• Show Date: 30/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gordon Inglis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

United Kingdom Toydog Society

30 March 2019

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Dogs

Thank you for the opportunity to judge at this prestigious and well organised show. A society with which I have a past-association as former treasurer and committee member prior to our return north some 20 years ago. Like a number of championship shows, to encourage newer exhibitors, the classification includes the Special Beginners classes, with a later "in Show" competition for all breeds in the big ring. Perhaps due to the inexperience of the exhibitors, the stewards' instructions were misinterpreted, resulting in only the bitch competing for the "in Breed" award under both judges, while later in the day, the dog was waiting to enter the big ring for the "in Show" competition, only to be told it was ineligible, having missed the breed challenge. The entry was not large by comparison to the huge entries of old, but there was a good enough proportion of sufficient worth for the class wins and major awards. For best of breed and best puppy, rather than discuss the merits of our respective choices, I suggested to Linda that we utilise the services of the referee, Jill Peak, the Best In Show judge, to select which of each she preferred to represent the breed in the big ring. My CC and RCC winners made a "Matched Pair" - so satisfying in type, size and construction and were ideal examples of what I was seeking in profile movement, with graceful neck, perfect topline with tail carried straight off the back. The CC winner is certainly worth a look to see the way he floats effortlessly in profile and also has the required parallel driving hind action. Enviable qualities, rarely seen today and so much-treasured.

SBD 3 Entries ( Abs: 0 )

1st: BLOOR'S Loranka's Edge Of The Stars Good sized Blenheim, rich in colouring with graceful neck and shoulders, firm well-developed body. Very accurate on the move . Head shape pleasing with good pigment and teeth. Would like less white showing round his eyes. Happy character and willing to please. 2nd: SLACK'S Willowheart Louis Another Blenheim of correct size. Very soft gentle expression, with dark round eyes, neat muzzle shape and darkest pigment. A shade more neck and tidier tail carriage would have enhanced the picture but he moved true front and rear. 3rd: HUTCHIN'S Frondil's Office Ed

VD 2 ( 0 ) Two very worthy veterans here. A difficult choice due to the varying age scale.

1st: MANGHAM'S Maibee Perfect Touch Of Charnavale JW 10 and a half years old Blenheim of ideal size with a very balanced outline. Pleasing head type with dark eyes and gentle outlook. Nose a bit off-colour and a few teeth missing. He warmed to his task, moving better the more he was asked to. Rich coloured heavy markings. Coat and muzzle beginning to show signs of his age. However, size and head type decided in his favour. Congratulations on winning Best Veteran in Show. 2nd:PRICE'S Ch Almonroyd Minstrel A slightly bigger dog with a handsome head, great eyes and dark pigmentation. Well distributed richly coloured Blenheim markings on a coat of soft texture and enough length. Behaved like a youngster. Had a good outline and very satisfying on the move with perfect tail straight off backline.

  MPD 6 (0 )

1st: PARSONS' Peakdowns Marcopolo At Anjomil Elegant Blenheim with richly coloured well broken markings. Very attractive head with correct skull to muzzle balance. Dark nose pigment, good teeth plus lozenge marking on head. Pleasing in profile both standing and on the move with level topline and correctly carried tail. Accurate front and rear action. Coat coming on well and presented in first class condition. An exciting prospect. 2nd: SEDGBEER'S Russmic Oh Boy Small and neat Blenheim with very much a puppy look, but with the basics there already of something very worthwhile. Flattish skull with well-set ears. Perhaps a shade short in muzzle at present. Good teeth and pigment. Very striking in outline standing with neck, shoulders and backline moulded well and tail set on well. Good rear action with plenty of drive. Another bright prospect in a class which overall was disappointing. 3rd: FISK'S Rebhann's Hot Toddy Res: GODWIN'S Simpatico Walnut VHC: WADDINGTON'S Spindlepoint Just Joey

PD 4 ( 0 )

