• Show Date: 24/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Glenn Robb Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Papillon



I would like to express my gratitude to the committee of SKC for inviting me to judge at their fantastic, well run championship show in August. This show holds a special place in my heart as it is where I won my first ever Group 1 and then the following year won the group and ultimately BIS with our record breaker Travis - Ch.Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. Those memories from this show will stay with me forever and I was so looking forward to being back judging my favourite breed of all. 

I would like to thank you to the exhibitors for your entry, traveling to the show and receiving your awards with such grace. Your commitment is so appreciated and it was lovely to be in your company.

After nearly three decades in the breed I have seen the breed go through some drastic changes and I have also seen the breed go through years where we had strong entries throughout the year and strong quality within the breed. Unfortunately, I have no other way of saying this. The breed as a whole really is not in a good way at all and something needs to drastically change otherwise we are very rapidly going to lose the pretty, dainty butterfly dog that is called for that we all know and that I certainly fell in love with. This is something that in our kennel we work very hard to maintain to a high standard. 

On a whole, body and weight was much better than when I last judged there were no skeletal examples of the breed and most had enough body, some slightly overweight. Muscle on the hind quarters could be improved with more exercise; this certainly should not be a caged or penned breed but an active one. This is how we get the fabulous drive from behind, clean action both front and rear as well as the beautiful side gait which was very lacking across the board. 
There were a number of undershot, level and overshot dogs which is not to the standard which calls for a scissor bite. 

I wish to express this with my full heart that a sound and well constructed dog is absolutely vital BUT under no circumstances should this hinder the pretty and correct proportioned head that this breed should carry, to which unfortunately is getting further and further away from the standard and away from being pretty, in fact the opposite. 

It is concerning when you have 50/50 heads or even 70/30 heads in the ring as well as down faced, no defined stop, lack of rise in forehead, long muzzles and light brown eyes! My goal is to help anyone reading this understand what the head of Papillon should be as sometimes a breed and its following can get confused with what is correct when there have been examples of the breed taking awards which do not possess the correct head piece, that this is not just in my opinion but what is called for in the UK breed standard. The head of a Papillon should be pretty, refined, 1/3 muzzle to 2/3 skull, good defined stop and nice ‘rise' of forehead accentuating and capturing the true beauty of what this breed should possess. This then is framed by the correct butterfly ears that sit at ten to two; not quarter to three, not at five to eleven and not at one minute to twelve. (Obviously Phalenes are a different entity as far as their ears are concerned but all other attributes should be the same).

If we continue to move more and more towards the ‘miniature border collie’ head piece that has been creeping into our breed for the last decade, we are going to lose everything that this breed is about.

I have never seen an ugly butterfly in my garden or anywhere else and I never intend on breeding the dog version of that as well as I wish to judge examples of the breed that align with what is called for in our breed the Papillon Butterfly Dog. This also aligns with what our breed standard calls for in height too which is 8 to 11 inches. There is such a vast difference between the two but I am so passionate that this standard is here for a reason and an 8 inch Papillon should be judged with as much recognition for the top awards as an 11 inch Papillon or anything in between. There have been and are too many dogs over this standard and please join me in understanding a dog over the standard is not in line with what we look for but an 8, 8.5 , 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5 and maximum 11 inch Papillon absolutely is! This is a toy breed and as long as everything is in the right place and the dog is sound with all of the correct attributes as explained above then these dogs should always be acknowledged and kept within in the same regard for any awards and top awards. 

I really do encourage you to read the breed standard, please study the top winners with the ‘correct type, head, construction and movement but above all the correct quality’ that the standard calls for to maintain a high standard in this breed and bring the breed as a whole up to a higher standard where it belongs and one that we can all be proud of. 

Sometimes we can lose sight of what we are attaining to achieve and the compound effect of that can be detrimental to a breed if this happens over a long period of time. Where we are today in our ‘beautiful, pretty and dainty breed’ is the choices that have been made over the last decade. 
Let us rectify this and work collectively towards what this breed has previously been and should always be. 

There are a handful of lovely dogs in the ring at the moment but this should be ‘multiple hands full’ of lovely, quality, sound and typey dogs in the ring… lets work towards that!

The goal is always to breed an endearing correct pretty head (the first thing that we all see on the table) that then flows to a sound body, construction and fabulous movement. That should be every breeders goal.

I recently read an old article ‘Twenty Breeding Principles’ by a well known breeder of the past … Point 16 read: “Don’t forget the necessity to preserve the quality of head. It will vanish like a dream if you do!”.

Let that be our challenge over the coming years to allow the compound effect to work for the breed as opposed to against it. 

Things can change so positively from the action we take today so lets do just that.








