• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Bournemouth Canine Association 2019

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Judge: Mr G Hill

BEST OF BREED : 1065 REES Mr D A & Mrs W Stadwen Figaro

Dog CC : 1065 REES Mr D A & Mrs W Stadwen Figaro

Res Dog CC : 1051 VENGRE VENGEROVA Mrs Y Rus Ch Aethwy Piano Man

Bitch CC : 1041 BLANCE, Messrs C & N & SHELTON, Mr W & LEYERLY M Penliath Sent From Coventry (ai)

Res Bitch CC : 1066 REES Mr D A & Mrs W Ch Stadwen Tinkerbell

Best Puppy : 1068 WYER Mrs H & Mr R Cottivy Cappuccino

Thank you to all exhibitors for your support in entering at Bournemouth for my judges opinion.                                                                                                       

Overall the entry was thought provoking; it was particularly satisfying that despite the strong winds, noisy flapping tents and stormy conditions there were no serious temperament problems.

Class 464 MPD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1068 WYER Mrs H & Mr R Cottivy Cappuccino a quality 8½ month-old well-coated Tri who impressed in type and development. The older and more mature looking of the class. Well boned and sturdy in stature combined with pleasing conformation. Attractive head and expression true front, fore chest, tight elbows, well bodied and firm well angulated hindquarters. Better mover of this class and other puppies; moved free and easily with purpose and confidence. Best Puppy in Breed.  

2nd: 1054 DOVER, Mr K & SAETHER, Mr L & TAYLOR Mr A Anwyl Tell Me When TAF NAF (Imp) a very attractive 7-month-old red who did a good job of showing off his qualities. Very much a baby and not having the advance of coat of 1st; one of the type and shape I liked having an attractive head and expression. Well-developed bone and body. Moved OK but in typical puppy style.

3rd: 1042 BLANCE, Mrs C B & BLANCE Miss N L Penliath Fits The Bill (ai)

Class 465 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1057 HARRISON Mrs S Haresfoot Danny Boy NBT a well grown 11 month old Tri puppy male who is mature and well grown for his age. Masculine in head, responsive expression and although has enough leg length, is well made in front, well developed in body and hindquarters. He has a sturdy look in profile and good proportions. would like more enthusiasm in action and needs to be more precise in front.

Class 466 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1045 COULSON, Mr & Mrs B & S & CAMBONI & MALAGRE Mesda Oye-dragoon-willow Des Contamines At Woodhenge (Imp Fra) a 16 month old striking male especially in standing side profile. Very pleasing in head and expression enhanced with well-shaped dark eyes and well set firmly erect ears. First-rate construction in front and forequarters which edged him over 2nd. Long enough body which is firm and of ideal substance. Better mover; moved out with a free and positive gait.

2nd: 1052 DAVIES, Mrs M & TAYLOR Mrs D Ermyn Razzle Dazzle a smart 13-month-old Tri who has a masculine well shaped and proportioned head. Head set on good length strong neck. Front could be tighter both standing and on the move. Pleasing fore chest, well-made body which is ribbed well back. Firm top-line and pleasing angulation behind. Moved with forward purpose but needing to settle in front and be more parallel in hocks behind.

Class 467 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1056 GORDON, Miss J & HEATH Mrs C Crescenthill Brynlea Moon Glow (Imp USA) a 2 year old shaded tri who is nicely proportioned and who caught my eye in side gait on the move. Breed typical, masculine head having an attentive alert expression. Well-made front and forequarters with a firm sturdy body and good width hindquarters with parallel hocks. Lively movement with extension in front and pleasing drive behind.

2nd: 1046 CREECH Mrs L P Zydahayes Sir Bruce a 18 month old light red having a pleasing side profile. Just preferred the head of 1st but head set on good length neck which was well laid into shoulders. Satisfying in body and angles front and rear. Free moving but needing to settle in front more settled and together in body than 3rd.

3rd: 1060 MAY Miss R A Barawood Pandoro at Giradellis (ai)

Class 468 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1065 REES Mr D A & Mrs W Stadwen Figaro an unmissable 3½ year old mature red who is ‘All Male’ and all ‘Pembroke Corgi’ and who looks to be in his prime. Handsome head shape with alert eyes and responsive ears of good shape and size. Sound front and forequarters stands on strong, well boned legs well under his body with tight elbows. Deep chest with forechest, good spring and length of ribbing. In excellent coat and condition. Notable balanced profile and pleasing height to length proportions. He has a firm, sturdy look. Moved with good extension in front and particularly good parallel width, drive behind. My Dog CC and Best of Breed winner.

2nd: 1034 AYLOTT Mr W & Mrs B A Barwal Blazing Desert a shapely 4½ year old masculine, breed typical mature male who has a smart quality appearance which I preferred to 3rd. Attractive head and alert expression; well made in front, pleasing body and enough substance although would prefer more cover over the loin. Moved out very enthusiastically consequently not as controlled as 1st but preferred his rear action to 3rd.

3rd: 1064 POILE Miss V Oregonian Snow Monkey At Cherrimar Sh.CM

Res: 1069 WYER Mrs H & Mr R Cottivy Skyfall  

Class 469 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 1051 VENGRE VENGEROVA Mrs Y Rus Ch Aethwy Piano Man a mature looking 6 year old  sturdily constructed quality breed typical male. Impressive overall profile shape and conformation from his attractive head and sound robust body to his strong firm desirably angled hindquarters. A little unsettled on the table which did not help him but on the ground he stood well and was active and purposeful on the move with extension although not as precise as first in front but had good drive behind. He is balanced and has impressive proportions in side profile gaining him the Reserve Dog CC.

