• Show Date: 30/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: GILBERTO GRANDI Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound

It is always true pleasure judging in the UK. I had a nice day with interesting dogs and people. Thanks to my ring stewards for their help and cooperation. I think that croups and rears have improved a lot. Pity that breed standard doesn’t spend one word about the croup. A long and wide croup, correctly angulated following the slight arch over the loin, is essential to pass down propulsion, through the loin, from rear to front, so to have the correct lift with long strides. I would also underline that a high-stepping action with short steps or a goose stepping are not desirable, but I had a few of them. I would suggest paying attention to stiff necks, lacking length and grace. Chest, in front, must be rather narrow but still with a fore chest. Moving, IGs must keep their curvy outline. A few were low at withers or flat at loin. SBD/B (3, 1): 1 POWELL Miss T J Sumobi Little Snowflake at Turigner. Dog with lovely head & expression, I would prefer a more elegant neck and narrower chest. Excellent front & rear angles, nice lines & body proportions, moves well. 2 TATE Mrs A H Philis Forum Romanum. Bitch with excellent head and expression, elegant neck, lovely body, front & rear well balanced, denser coat on her back, moves well. VD (1): 1 HENLEY Mrs R H Ch Turigner Thunderbolt JW. 8 years old. Nice expressive head, excellent elegant neck, nice lines and body proportions, long wide croup & strong rear, sound mover, would prefer some more lift. Sire of my BOS. MPD (3): 1 HUNTER Miss N Salatini Santino. Beautiful head, eyes, ears & expression. Elegant neck. Front and rear correctly angulated and balanced, Nice lines. He needs some time to get more arch over loin moving. Covers the ground with style. 2 MILLS Mrs D Salatini Sebastiano. Very Similar to 1, but topline lower at withers moving. Should improve with age. PD (3, 1): 1 HAJDAS Miss E Piccolito Dragon Rider. Exciting 9 months old puppy. One of the best IGs I have ever seen. With him you can see the meaning of the words “Elegant, graceful and quick moving”. Elegant head, beautiful neck, slightly upright pasterns but still very young and not affecting movement at all, beautiful body lines & proportions, front and rear well balanced resulting in that wonderful and very typical action so well described in the standard. He keeps his beautiful movement & naturally high head carriage when moving on a loose lead. BP, CC & BOB. 2 MILLS Mrs D Salatini Sebastiano. JD (7, 1): 1 THOMPSON, Ms S & AMSEL Ms J Artmeis Magical Moonlight. Nice masculine yet elegant head with excellent eyes & ears. Typical neck. Correct in front and rear, excellent body proportions & lines. Moves nicely. Res.CC. 2 TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Little Scamp. Another excellent one with lovely head, elegant neck & curvy body. Moves well. PGD (2, 1): 1 TAYLOR Mr & Mrs D & M Freith Corylus. Excellent head, eyes & ears. Would prefer a more elegant neck. Sound front. Topline ok standing, rather flat moving. Correct movement. LD (7, 2): BRADLEY Mrs C E Newill Gold Lightning at Turigner. Rather tall, very nice head, elegant neck, front & rear well angulated and balanced, excellent croup, nice lines, moves with excellent drive & reach. 2 HENSHALL Mrs C M Gemolli The Magician. More refined than 1, beautiful type, excellent head, neck, body proportion & lines. Rather scare today. OD (6, 1): AMSEL Mrs J B Ch Florita Tavalino. Very nice head with beautiful eyes & expression, well carried ears, elegant neck, correctly narrow in front, excellent proportions and rear, moves well. 2 RUTTER, Mrs K & BRYAN Miss C Ch Chrisford Trumpet Trousers. Lovely head, eyes, ears & expression, just a bit too wide in front, otherwise really good. Moves well. VB (1): HENSHALL Mrs C M Ch Gemolli Joie De Vivre JW Sh.CM. Very classic IG with excellent head, eyes & expression. Elegant neck. Front & rear well angulated and balanced. Nice top & underline. Moves very well. Dam of my BOS. MPB (3, 1): 1 GUYTON Ms A J Ansanda Glitter And Gold. Lovely puppy with nice head, very elegant neck that add a lot to the whole picture, excellent front & rear, body proportions and lines. Moves well. 2 HUNTER Miss N Salatini Serafina. Another nice puppy. Very correct in front, shorter loin, moves well with a happy tail. PB (1): 1 GUYTON Ms A J Ansanda Glitter And Gold. JB (7, 1): 1 TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Little Sunbeam. Lovely head, eyes & expression, excellent elegant neck, nice curvy body, excellent rear, moves with drive & reach. 2 KNIGHT Mrs M Marchwind Reno Casino at Aelaro (Imp). Excellent bitch, nice head, lovely body proportions & lines, strong rear, moves well, a bit scared today. PGB (7, 2): 1 HENSHALL Mrs C M Gemolli Antique Velvet JW. Very nice head & expression, correct in front & rear, excellent body proportions & lines, moves well with drive & reach. 2 TILEY-DAVIES Miss S M Toerag Love And Joy. Excellent head, very elegant neck, front & rear correct and balanced, nice body lines & proportions, moves well. LB (7): 1 HENSHALL Mrs C M Gemolli Antique Tapestry JW. Very beautiful in everything, starting with her eyes & expression. She really uses her sound rear, resulting in an elegant, sound & typical movement. CC. 2 CHAU Miss M Y J & DOHERTY Miss J E Littlebriton Ice And Fire. Lovely head, eyes & expression. Excellent neck, body and croup, moves well. OB (9, 3): 1 RUTTER, Mrs K & WHEELER Mr R Ch Chrisford Golden Showers . Nice head with the best eyes & expression of the day. A bit too wide in front, beautiful compact body & croup, very sound and strong rear, moves well. Res.CC. 2 AMSEL Mrs J B Ch & Am Ch Artmeis Golden Oriole Of Regallust. Excellent head, eyes & ears, elegant neck, nice lines, would prefer a more compact body, lovely croup and rear. Sound movement.

Gilberto Grandi (Italy)