• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Manchester Championship Show 2019

Shetland Sheepdog

Judge: Mr Graham Hill

BEST OF BREED : 2374 STAFFORD Miss C J Ch Rannerdale Queen O'the North JW

Dog CC : 2277 BENDELOW Mrs H M Guxel Golden Ringer From Amethrickeh

Res Dog CC : 2353 ROBINSON Mrs S Ch Lavika Luminary JW

Bitch CC : 2374 STAFFORD Miss C J Ch Rannerdale Queen O'the North JW

Res Bitch CC : 2380 WINFIELD Mrs V Carolelen Classic Star By Oakcroft JW

Best Puppy : 2317 HATELEY Mrs K E Mohnesee Sweet Dreams JW

Best Veteran : 2283 BRADY Mrs R Ch Francehill Two Tone

I thank Manchester Dog Show for my invitation to judge this beautiful breed and thank the exhibitors for their support.

I enjoyed my judging but would highlight that front and especially rear movement needs attention and also some quality dogs were relegated down the line due to dental hygiene problems.

I was very satisfied with my winners and I congratulate the Best of Breed on being short-listed in the Group

Class 625 MPD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2298 FISHER Mrs D J Shellamoyed Black Klansman a very promising b/w 7 month old youngster who has an attractive appearance which although he obviously is a babe possesses all the basic breed characteristics especially a pleasing head both in shape and expression. Well developed in bone and satisfying substance of body which is well coated. Pleasing to note that he is sound in basic construction for his age and is one that shows great potential. Moved well with confidence and especially good front action.

2nd: 2342 PATTINSON Mr & Mrs J I Kyleburn Hidden Dream TAF an 8 month old smart sable who has a lovely head with dark well shaped eyes giving an alert expression. True well boned front but tended to stand narrow, pleasing body substance with moderately angled hindquarters and low hocks. Pleasing size but needs to mature and tighten to be at his best. Free moving although needing to settle in front.

3rd: 2361 RUTTERFORD Ms J C Kelgrove Midsummer Blue At Stormhead

Class 626 PD (9 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 2376 WALKER Mrs S J Tooralie's Ocho Rios a shapely 9 month old sable who has excellent promise; he is attractive in general appearance being in proportion and balanced in angles front and rear. In excellent coat and condition. Pleasing in head which is all in proportion and having an attentive expression. Head carried proudly on good length neck. True, well boned front of ideal width; well developed body and angled hindquarters. Preferred angles and width of hindquarters at this stage of development to that of 2nd. Moved with an easy free true action front and rear.

2nd: 2339 MOORE D Jacanshe Be Our Guest at Santiara a 10 month old predominantly black who is of attractive profile shape although not in the advance coat of 1st. He is of pleasing size and proportion and has a very elegant appearance. I liked his head and alert expression. He is well made in body and has just-right substance. Moved well in front which was true and had extension but was close in rear action although looked god in side gait. A very promising puppy.

3rd: 2361 RUTTERFORD Ms J C Kelgrove Midsummer Blue At Stormhead

Class 627 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2308 GOODWIN Mrs L A & Mr K Highbrook Hobnob a 12 month old well coated sable who has pleasing overall make and shape and the appearance breed quality. Attractive well proportioned head with pleasing responsive ears and dark well shaped eyes. He has satisfying development for his age with a true well boned front, pleasing body development and stable, moderately angled hindquarters which I preferred to 2nd. The better mover of this class.

2nd: 2301 FRENCH Mrs L S Lindfern Light Sabre JW a very breed typical shapely 14 month old sable who stands well over the ground and presents a quality appearance. Very attractive head which is refined and in proportion to the rest of him. He is well boned and bodied and very typy in look having pleasing size, shape and overall proportions. Not as well coated as 1st and needs. to settle and tighten in hindquarters especially on the move.