1) LANGDONS Skyvana Zorro 
6 month old B/W baby who really took the day in his stride. Nice correct dark eye and good ear shape. Slightly longer in muzzle than I would prefer and would like more stop and rise of forehead to give the correct balanced Papillon head. Nice level top line and good balance overall. He moved well both front and back and really did take everything in his stride for a youngster. 

2) ATKINS Ablazzor Fire Storm For Vlinder
This 7 month old R/W does have a good outline and a level top line, again he just lacked in head what is called for as his muzzle was strong and lacked the rise of forehead giving the balanced and pretty expression required. Moved well and coat is coming in nicely. 

PUPPY DOG 3 (0a)

1) BOGUES Adelays Brilliant Buddy 
10 month old Tri Colour. This is a lovely young dog and holds a pretty head that should come better with age too. Good dark eye and nice ear shape and placement to complete his head piece. He is a balanced dog to go over and a pleasure to watch on the move. He is still young and in the process of being schooled but today stood out as the winner in the final line up in the challenge from the dogs selected. CC/BPIB. Pleased he was shortlisted in the puppy group too. 

2) WHITEHILLS Martika Kiss And Tell 
R/S/W 9 months of age. This dog has a pretty expression, I would just like a more defined stop and rise of forehead. Balanced on both the stand and on the move, with age he will just be more fluent on his side gait. Promising puppy. 

3) MOONEYS Papmar Moonlight Teddybare 10 months old. Balanced on the stand but slightly loose on the move both front and behind. 


1) THORNTONS CH Milbu Ciciobello At Shevid (Imp LVA) 
This 15 month old B/W is such a balanced dog on both the move and on the stand but what he gains in this area he really lacks in head and expression. I would like a much shorter more refined muzzle and good depth of stop and rise of forehead, his head was too coarse for me personally. Lovely top line, depth of rib, rear angulation and moved well both in front and behind. 

2) WHITEHILL & URWINS Amicae Timless Dream 
17 month old B/W. Another lovely dog but preferred the movement of 1 on the day. Slightly lacking in reach from the shoulder which when moving created a restricted side gait. Good head, lovely dark eye and expression but would like more rise of forehead from the stop/muzzle as well as slightly larger ears. Lovely ear furnishings and presentation.

3) REIDS Phylcher Highland Fling 
Pretty head but needs more substance. 


1) WHITEHILL & URWINS Stagedoor Exposed By Paparottsie
This 20 month old R/S/W has the prettiest of heads and what I consider the breed calls for with a lovely short yet balanced refined muzzle, good stop and rise of forehead creating that head piece that is pleasing to the eye. Nice dark eye and furnished ears that finish the picture. His head is definitely his forte and he is a glamorous dog with coat. On Inspection of his movement he high steps in front and his side gait is lacking reach in front which restricts his movement but today he won this class based on his head piece and showmanship. Very at one with his handler. RCC

2) LANSONS Cantovervde Captain Casper JW 
On entering the ring this 2 year old Tri boy captured my eye. On inspection on the table and on the move he was a high contender to be in the top honours. Unfortunately he got spooked in the ring and lost his confidence at the most crucial time and his tail carriage both on the move and on the stand were lacking as well as showmanship. He is a well balanced dog with a pretty head. He has the overall balance from head, construction and movement. Yes there are things I would tweak but overall he was the most balanced from nose to tail. Unfortunately he had to settle for 2nd place due to not recovering from circumstances in the ring that are unknown to me. 

3) URWIN & WHITEHILLS Paparottsie Blue Moon 
Tri colour that showed well today. 

LIMIT DOG 5 (0a)

1) BRUCE & BRUCE-JACKSONS Tijuana Mayhem 
2 yr old Phalene dog. Pretty head and good ear set and shape. Would just prefer a slightly more refined muzzle but he a lovely dark eye which was great to see. Balanced on the move and good in both front and rear movement. Showed really well for his handler. Lovely example of the breed and representing the Phalenes well. 
2) MASKELLS Rozamie Monsieur Arthur For Scapafield 
4 year old R/S/W Good mover. Lovely shape, good level top line and overall balance. Lovely ear shape and a pleasing head. Moved and showed well for his handler. 

3) REIDS Phylcher Heartbreaker
2 yr R/S/W Pretty head and level top line. Showed well. 

OPEN DOG 7 (0a)

1) LANGDONS Skyvana Van Helming
23 month old R/S/W. Balanced dog both on the stand and on the move. Nice to go over on the table. Good head but would prefer a shorter muzzle so that it is 1/3 to 2/3 muzzle to skull. Showed well for his handler. 

2) DEAMERS Am Ch Clearlake Beat The Drum Slowly At Northlyte 
Tri boy of 3 years of age. Pretty, pretty head, again this is his forte. Lovely dark eye and good defined stop, muzzle length and rise of forehead. Good ears. Nice overall shape just lost out to 1 on clean movement and showmanship. 