1st: LEVY & SEDGWICK'S Pascavale Kyle This Blenheim was perfect for size and balance. A gorgeous head with a soft and gentle outlook. So well put together with a reachy neck and firm topline. Tail set-on and carriage exactly what I was looking for. Very rich colouring on a glamourous coat of good length. Accurate and steady going and coming and so impressive in profile covering the ground with ease. In many ways a mirror image of his slightly older kennel mate. My Reserve CC winner. Ended the day Best Puppy in Breed . In big ring, although a little in awe of the space and spotlight, he will have benefited from the experience. 2nd: RENAUD'S Toraylac Kit Carson For Ellenaud Liked his size, balance and rich Blenheim colouring to his soft textured coat. More angular type of head and as yet lacking filling on foreface. Good earset, dark eyes, but with a little white showing. Satisfying angles front and rear and steady mover who kept a tidy outline in profile. 3rd: YEATES' Merryanna Easter Buddy Res: LEE'S Kelrick Stars Come Out

  JD 6 ( 0 )

1st: TAYLOR'S Loranka's So Amazed Another Blenheim of correct size with a balanced outline, with rich colouring on a coat of quality in splendid condition. Shapely neck and shoulders, firm in body with pleasing angulation. Balanced in head with enough breadth to skull and clean muzzle shape. Eyes dark and round, a little white showing. Movement steady and precise, but sloping a shade over the croup. 2nd: MACALPINE'S Trirayne Kez With Annatika I liked many aspects of this Blenheim but is a size larger than I like. Good skull and earset, dark expressive eyes, a shade heavy in muzzle. Strongly made body with correct angles and well-distributed markings on his quality coat of good length and soft texture. Accurate on the move, just rounding a little over the croup. 3rd: FIRTH'S Keycav Joseph Res: BLOICE'S Scotlass Magic Moment VHC: FOX'S Lynmily Mister Blue Sky

  MD 6 (1 )

1st: LEVY & SEDGWICK'S Pascavale Haiden So elegant, so balanced, so perfect for size, this attractively headed Blenheim set the benchmark for my day. Balanced in head with shapely muzzle, correct in skull and earset , clean lips, dark gentle eyes and a soft expression. Presented the most striking of outlines standing, but it was on the move he was quite breath-taking, holding his shape perfectly with all the work going on below, with such ease. True and powerful parallel action behind. Not yet 13 months, a little more development of forechest will tighten the front. But I was happy to watch him move all day, reminding me of the many hours I spent watching Billy Elliot at home in the garden. Plenty of coat of soft texture and sufficient length. Delighted to award him his first CC and see him finalised in the Best In Show ring 2nd: HUGHES' Loranka's Imagine Another top class Blenheim youngster of ideal size and great balance. Very attractive head and expression. Good angulation front and rear. Short coupled body with firm topline, he moved with style. Dark and gentle eyes and pleasing head proportions. Well-marked coat of rich colouring and length in top condition. Two great prospects to head a Maiden class. Missed the challenge for Res CC due to exhibitor showing in Bitch ring. A pity, but reading the results this kennel was very well represented in my winners. 3rd: BLOICE'S Scotlass Magic Moment Res: SAXTON'S Lynmily Pride and Joy for Marlrose VHC: TAYLOR'S Loranka's Heavenly Treat

ND 5 ( 0 )

1st: HUGHES' Loranka's Believe In Dreams A very neat Tricolour, just 12 months, with many of the essentials. Very striking in outline with complimentary, well-distributed markings. Correct neck, shoulders and topline. Perfect tailset and carriage. Coat soft to the touch in excellent condition. Pleasant expression with gentle eyes and good tan on face. A balanced headpiece. Steady and accurate on the move. Particularly good in profile. Will get better, I’m sure, as he develops bodily. 2nd: MYNOTT'S Honeybet Heads Up This attractive Blenheim was just a size bigger than I was seeking, but impressed in overall shape, with good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and firm topline. Rich colouring and a white collar emphasised his striking outline. Dark eyes, clean muzzle and lips. Steady on the move with a good attitude and character. 3rd: YEATES' Merryanna Easter Buddy Res: FOX'S Lynmily Mister Blue Sky VHC: LEE'S Kelrick Stars Come Out

GD 4 (1)

