• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geraldine Cove-Print Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Italian Spinone

Driffield Agricultural Society

Italian Spinone


Congratulations to Driffield on a friendly and well run show. Thank you to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions with good will and with exceptional sportsmanship today. I found few poor mouths, which is a great improvement on my last time judging this ancient and lovely breed. I did observe weak hind action in many, quite often because the choice of speed of movement had been governed by the handler and not the dog. It is natural for a Spinone to develop a powerful front end, pulling the ground towards him but this can come at a price if the hind end is not engaged in exercise. The result is rounded muscle to the forehand and a rather more flat muscle to the hind. As muscles sculpt around the bones this can obscure the picture of what is truly underneath and give not only a false impression on first examination but will affect the footfall and cadence.

V.2(1)1.Wagh DEWDHALA FIGLIO DI UNA PESCA. W/O. Loved this gentleman’s head planes, good to neck leading to well set up front with correct oval bone to forelimbs. Trifle long to loin but offering good angulation to hind, little long to metatarsus giving a wobble on the move but decent forward reach to fore. Skin & Coat Good.

MPD.4(1)1.Spencer GRADVOLE SIGNOR PI.W/O 6 mnths Youngster with everything ahead of him , head developing well for this age, sweetest of expressions with a hint of curiosity. Excellent depth to chest with breastbone evident. Forehand very tidy. Hind yet to settle but again, all looking good for this stage. This is such a slow maturing breed that we have to give quarter to development. Moved straight and true. 2.Bovio INOSTRICANI MASAI AT ILSOLO B/R 7 mnths. Well balanced body on this chap  but headpiece still changing and developing. Good extension to forehand from well laid shoulder, topline not correct at this age but he is just a baby! Better muscled to fore giving impression of less strength to hind, at this time long to second thigh. Not quite as positive on the move as 1. 3.Knowles BESSALONE PEAKY BLINDERS

PD.2)0)1.Gill TESTEVERDE ENRICO CARUSO DEL JOCAGIL    B/R Really liked this chap, produced in fine fettle. Correct topline, underline yet to fall and level in this 10 month pup. My notes said colour/Wow! For me he has the desirable brown but he is also blessed with a pattern of markings that accentuate his very best features, his eye colour complimenting in hue. Moved well, giving impression of strength and grace, sound as a pound. Coat good, skin will thicken with age. Exceptional drive from well balanced hind quarters. BPD BP. 2.Saynor TESTAVERDE RUGERO RAIMONDI. Not maturing as quickly as his sibling. Lacking to depth of chest, coat quality would benefit from being addressed, little long to loin at this stage. Essentials are all there, only time and patience will bring him forward.

JD.1(0)1.Culling LUCORU HERE COMES SUMMER.B/R Gangly youngster! Raw baby showing too much air underneath him, head still altering but jaw is good. Moved soundly. Give him a year.

YD.1(0)1.Thompson TESTEVERDE BACK FOR GOOD AT PARADECO B/R. Strong steady movement from this solid boy. Eye shape excellent, colouring will deepen. Plenty of heart room and good to both top and under line. Head planes excellent, skull shape good, patient, attractive expression.

PGD.1(0)1.Fordham & Fordham LUCORU CATEQUIL AT CLOUDNINE B/R Pleasing to topline held on the move, underline developed and correct, chest deep enough, neck and throat good and forechest present. Hock to floor good ratio, moving a little fast so inclining to move close behind. Gentle expression with good eye shape/colour.

LD.3(0)1.Partridge PIACENTE ANGELO DI NATALE W/O Excels to head in correct planes and skull shape and ratio, eye and expression pure Spinone! Gentle crest to the well placed neck, well laid back shoulder and overall ratio square and built to endure and move well. Good straight drive from decently angulated hindquarters with good width to thigh. Standing on correctly shaped feet. Skin tough and coat harsh DCC . 2.Glazik ELLISBELL MR SANDMAN. When he entered the ring I thought he was my winner, better underline than 1 and extraordinary reach on the move. Just a little long in loin which detracts from the powerhouse hind end, coat and skin good. I hope his day will come.3.Spencer GRADEVOLE GANDINI.

