• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Schnauzer

Paignton Championship Dog Show.   6.8.2019 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


SCHNAUZER….without CC’s 


Puppy Dog/Bitch  ( 1. ) 

1.  Miss P Moore   MICCOSUKEES NEVER FORGET AT FILLIPERS. Compact outline with short strong loin and topline.Nice arch to neck, well shaped head with prominent eyebrows and parallel lines to flat skull and ridge of nose; strong jaws. Confident showman moving with reach and drive. As with the others, well presented coat. Best Dog & Best Puppy. 


Junior Dog/Bitch ( 1. ) 

1.  Moore  FILLIPERS AS GOOD AS NEW. Not quite so compact in outline, but good tailset and carriage. Good length to arched neck and when standing, the line of the lower thigh did tend to reflect the angle of the neck. Good depth and breadth to chest. Well shaped head with correctly placed ears and excellent teeth. Also very alert and confident on the move. Reserve Best Bitch. 


Open Dog/Bitch     ( 1 ) 

1.  Mr I Moore   ODIVANE AUNT SALLY.  Compact and square in outline with excellent neck, topline and tailset. Beautiful head and expression with dark oval eyes under pronounced bushy eyebrows and strong jaws. Great showmanship displaying balanced powerful reach and drive. Best Bitch & Best Of Breed. 


CANAAN DOG….without CC’s 


Puppy Dog/Bitch    ( 2,1 abs.) 

1. Mrs Ellen Minto  ANACAN NIGHTFALL.   As  can be expected in a breed recently developed from feral ancestors, this youngster was somewhat nervy, skittish and very wary of a stranger like me. However she was not threatening and did everything asked of her, displaying a strong topline on the move plus very true movement both ways, but especially from those well muscled hindquarters. Very well balanced in outline, hopefully she will settle with age and experience. Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy. 


Open Dog/Bitch  ( 5,1 abs.) 

1. Minto  ANACAN TALIA MY TREASURE.  Soundly made and strong bitch with a lovely outline. Sufficient breadth & depth to chest, good use of ears and tail, strong neck carrying head high..Muscled hindquarters, sufficient bone in forequarters, she moved true both ways and in outline. Best Bitch & Best Of Breed 

2. Minto  CAISOR SAMORODOK AT ANACAN ( Imp.) Well muscled with a very masculine head, skull and muzzle in proportion, lips clean and well pigmented. Good neck, slight slope to topline and good tuck-up. Spitz-like tail  carried well over the back on the move.Best Dog 

3.   Mr M W R Moulding  TOREFJELL’S RUBIN 

4.   Moulding  ANACAN ABU GHOSH. Reserve Best Dog 




Puppy Dog/Bitch  ( 3,1 abs.) 

1.   Mrs A Carter, Mrs J Pike  & Mr P Chapman TSOYU OTSUKOHIME GO AT BREEZELYN. Compact body and level topline. Very attractive head & expression with well pigmented eye-rims and correctly placed ears. Good crest to neck, high-set tail curled over the back. Full of confidence and the best mover in this class.Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy 

2.  Mrs C E Horrobin  CHARADON KENTARO KENZOU GO. Looked good in profile with depth to chest and balanced gait, but coming and going the movement appeared very untidy even for a puppy. Masculine head and expression, good neck. Prefer a more high-set tail. Reserve Best Dog 


Open Dog/Bitch ( 7,3 abs.) 

1.  Horrobin KENICHI NO MITSURU GO CHARADON Lovely masculine head with breadth to skull, defined stop and depth to tapering muzzle.Good topline & tail-set, straight foreleg bone. Well presented coat and the best mover in this class. Very confident showman. Best Dog & Best Of Breed. 

2.  Mrs L Curtis & Mr R Morgan  JAIDEV SAKI CHO HIME GO. Lovely head and expression, superb coat and in outline a very balanced mover. Being slighter shorter in legs made for a rather more oblong outline. Best Bitch 

3.  Mrs J Pike & Mrs A Carter  BREEZELYN MORI NOMUSUME 




Special Beginners Dog/Bitch  (1.) 

1.  Ms J Dearbergh  GLADSHEIM HAWTHORNE AT MAYANDREAM. Very cheerful & willing, balanced skull and muzzle, lovely eyes and expression. Good parallel movement front and rear with good reach and drive. Level back, well sprung ribs and in excellent coat. Prefer a little more neck. Best Special Beginner 


Puppy Dog/Bitch ( 3. ) 

1. Miss C Johnson  VALLEYRISE ILLUSTRATION. Very relaxed and showy, roomy chest reaching to firm elbows, level back and nice length of neck. Balanced skull and muzzle with lovely dark-rimmed eyes. Ears well placed and marked with “ear-rings”Moved well, showed superbly. Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy. 


3.  Mr M Phillips & Miss M Rout 7 Ms J Phillips  VALLEYRISE INVICTUS. Best Dog. 


Open Bitch    ( 4,3 abs.) 

1.Johnson  SENSATION VON TESPELKOOI OF VALLEYRISE (Imp.)   Lovely compact body, good steady mover both ways. Excellent coat well marked, beautiful balanced head carried on strong neck. A perfect picture with an engaging personality Best Bitch & Best Of Breed. 


Judge…Dr Geoffrey G Curr