3rd: 2303 GAMBLE Ms H Solyric Inaugural Gold JW

Class 628 YD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2277 BENDELOW Mrs H M Guxel Golden Ringer From Amethrickeh a super sable junior who impressed with his overall conformation and well coated appearance. He presents a breed typical picture having pleasing size, shape and proportions. Masculine but refined breed typical head, having an easy-going, confident attitude which impressed when alert and ears semi-erect.  True, ideal bone in front with tight enough elbows, well made body with spring and being ribbed well enough back. Stable moderately angled hindquarters of satisfying width. Strong and level top-line both standing and moving. Moved with an effortless free stride in front and matching rear action. My Dog CC winner.

2nd: 2327 JACOBS, Miss G E & JOHNSON Mr R & Miss W Willowthorn Dream Gazer JW Sh.CM a very attractive d/sable of super profile shape and presented in pleasing coat and condition. Very satisfying in overall conformation being well made in front, body and hindquarters. Although he has a head of pleasing shape and proportions I just preferred the refinement in head of 1st. Movement was true and purposeful in front but a little close behind.

3rd: 2303 GAMBLE Ms H Solyric Inaugural Gold JW

Class 629 PGD (10 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2289 CHATTERLEY Miss S Silver Coin a very smart looking 21 month old b/merle whose size and well defined outline caught the eye.  In good coat and condition with pleasing construction underneath. Masculine and breed typical in head set on to strong good length neck. True well boned front, body of satisfactory proportions with just enough firm substance. Strong in top-line flowing to a gradual sloping croup presenting a pleasing overall outline. Moved the better of this class both in front and rear action.

2nd: 2309 GOODWIN Mrs L A & Mr K Highbrook He's Got Style JW a good quality 2¾ year old sable who has a very pleasing overall shape and is of good size. Masculine and refined in head with an alert expression and responsive ears. Is balanced and all in proportion when standing free. In pleasing coat and satisfying condition. True well made front with pleasing fore-chest and width all through. Pasterns could be stronger. Well made in body with good substance; balanced angulations front and rear. Moved with a free action but not as settled in front as 1st.

3rd: 2293 DANIELS, Mrs M & TAYLOR Miss S Pepperhill Cruise Control 

Class 630 LD (11 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 2373 STAFFORD Mrs A A Rannerdale The Entertainer a well made 2½ year old sable of notable size and overall shape. Stands well but would certainly improve his appearance by stretching out over more ground. One that I enjoyed going over to discover his excellent conformation. He has a very attractive head and expression, good length neck and true front with pleasing pasterns and tight elbows. He has a well proportioned body, length to height, and satisfying angulations to hindquarters. The best mover of this class.

2nd: 2382 WOOLLEY Mrs V A Pepperhill In The Moment At Valjon a good looking 2½ year old black who has a very smart general appearance confirming his pleasing proportions and breed typical shape. He has a masculine well proportioned head with an alert expression. True good width front, firm body and stable moderately angled hindquarters. Stands well but could do with more enthusiasm on the move.

3rd: 2365 SAUNDERS Mrs I V Chalmoor Shades Of Gold At Fernfrey JW

Class 631 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2353 ROBINSON Mrs S Ch Lavika Luminary JW a very attractive 2¾ years old full coated sable who has an excellent well proportioned body and a balanced side profile. Handsome head, having well shaped dark eyes and an alert expression with responsive ears. True front and forequarters, well made body with firm top-line with angulations of hindquarters in balance with that of the shoulders. He is of pleasing size and shape and is obviously masculine. One who presents a very smart picture when standing free. Moved well both going and on return. My Reserve Dog CC winner.

2nd: 2275 BASTIANI & JOHN Mmes Ch Hawk Blue Eye Des Romarins De Mayerling Joins Auberswell JW (Imp) an eye-catching mature b/merle who was in commendable coat and condition. Presents a well balanced picture with pleasing proportions length to height. Attractive head, eyes and expression but would prefer smaller ears. True well made front, mature in body with spring and being ribbed well back. Broad moderately angled hindquarters. Moved especially well in front but a bit close behind.