OD.7(0) Well populated class of some very handsome dogs, what a delight! 1.Challands Sh Ch MISTYAYRE GIGOLO FOR ANNILANN Sh.CM W/O Superb expression on this gentleman’s face, you should look into a Spinoni eye and fall in love as he reads your soul. Correct head planes , not overdone in skull, balanced fore and aft, moved with drive and cadence. Produced in great condition RDCC 2.Knowles & Glen Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch AFTERGLOW HASHTAG SCANDAL AT BESSALONE .Masculine fella, broader in skull than 1 , have seen this dog fitter and more supple ,over reaching on the move although sound, good balance and ratio of height to length. 3.Ch Teazledown Moonwalker at Jocagil JW Sh.CM.



VB.3(0)1. Fleming.Sh Ch,NU Ch, DK Ch,Int Ch.REDRUE CHERRIECOLA TO CHANDHALLY.W/O Classic headed lass, offering sweet & patient expression. Height/length Ratio spot on, to be picky, a trifle steep in croup but overall a pleasing picture of rustic energy, sound and true on the move. RBCC 2. Sh Ch HASTABBI PRETTY IN PINK. Worthy Sh.Ch with good balance, the finest of feet and excellent to skin and coat. Not quite the cadence of 1 on the move today.3.Coldwell LUCORO ITALAIN JASMINE

MPB.3(0)1.Whitlow GRADEVOLE SIGNORINA BIANCO.W/O Raw baby but such character in her expression and overall balance good at this stage. Did all that was asked of her with good grace and moved well, underline will come with time. Head developing and yet to finalise of course but good to jaw and skull. Interested to see her in a year or two.2. Hurrion, Holder & Mortland TYARK DOLCE CANNELLA. Underline and top line good but doesn’t yet have the muscle to carry bodyweight well on the move, this will come and then her movement can achieve better rhythm to advantage. Skin and coat excellent.3.Lea PICCOLONOCE VANILLA CRUNCH

PB.1(0)1. Bennett TESTEVERDE IRMA CAPECE DEL HOCHOPEPA .B/R Cheeky girl! Moved well fore and aft, decent oval bone and good to forechest. Coat a little soft at the moment but good to skin. Well laid shoulder giving positive extension on the move. It’s still all change at this age but very promising.

JB.3(0)1.Kelly LAJATICO AIDA.B/R Good height /length ratio, excels to forechest and steady ground covering movement. Skull shape good, eye colour complimenting her excellent coat. Good to top and underline held well on the move. Liked her overall presence.2.Woodward CONNOMAR SARA PELLEGRINI. Again good height/length ratio, correct head planes and skull formation. Topline good, lack of muscle to hold well on the move, this will improve I’m sure. Excels in type.3.Berry AFFILATO LOVE ME TENDER.


PGB.5(1)1.Woodward CONNOMAR ZAMBANA .W/O. The eye is the window to the soul and this lass has beautiful headshape framing super eye and correct headplanes. Decent forechest and spring of rib coupled with un-exaggerated angulation fore and hind. Moved sound and true.2.Abbishaw HASTABBI PINK EXPLOSION Good type to head, little less positive on the move than 1.but held good topline to advantage.3.Bullivant PAYGUNS WILLOW MOON.

LB.6(0)1.Bruce TEAZLEDOWN APHRODRITE W/O My goodness what a lovely lass. Everything about her is un-exaggerated and in proportion, not flashy but so classy. Tick list of balance, robustly engineered, soulful expression and a pleasure to watch move, fulfilled. Standing on excellent feet, good flow from elegantly crested neck through to topline with break at the correct point, well coupled and finished with good tailset. Enough spring of rib and depth to chest. Thrilled to hear this was her third and crowning CC. BCC BOB. 2.Wagh PROTTINO DEL VERA BY DEWDHALA. Very appealing b. well presented. Body and head proportions good including big squashy nose with open nostrils. Well laid shoulder , sufficient angulation behind. Sound and true on the move. 3.Kelly FRANCA FEROLA AT LAJATICO.

OB.7(2)1.Khenkina SKERLI ANGELICA ARCHANGELICA B/R Loved this girl’s forward going movement , could imagine her negotiating a ploughed field with ease. Excels in shoulder placement, good to forechest, super tough skin and good width of second thigh. For me, she would do well to drop a few pounds to advantage as in stance she looks a little heavy but proportionately she is spot on (Glasshouses, stones and all that!)2. Fleming CHANDHALLY LIMON CINO. Loved her eye, expression, head properties and offered a balanced outline although I felt a little long in loin. Short Metatarsus giving enough drive, good to forechest, moved true with sufficient drive. 3.Littlemore AURELIA THE EXPLORER OF KRISMOOR JW.

SBB. 0


Geraldine Cove-Print