3) TAYLORS Adnamashan Craigland For Pamhurst 
3 year old B/W very happy and showed well. In lovely coat and presented well. Delightful ears and shape.



1) BOGUES Adelays Brilliant Buddy
Puppy dog winner.



1) BUCKLEY WATERS & BUCKLEY Jorgealin Moon Dust For Sempefidelis
Showy little 8 month old Tri girl. Nice dark eye. One would hope more refinement in head will come with age. Balanced shape overall. When she calmed down she moved well. Good tail carriage. 

2) LANGDONS Northlyte Peaches and Cream Of Skyvana 
6 month old light R/S/W. Very much a baby baby and coped well with the day. Lovely dark eye. Good straight front and moved well both in front and behind. 


1) WHITEHILLS Papmar Moonlight Missabeat 
10 month old Tri colour. This bitch is well balanced both on the move and on the stand and this was certainly what gained her points. She moved well and was true both in front and behind. Lovely side gait too. Nice head and ears but I just so wish her muzzle was shorter as would have liked it to have been 1/3 to 2/3 muzzle to skull ratio. Unfortunately this distracts from the expression. Well set ears with fringing coming nicely. All round nice bitch though and showed well for her handler. RCC

2) LEES Lafford Golden Child 
11 month old R/S/W. This bitch scored on head points but lacked what 1 had in balance and movement today. This was a close call between the two. Moved and showed well.

3) DAVIDSONS Lafford Golden Girl Of Elmaraine 
11 month old Tri that moved and showed well.


1) ANDERSONS Skyvana You Fly High For Northlyte 
Dark R/S/W 13 months old. A balanced bitch overall.. Nice to go over on the table and moved well on the ground. I would wish for a prettier head but overall she was a pleasure to go over.

2) CHESHIRES Rozamie Masquerade 
16 months old R/S/W. Prettiest of heads and a lovely silky coat. Needs more substance to her body. She is a pretty little girl but unfortunately her bite was not correct.


1) LANSONS Controverde Royal China JW SHCM 
2 Year old Tri Colour. Pretty pretty head. Lovely overall head piece with short muzzle, good defined stop and nice rise of forehead. Good ear shape and set. Nice dark eye. Level top line, would like slightly more spring of rib and length of loin which would give her slightly more length on the stand and on the move. Moved well both front and rear. Would just like more length to her for her side gait movement.

2) SKELTONS Adnamashan Still Game 
2.5 year old Tri colour. Balanced bitch overall and showed well on the ground. Pretty head but would like a darker eye as that detracts from the expression. Moved out well both in front and behind. 

3) FOYNES, MAY & WHITEHILL Lafay Has The Last Word With Amicae 
3 year old R/S/W good balance overall. 


1) MORLEY & HITCHCOCK Jorgealin Indian Magic At Lizlanmor JW 
2 year old Tri colour. This girl has it together on the stand and shows very well. Pretty head piece with good short muzzle, stop and rise. Nice to go over with level top line both on the stand and on the move. Moved well in front but seems slightly wide in rear movement. Overall is a very balanced bitch.

2) LANGDONS Skyvana Xpose
14 months old B/W. Pretty head and good ears with furnishings, would like a more defined stop though to really finish the head piece off. Nice dark eye. Moved well with clean movement all round. She is longer than I would like which means she loses her balance on the move and on the stand. 

3) McCRINDLE Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose 
6 year old Tri colour that enjoyed her day out. 


1) KEOWN Ch Jorgealin Moon Magic SHCM
5 year old R/W. This bitch is very balanced overall from construction to movement. When looking in detail at the shape and balanced of her head piece she has it there. Lovely dark round eye which gives such a great expression. True in movement and very sound which she gained points on. Enough coat but just lacking undercarriage furnishings today which will really finished that full picture on the stand. She won today based on overall balance from nose to tail. A lovely bitch that showed well. CC/BOB

2) DEAMERS Ch Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill 
6 year old R/S/W. I have always admired this bitch from a far and awarded her the RCC the last time I judged. I have seen her not show very well and show her heart out and today she was just missing that spark. She is in lovely coat and condition. Pretty head and lovely ears and furnishings. Nice to go over, would like a more balanced shoulder on inspection but she pulled it together on the move. 

3) SKELTON Bonmeshay Lady Charlotte Of Adnamashan
4.5 year old B/W. Showy girl with lovely ears and fringing. Slightly light eyes for me again which looses the endearing expression and head piece. Overall balance of her was good but would like a slightly higher set tail. 


1) SMITHS Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken 
10.5 year old R/S/W who is in fabulous condition. Her coat is gleaming and she moves round the ring and shows like a 5 year old. What a credit to her owner and to her breeder.