Class 470 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1050 DAVIES Mrs M H Ch & Rus Ch Ermyn Snow Knight a 9 year old Tri very nice quality male who possesses a very attractive typy head and expression; well-made front which despite his age is still tight and sound enough. Mature and in impressive coat and condition. Well-constructed with desirable spring of rib and being ribbed well back and having a firm level top line with mature body substance. Nicely let down behind with good parallel hocks. Moved well especially in rear action; for me my Best Veteran in Breed.

2nd: 1035 AYLOTT Mr W & Mrs B A Barwal Brave Beau a typy rising 11 year old who has obvious commendable qualities in breed characteristics and construction but tending to look her age especially in expression. Appeared to look slack in front and behind and losing her top line in profile. Moved ok but not as free and active as 1st.

Class 472 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1043 BLANCE, Mrs C B & BLANCE Miss N L Penliath Bill Me Later (ai) an 8-month-old lovely quality young bitch who has plenty of conformation and breed qualities and has undeniable promise. Beautiful head both in shape and alert friendly expression; head is set on a neck of moderate length. Well-developed body, well boned and ribbed well back. She has enough fore-chest, body and firm angled hindquarters. Moved confidently but with a typical puppy gait.

2nd: 1055 GORDON Mrs E Ryslip Hobnob a very attractive 9-month-old who showed off her qualities well with a very happy and contented temperament. One with the shape I liked having a very nice head and expression and a well- made, well-developed bone and body; enough leg length. More together for her age than 3rd. Moved OK but tended to be unsettled in front action.

3rd: 1036 AYLOTT Mr W & Mrs B A Holly Pippin at Barwal  

Class 474 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1070 WYER Mrs H & Mr R Creslow Melody Maker At Cottivy a smart 15  month old shapely red who is well constructed with a lovely head and expression . Attractive make and shape having a super profile with good overall proportions and a firm level top line. Coat needing to settle down. Sound front of ideal width and nicely let down hindquarters. Moved out with a free active gait.

Class 475 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 1061 MAY, Miss R & WOODEY Mrs D Barawood Spirito Libero Ai a very typy 21-month-old shapely looking young bitch. One that is full of life and appears to take everything in her stride. She has a sound well boned strong front with obvious fore chest. Attractive head and eye producing an appealing expression all of which I preferred to 2nd. Pleasing overall body length and OK body cover. Moved positively and with an active action.

2nd: 1058 HARRISON Mrs S Haresfoot Cora NBT a rising 2-year-old young bitch who has a close coat and a well-defined outline. Feminine in head but her expression indicated she was unhappy with her surroundings and weather conditions. Moderate in length and has nothing in exaggeration. Well-made front, body and hindquarters. Lacked the purpose and lively action compared with 1st on the move.

Class 476 LB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1071 WYER Mrs H & Mr R Cottivy Twelfth Night a very promising 2 years old red young bitch who is of pleasing shape, balanced in profile with satisfying body construction and ideal boned. I like her head, expression and alert nicely set ears of good size and shape. Sound front, close fitting elbows and stands on tight, nicely arched correct shaped feet. Pleasing spring and ribbing, level in top line and pleasing substance of body which I preferred to 2nd. Better mover with especially good front action.

2nd: 1047 CREECH Mrs L P Zydahayes Jitterbug a mature 4-year-old red who is similar in breed type and overall length to 1st. Well made in front, well boned and having good feet. Possesses pleasing head, eyes and ears and has a very alert expression. She is well constructed all through but has generous substance of body which detracts from her side profile and her underline. Moved out well but tended to pin in front and tended to slightly crab coming towards me.

Class 477 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1041 BLANCE, Messrs C & N & SHELTON, Mr W & LEYERLY M Penliath Sent From Coventry (ai) super quality 2½ year old real feminine but breed typical bitch who appeals in head shape, eye and ears giving a very attractive appearance and expression. Striking in profile with ideal length, balance and proportions of body. Sound in conformation, very satisfying to go over and presents an ‘eye-catching’ profile picture. Confident and purposeful on the move with a free action. My Bitch CC winner. Just edged out for Best of Breed by the CC Dog who in the challenge had a better side gait on the move

2nd: 1066 REES Mr D A & Mrs W Ch Stadwen Tinkerbell a rising 4-year-old rich red who has the most satisfying shape being well made, of excellent proportions and having impressive body and coat condition. She has a very attractive well shaped head with good ears and endearing expression. Firm bodied with a level strong top line and nicely let down hindquarters. Moved freely and confidently but not as precise as 1st. My Reserve CC bitch winner.

3rd: 1044 COULSON Mr B J & Mrs S Ch Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza

Class 478 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1063 PETITPIERRE Miss A Ch Brynlluan Wind Runner To Kulla a rising 11 year old obviously mature tri bitch who has a very attractive head, eyes and ears producing a very likeable expression. She has good feet and is well made in front, body and hindquarters with plenty of body substance. Presents a very satisfying balanced well-proportioned body profile shape.  Moved well with front extension and purpose.

2nd: 1038 AYLOTT Mr W & Mrs B A Brisam Subaru a well bodied well-made 8 year old who has an attractive profile appearance. Lighter in frame than 1st but combines feminine and breed qualities. Moved with an easy, free, lively action. In commendable condition for her age.

3rd: 1037 AYLOTT Mr W & Mrs B A Barwal Belle