3rd: 2349 REEVES Mr & Mrs B P Ir Ch Fearnach Crusador

Class 632 VD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2283 BRADY Mrs R Ch Francehill Two Tone an excellent quality rising 12 year old male in commendable coat and body condition which belies his age. He is striking in appearance being in profuse coat and so ideally balanced in outline and proportions of body and of pleasing size. Pleasing head shape and alert in expression. Impressed in front and forequarters. Moved with an easy true action in front and steady drive behind showing many youngsters how to move.

2nd: 2359 RULE Mr C D Edglonian Lets Rock at Bleatarn an 11 year old w/sable of pleasing breed type. Very attractive in overall size and shape. Mature, masculine and breed typical in head which is all in proportion and of satisfying shape. Well boned and bodied and has pleasing overall construction which was endorsed with his free and easy movement.     

3rd: 2276 BASTIANI & JOHN Mmes Fait Moi Rever Jocker Des Romarins De Mayerling at Auberswel

Class 633 MPB (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 2324 HUYTON Mr & Mrs P & C Jaztech Summer Love For Hightyne  a very promising quality 7 month old attractive sable who has desirable bone and body and is well grown. She has an overall outline and side profile that I liked. Refined and feminine in head with a very gentle but alert expression. Very typical puppy temperament although aware, alert and interested in her surroundings. Moved well although in usual puppy style but more settled than 2nd.

2nd: 2364 SAPSFORD Mrs P Shelcrest River Of Dreams a very attractively marked sable who, at nearly 8 months of age tended to look a bit long, a difficult stage of growth and development. However, otherwise she impressed with her attractive head and attentive expression and is true in front, has good width and all the sound basics in body and hindquarters. When settled she moved well, especially in front action.

3rd: 2354 ROBINSON Mrs S Lavika Life In The Fast Lane

Class 634 PB (14 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: 2377 WALKER Mrs S J Channerswick Pennywise a very smart, shapely, eye-catching 9 month old b/merle who possesses quality in both breed characteristics and conformation. She has a beautiful, feminine head and alert interested expression. She has pleasing construction all through and is balanced in angulations with ideal body proportions; when viewed from the side, her appearance is enhanced by well conditioned profuse coat. Presents a breed typical picture. Moved well especially in rear action. Plenty of quality and has excellent promise.

2nd: 2313 HAENSEL Mrs Y L & Mr D G Sherkarl Copper Highlights another very smart 9 month old who for me excels in head, all together in shape, proportions and alert, endearing expression. True well constructed front and forequarters, pleasing development of bone and body with strong, stable hindquarters. On her toes and needs to settle to give of her best on the move but did enough for me to note that her movement matches her pleasing overall construction.

3rd: 2360 RULE Mr D R & Mrs I A Bleatarn Gee Wizz

Class 635 JB (9 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: 2317 HATELEY Mrs K E Mohnesee Sweet Dreams JW a super quality well coated nearly 12 month old beautiful sable bitch of very pleasing quality.  She has a breed typical shape and size and presents an impressive picture. I liked her head and alert intelligent expression; she is ideal in length of neck and proportions and balance of body with slightly sloping croup and broad strong hindquarters. Excellent potential to mature into a top adult. Best mover of this class and when challenging for Best Puppy in Breed which I was pleased to award her.

2nd: 2328 JACOBS, Miss G & WALKER Mrs S J Marsullas Nikkoletta a 14 month old tri who has an attractive overall shape although not in full coat. Masculine head set on good length neck. True in front, well made body and nicely angled hindquarters. She is smart and has clean lines in profile does not yet look as mature and together as 1st 

3rd: 2315 HARDY Mrs J Sandwick Stage Show

Class 636 YB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2380 WINFIELD Mrs V Carolelen Classic Star By Oakcroft JW a 21month old quality sable bitch of impressive appearance. Ideal size and proportions being in excellent coat and condition and of the make and shape that caught my attention. Attractive feminine, refined breed typical head having pleasing eyes and expression. She stands well over the ground with a notable eye catching profile which is balanced having ideal overall proportions. Soundly constructed in front, well bodied and firm in hindquarters which are broad with low hocks. Moved well with true front action and good width and drive behind. My Reserve Bitch CC winner.

