head is a little strong for me but it is balanced and she has a good mouth, with a strong muzzle and a kind expression, well laid shoulders flowing through her correct topline, she has well made quarters with wide second thigh, moved well and true around the ring, I just preferred the elegance of the 1st.

3rd. Crooks’, Flyingfox Flyinghigh for Uftonponds

Yearling Bitch (4, 1)

1st. Huggins, Daervlish Elevation, 18 months B/W A stylish clean outline, very well balanced good front, she flows through her neck to her correct topline, spot on tail set, sharpe underline, decent quarters, her head is very appealing and clean, nothing exaggerated, good width and depth of muzzle with a good mouth and a cracking expression, she moved well with drive when she settled down, in the last 4 for CC.

2nd. Kavanagh’s Marbleton Carnival Queen, R/W in super condition, liked her expression, dark eyes, full of mischief, she has a clean head with a wide muzzle and a good mouth, a well made front, sound topline held on the move, showed and handled well, close decision but just preferred the outline and movement of 1st.

3rd. Brooks’, Jackintabox Just Amazing by Jinnybrux

Novice Bitch (6, 1)

1st. Miller and Seeney’s, Maranseen Sparkle at Walkon, 13 months B/W, an outline which demands attention, good front angulation, lovely arched neck, a correct topline, a spot on tail set, maybe just a touch long in loin, she has well angulated quarters which complete the picture, her head is very clean and so balanced with a good rise of skull, she has a good mouth and evident chin and a super expression, she moved well, expertly handled to win the class.

2nd. Humphries’, Chribanna Amethyst Shower, B/W, a close decision as she is a lovely bitch, very showy with a pleasing outline, well angulated front and back, a good strong clean neck, a pretty clean head, broad deep muzzle, good mouth, nothing overdone headwise, she moved with purpose and drive, very well handled, just preferred the head and expression of the 1st.

3rd Murfin and Renshaw-Turners, Farvalley Picture Perfect

Debutante Bitch (4, 1)

1st. Drinkwater’s, Maranseen Seduction at Sulez, B/W a very elegant well grown bitch who never stops showing, she stands well over her front, uses her neck to the full, she just flows, well angulated quarters with strong short hocks which she used well on the move. Her head is clean with a good mouth, good width of muzzle, super rise of skull and a true boxer expression, well handled, last 4 for the CC

2nd. Taylor and Lay’s, Izzamoor Athena at Wivendene B/W more compact than the 1st with a square outline, a good front and quarters, a pleasing head, not overdone at all, a good mouth and a dark eye, well handled to move with reach and drive, holding her topline well throughout.

3rd Law’s, Walkon Upper Class

Graduate Bitch (9)

1st. Henderson’s, Taranut Medea B/W, an eye catching, correct but slightly smaller bitch who grabs your attention, she stands square with a good front and quarters, she has a pretty balanced head with a good mouth, evident chin, good rise of skull, her expression is just full of mischief, when she settled she moved well with drive and purpose.

2nd. Beardsell and Van Beck’s, Newlaithe Pureoco JW, B/W, a well balanced bitch who presents a sharpe outline, she flows nicely from her neck down through a correct topline, an attractive head with a good mouth a strong muzzle and good rise of skull, her dark eyes giving a cheeky expression, she made her handler work hard but she moved and covered the ground well, a close decision just preferred the attitude of the 1st

3rd. Picken’s, Bellebox Top Trick

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1)

1st. Weller’s, Hollijon Tooty Fruity for Greenawell B/W, a quality showy bitch who has a smart outline, she is well angulated, flows nicely throughout, her head is very pretty, clean with a good mouth, evident chin and a super rise of skull, her melting kind expression which demands attention, she moved well keeping her topline throughout.

2nd. Murfin and Renshaw-Turner’s, Farvalley Shooting Star, B/W, a well made bitch with a super outline, well angulated throughout, she moved around the ring with drive and purpose, she has a good mouth and a blocky muzzle, a super expression but for me needs a little more work in her head, a close decision the head of the 1st won the class.

3rd. Flintoft and Woolliss’, Boxania Midnight Spice

Limit Bitch(15, 5)

1st. McDonalds, Yeteb Little Miss Muffet JW, B/W her handler works so hard to present this bitch at her best, she has a super outline, good front and rear angulation, she uses her neck well and has a super topline which she maintains on the move, her head is not overdone at all, she has a good mouth, a square blocky muzzle, good rise of skull and dark eyes, she moved well with drive and purpose, was in the last 4 for the CC, I wish she would just give her handler just a little bit more.

2nd. Jones and Charles, Charlons Nostalgia B/W, a very showy stylish bitch, stronger in head than the 1st, good rise of skull, well padded muzzle, dark eyes, in hard condition, she has good front and rear angulations, she keeps her topline on the moved and drives around the ring, just prefer the head of the 1st

3rd. Crooks’, Uftonponds Making Waves JW

Open Bitch (6)

1st. Wilson’s, Thorpaige Kiss Chase JW ShCM, B/W medium sized 3 year old in sparkling condition, in profile she has the most well balanced body, she has a good layback of shoulder and super forechest, she just flows from her neck across her clearly defined withers down a strong topline, spot on tail set, sharp underline, well angulated quarters with broad muscular thighs and short strong hocks My type of head, it is so well balanced and clean, a wide deep muzzle, good rise of skull, correct lip placement and a good mouth a melting expression with dark well shaped eyes, she moved well with reach and drive in her class and in the challenge, well handled, on her toes today to take the BCC, RBIS

2nd. Brown and Hutchings, Ch Winuwuk Looking For Love, B/W another beautiful bitch with a super sharp outline, not exaggerated at all, a most feminine bitch with well laid shoulders and good forechest, she flows from the top of her head to the tip of her tail, well angulated quarters which she used to drive around the ring, she has a melting expression, her pretty head again well balanced, clean with a good mouth and muzzle, a close, difficult decision but I just preferred the head type and attitude of the 1st. RCC

3rd. McCarthy and Gething’s, Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi


Graham Mullis