• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Pharaoh Hound


Pharaoh Hounds

My first time awarding CCs in this breed in the UK. I very much enjoyed going over this entry. Some exhibits which looked good standing did not appeal so much on the move but I was very pleased with my main winners which combined excellent breed type with distinctive Pharaoh Hound movement which is always a joy to watch & especially in a lovely large grass ring in the summer sunshine.

PD (2): 1 Fletcher & Merryweather’s Estrella Feerica Vittorio Veneto to Ynchreenoo, quite mature 6 months dog, very alert, ears well set, good forehand. Would prefer slightly finer coat & a smidgen less turn of stifle. Ideal body proportions, stepped out well holding his shape on the move which won him this class. BP; 2 Mifsud’s Aramif Louis The Third, appealing 7 months dog, in some ways I preferred his type to 1 but he stood a shade low in front at times. Attractive head with good chiselling, good body proportions. A shade loose in elbow at this stage but he is only a baby. Looked OK going around once he got going.

JD (1): 1 Worrall’s Litlar's Niju Monarch Bluesmurf, incredibly exuberant 16 months dog, liked his type, nice chiselling to skull, ears well set, good expression. Would prefer slightly firmer forehand & he tended to roach his topline slightly on the move. Correct moderate bend of stifle, moved with good width behind, loved his outgoing temperament.

LD (1) 1 Fletcher, Merryweather & Evteeva’s Reedly Road Rochlyn to Ynchreenoo, very typical and appealing hound, all of a piece, so showy & alert. Very good forehand which was reflected in his positive movement with good stride. Ears a smidgen too high set. Correct moderate bend of stifle, typical topline, held his shape well on the move. Close up in the challenge where I marginally preferred the slightly more stallion quality of the CC & RCC winners. Much to like about him.

OD (3): 1 Collins & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Dallas Maverick, very typical dog full of quality, masculine head, strong jaw, ideal ear shape & set, good forehand, excellent outline, good length of second thigh with correct moderate hind angulation, used himself well on the move with typical head & tail carriage, appealed to me greatly for overall balance & style. CC; 2 Hansen’s Int/Norw/Swed/Fin/Dk/Am Ch Bazinga A Storm Of Swords, upstanding & masculine dog, showy & alert, made an instant impression with his aristocratic bearing, long neck with good arch, correct length of back, deep chest. Slightly too much hind angulation for my personal taste but his positive qualities including his free & effortless movement shone through. RCC; 3 Cole’s Doucai's Iben Zeijtun.

V (1): 1 Ashby & Cappelaere’s Lyncris Dizzy Miss Lizzy of Kurriera ShCM, 9 years bitch, very appealing feminine outlook, typical head proportions, ears of good size, shape & set. Would prefer slightly more forehand angulation. Very typical topline & tail carriage, stepped out well. Very pleased to see her win third in the veteran hound group. BV.

PB (1): Cole’s Doucai Glorjuz Guza, 8 months feminine bitch, quite an appealing type, pleasing head, correct body proportions. Rather unruly & was not entirely happy being examined at first but later settled. Feet could be tighter, just needs a bit more ring training. BPB.

JB (2): 1 Hansen’s Bazinga Flaming Star, 12 months, very stylish bitch, outgoing temperament, attractive head with good ear set & chiselled skull, long neck, ideal body proportions, attractive outline, excellent long second thigh with moderate angulation, moved with minimum effort covering the ground well. Close up in the challenge where her slight lack of maturity was evident, which is no real fault. Very pleased to see her win second in the junior hound group. One to watch for the future. BJ; 2 Cole’s Doucai's B'imhabba, 15 months, rangier bitch, typical head & expression, slightly lacking in angulation at both ends. Looked a smidgen square on the move. Covered the ground OK once she got going.

PGB (2, 1 absent): 1 Mifsud’s Tal-Kraws Aramif, feminine bitch of finer type, muzzle could be slightly stronger, correct ear shape & set, deep chest. Moved OK but would prefer higher head carriage. Correct moderate hind angulation.

LB (2): 1 Fletcher, Merryweather & Hall’s Vaskurs Queen L Qiwidotter to Ynchreenoo, very houndy & showy bitch, quite strong in muzzle, typical ears, excellent forehand, super legs & feet, deep chest, used herself well on the move, so athletic and true. A very close decision in the challenge where the overall style of the CC winner caught my eye at the crucial moment but this one I liked a lot. RCC; 2 Collins & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Miami Heat, very feminine & typical bitch, appealing head & expression, deep chest, looked a picture standing but was slightly square on the move & feet could be tighter. Correct head & tail carriage, overall type quite pleasing.

OB (4,2): 1 Hansen’s Ch Bazinga Desert Dragoness, top quality bitch, well balanced & full of type, attractive head with very appealing expression & ears, good length of neck with slight arch, deep chest, lovely shapely outline without any form of exaggeration, excellent feet, long second thigh with moderate sweep, covered the ground well with the minimum of effort, presented to best advantage. Really filled my eye & could not be denied top honours. CC & BOB; 2 Hansen’s Nor/Swe/Dk Ch Bazinga Behold The Dragon's Inferno, finer style of bitch from this very consistent kennel, very attractive veining & chiselling in her muzzle, used her ears well, long neck with slight crest, deep chest, appealed greatly for overall type. Out & back movement slightly too narrow. Stepped out well with plenty of Pharaoh Hound character.