1st: BLOOR'S Loranka's Edge Of The Stars – see Special Beginners class 2nd: REES' Embeth Wishmaker A 16 month old Blenheim. Very striking in outline and plenty of coat of well-distributed markings. Good for neck, shoulders and rear angulation. A little soft in muscle, although he carried himself well on the move. Well-feathered ears. Constant wagging tail and great attitude. Not quite the head type I was looking for. 3rd: SLACK'S Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash At Eversbabes Class 67 PGD 4 (0) 1st: DAVIES' Salegreen Brecon Glamorous Blenheim with such a beautiful head. Flattish skull with well-set ears of length and fullness framed his face. Soft and gentle in outlook from dark round eyes, and well –filled foreface. Neat body proportions with enough neck, shortish body and pleasing angles. His coat of good length was well marked, but lacked a little in condition. Moved steadily, but rolling a little due to excess weight. 2nd: SLACK'S Willowheart Louis (See Spec Beg) 3rd: MATTOCK'S Pamedna George Harrison At Leybourne Res: FIRTH'S Keycav Joseph

MdLD 4 ( 0 )

1st: LOVEL'S Pascavale Hudson At Lovetrac How frustrating it must be to show this Blenheim boy whose concentration span seems to be so short. Standing he can present such an appealing picture with a head of top quality, graceful neck with correct angulation front and rear, ideal markings of rich colouring on a soft textured coat of good length and condition. He looked to fulfill all the prerequisites of the standard. I willed him to move well, but each time I asked he sank between his shoulders losing his clean outline and affecting his hind action. Today he had to defer to his younger Pascavale colleagues for the top awards. 2nd: BLOICE'S Scotlass Power Of Love JW Sh.CM An older Blenheim of good size, if a little longer cast. Rich in colouring, with an attractive type of head with good eyes. Moving and standing his attitude was typical and pleasant. 3rd: LEE'S Kelrick Flapjack JW Sh.CM Res: UNDERWOOD'S Neddaow Ratatouille

LD 7 (1)

1st: PRICE'S Ouzlewell's Likely Lad For Almonroyd A lot to appreciate in this Blenheim. Most appealing head with gentle eyes and a soft expression. Nose a bit off colour. Good overall construction with pleasing angles front and rear. Steady and accurate on the move when he applied himself. Beautiful coat of length and quality presented in excellent condition. 2nd: TARABAD & WHITMAN'S Khatibi Bark Obama JW ShCEx Black and Tan whose size and balance appealed. Strong in topline with correct tailset and carriage. I liked his head and face. Good skull and well set and feathered ears. Eyes well spaced, I’d like a bit larger. Rich tan on a well conditioned coat. He moved with such verve and enthusiasm, but retained style and elegance holding a good outline. 3rd: HUGHES' Loranka's Glory Days Res: HINDLE'S Spindlepoint Donovan With Ellisiana VHC: ROGERSON'S Rabymar Crimson Moon

 SLD (B/T/R) 2(1)

1st: FIRTH & SLOAN'S Turretbank Super Trooper This larger type of Black and Tan stood alone. Shown in full coat of high quality, presented in wonderful condition. Ears were long and well feathered but could be higher set. Large, round eyes just not as dark as I required . Good for neck though longer in back than ideal and rounding over the croup and his profile disappointed on the move .

OD 3 ( 0 )

1st: WADDINGTON'S Spindlepoint President JW Lovely sized Blenheim with the sweetest head and expression. Dark and gentle eyes, good pigment, neat lips and enough filling to foreface. A neat body with well fitting parts and a richly coloured heavily marked coat of soft texture and enough length. He moved with style although his tail tended to rise. His overall size and balance weighed my opinion in his favour. 2nd: LEVY & SEDGWICK'S Pascavale Gino A very well marked Blenheim of pleasing proportions. A size larger than winner, but by no means big. Pleasing head with soft gentle eyes. Flattish skull and well-set and amply feathered ears. Good angles front and rear. Perhaps a shade longer in back, but overall in proportion to his size. Coat soft but a bit fluffy over his rear which detracted from his profile on the move. 3rd: MACLAINE & SMEJKALOVI 'S Czech Ch Nickolas Minowara (Cze Imp)

(Judge) Gordon Inglis