2nd: 2355 ROBINSON Mrs S Lavika Time Of My Life JW another very attractive 21 month old who is slightly heavier in bone than 1st. Lots to like about her: typy well proportioned head, balanced in head: skull to muzzle. She was good to go over and note her pleasing construction in front, body and hindquarters. Overall of ideal body length to height proportions. Tended to drop her head especially on the move although her rear action was true and of good width.

3rd: 2296 FISHER Mrs D J Shellamoyed Simply Sweet

Class 637 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 2379 WALLIS Misses P & J Peartbrook Perle d'Or a 3 year old sable who stands well over the ground. She has an attractive head with an alert feminine expression. Pleasing breed typical appearance and is of good size and proportions. Moved the better of this class when settled.

2nd: 2326 JACKSON Mr G & Mrs D G Keycharm Artic Queen with Gordil a well boned and well bodied 2½ years old b/merle who has a profuse coat and an all-together sturdier look than 1st. Pleasing head and expression, adequate in front construction, well bodied and moderate angulations of hindquarters. Not as settled or precise on the move as 1st.

3rd: 2332 KENNEDY Miss R Lirren Blue Gamble At Donbeley

Class 638 LB (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2297 FISHER Mrs D J Shellamoyed My Blue Heaven JW a 3½ year old mature looking blue merle who presented a very smart profile shape. A very attractive head which is refined enough, and all in proportion to the rest of her. She is alert and attentive with responsive well shaped ears. True in front of good width, mature in body and stable strong hindquarters. She moved well both in front and rear action.

2nd: 2295 DUNN Mrs R Neraklee Chardonnay At Shelleary a nearly 3 year old mahogany sable having a smart profile which shows off her good proportions length to height. She has clean lines and pleasing head proportions set on good length neck. True front, tight elbows and firm body with moderately angled hindquarters. Free moving but not as settled behind as 1st.

3rd: 2302 FRENCH Mrs L S Lindfern Enchanted Dancer JW

Class 639 OB (11 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2374 STAFFORD Miss C J Ch Rannerdale Queen O' The North JW a super quality 2½ year old who is not only attractive in coat colour/markings but is impressive in overall construction. She is balanced, totally in proportion and is sound in front, body and hindquarters. She impresses in conformation, coat and condition which combined presents a quality representative of the breed. Her overall conformation is capped by her super refined head and alert, confident personality. Her excellent conformation was endorsed by her sound free movement. My Bitch CC winner and Best of Breed.

2nd: 2356 ROBINSON Mrs S Lavika Lucky Star JW  a very breed typical super shaped 2¾ year old sable who has a very attractive head which is feminine and of pleasing proportion but could have more strength in under-jaw. Stands well over the ground presenting herself to advantage although she did tend to crouch into herself on occasion. She is well made in front, is well bodied with spring and good length of ribbing firm in top-line and gentle slope of croup and was in good coat, presenting a very satisfying well defined outline. Free moving with a true but fast stepping action in front.

3rd: 2345 PEARSON Miss D Edglonian Rhythm N Rhyme

Class 640 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2306 GATHERAL Miss M G Herds Hallucination JW Highbrook a good quality 7 year old b/w of ideal size and who was of excellent shape and proportions in side profile. Feminine in head and typical in shape and having clear markings not showing her age. True, well made front, firm body and nicely angled hindquarters and was the better mover of the class.

2nd: 2281 BENNETT Mrs P Watchwood Dream Girl a well coated 10 year old shaded sable shown in commendable coat and condition. Pleasing head and still being attentive and alert as any. She has a true front, is well bodied and has a typical profile shape and is of pleasing size and proportions. She was free moving with good front action but close behind.

3rd: 2334 LEE Mrs M F Chalynwood Chumani