• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

Bournemouth Canine Association CDS.  11.8.2019……….. 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


American Cocker Spaniel… 


Puppy Dog   ( 5, 0 abs.) 

1.   Mrs A Neissen  AM ROTOJET’S ROLL CALL  (Imp. USA) Lovely strong topline, excellent front movement and sturdy hindquarters. Alert, dark, forward-looking eyes with well shaped head and muzzle. Good neck, tailset and well-presented puppy coat. 

2.  Miss ET Murray & Mr SJ McKenzie  ZEFIR OF CHICARNOJ KOMPANII. Well balanced and sound with promising head and slight arch to neck. Strong, sloping topline held on the move and short strong loin. Also confident in the ring. 

3.  Mr K Arrowsmith, Mr K Vorderstrasse & Mrs A Stokes SEAN TO PARTY WITH ARROWBIEN (Imp. Rus.) 


Junior Dog ( 1. ) 

1. Miss H Bedding  SANPARTI’S GETTING JIGGY VIGIE WITH IT (Imp. Fin.) Lovely free-flowing movement with balanced reach and drive. Excellent coat, short strong loin, but neck could be slightly longer. Also mildly aggressive on the table, but more age and experience should see the end of that. 


Postgraduate Dog ( 2.) 

1. Mrs SC Jones ALKIMADUS RUBEN JAMES  Longer in back, but also a good length of slightly arched neck. Topline strong and firm; balanced sound movement. Well developed skull. and lovely dark full eyes. 

2.  Mrs D Kirton & Mesdames J & J Oxbury   LEADER LINE KVINTO STAR NTD  (Imp.) A shorter topline, but nevertheless a tendency to dip both standing and moving. Good breadth and depth to muzzle, but prefer more development of skull. On the move, rear action in particular somewhat untidy. 


Limit Dog  ( 4,2 abs.) 

1.  Mr J & Mrs A Manser  TOYBOX IT’S A RAP AT NUJAX  (Imp. USA) Short, strong topline held firm both standing and moving. Good length of neck and pleasing head including well-placed eyes and ears.Superb, balanced free-flowing movement and in good coat. Dog CC and Best Of Breed. 

2.  Mr AM & Mrs JA Fear  WRAXHILL GETYSBURG ADDRESS. Longer in topline, but without any weakness. In excellent coat and moved very soundly. High-set tail, but slightly less impressive in head quality in my opinion.. 


Open Dog ( 3,1 abs.) 

1.  Mesdames L & A Sunter  & Miss Pinchen  CH MYCALLEYS KENNEDY JW ShCM In good coat and the better mover in this class. My preference would be for a slightly more compact outline, but the topline was strong, sloping evenly downwards from withers to tail-set.Good skull development and lively expression. Reserve Dog CC 

2.  Mesdames T & K Harris  HARRISBURG KISS THE GIRL JW ShCM. Really not cooperating in the ring today which must have been very frustrating for the exhibitor. This boy appeared rather nervous, moved erratically and often appeared to dip in the topline. When settled he displayed an excellent compact outline and one could also appreciate details like good eye and ear placement. 


Veteran Dog  VD  ( 2 ) 

1.  Jones ALKIMADUS GWN BEN Y GARDIGAN JW ShCM. Well formed head with lovely eyes and expression. Sufficient neck and compact enough in outline. Excellent coat for his age. Best Veteran 

2.  Mrs DL Kirton, Ms FL Dackombe & Miss M Gale  SABISABI PAWNEE POW WOW. Beautiful head, neck and topline, but looking rather incomplete with his clipped off coat. 


Special beginners Dog/Bitch   ( 1 ) 

1.  ZEFIR OF CHICARNOJ KOMPANII.  As in puppy class, but having now seen all the dogs, I was even more impressed with how well this pup moves. Best Special Beginner. 


Puppy Bitch ( 4,2 abs. ) 

1. Miss ZC Boyle  ZARCREST CHOC ICE.  Compact short-coupled body with an excellent, even topline. Lovely neck and good head development with clearly defined stop and alert expression. Lovely balanced smooth movement. Best Puppy In Breed. 

2. Harris CHEYENNE MOSER DOG WITH HARRISBURG (Imp. CZE) Large full dark eyes, happy disposition and in good puppy coat. Longer in loin which adversely affected the topline. 


Junior Bitch ( 5 ) 

1. Mr K Arrowsmith, Mr K Vorderstrasse & N Leach  ARROWBIEN PANIARO Well developed head with clearly defined stop and eyebrows.Good length of neck, slightly arched and carrying head well on the move. Topline strong and held on the move. Showed confidently and one of the best movers here today. Reserve Bitch CC 

2. Manser SILHOUETTE NORMANDY SOUTHBOUND TO NUJAX (Imp. USA). Good feminine head with lovely eyes and ears held high on a strong, slightly arched neck. Short loin and excellent topline; balanced, free action on the move. 



Postgraduate Bitch  ( 2 ) 

1. Kirton, Oxbury & Dackombe  SABISABI BLACKFOOT KIMI. Good head and length of neck, compact enough in body, holds topline on the move. Keen showgirl and balanced action. Excellent coat. 

2.  MrK & Mrs W Woolley  TOP IF YOU WISH YOU CAN AT CHALLEYMEAD (Imp.). Not as compact as some, but pleasing head and neck with a lovely coat. Fourth in the last class, where it displayed the same lack of cooperation with the handler as in this class. 


Class 788  LB  ( 2. ) 

1.  Ms B Dummett  BOGESTVENNAYA SKAZKA ESTRELLA AT ALMONDSBURY (Imp.) In my opinion the better head in this class, carried on a strong neck of good length. On the move the topline appeared slightly roached perhaps indicating a slight nervousness, but lovely balanced front and rear action. 

2.  Sunter & Pinchen  MYCALLEYS FINOOLA. Short-coupled with an excellent topline, though I would prefer slightly more neck. Excellent coat and showing and moving confidently 


Open Bitch  ( 1 ) 

1. Bryant, Nelson, Caine & Lee  SH CH NASAILLEEN SECRET LIAISON. Lovely head, eyes and ears with well defined stop and depth to muzzle. Compact enough in body with a strong topline. Strong, free balanced movement both ways. In excellent coat. Bitch CC.