• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: German Spitz (Klein)

DRIFFIELD CDSS.  22.9.2019……….. 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


German Spitz (Klein)… 


Veteran Dog  ( 1 ) 

1.   Mr G Pearce & Mr D Francis  CH LONGSDALE’S WILLIE WIN JW. Very sprightly and confident showman in superb coat. Enough neck, excellent forechest, tail-set and carriage. Well proportioned head and the black pigmentation to nose, eye-rims and lips looked well against his cream coat. In outline showed good reach and drive, though coming and going he appeared wide in front and narrow behind. I mention this here to avoid repeating that the majority of the breed present today showed the same problem to a greater or lesser degree. 


Minor Puppy Dog  ( 1 ) 

1.  Mrs GC Bradbury  WYCHLEA PERCY VEHERE. Driffield had provided us with a hoop from a Poodle set, which was smaller than the breed specific article. For lack of an alternative I continued to use it and was pleased to note that none would have failed to fit under the correct hoop.  :Liked his thick black coat, length of neck, dark oval eyes set slightly obliquely and his topline. Being young and inexperienced his movement coming and going appeared untidy, but he still showed good reach and drive in outline Best Puppy In Breed 


Puppy Dog    ( 1 ) 

1.  WYCHLEA PERCY VEHERE. As in last class. 


Junior Dog   ( 1 ) 

1.  Pearce & Francis  CH LONGSDALE’S BLAME IT ON ME.  Confident showman, very attentive to handler, with a cream coat against which the black lips nose and eye-rims contrasted pleasingly .Muzzle had sufficient breadth and depth with correct teeth and bite. Strong, but not overdone rear angulation, displaying good drive and sufficient matching distance between the legs both coming and going.. Reserve Dog CC 


Limit Dog  ( 1.) 

1.   Mrs AE Jackson & Mrs FJ Minshall  PERRYMERE JUST BERTIE JW. Lovely cream coat. Good pigmentation and breadth to skull. Compact body with good neck-length and well laid shoulders. Relaxed reach and drive in outline. 


Open Dog ( 2.) 

1.   Pearce & Francis IR. CH. LONGSDALE’S COOL RIDER.  Confident showman, loved how those  dark rimmed well placed eyes remained so attentively fixed on the handler. Compact body, depth to chest and well ribbed up. Sufficient rear angulation, moving true with enough width between the legs both ways. Dog CC &  Best Of Breed 

2.   Mesd. J, L, S, Moir  JANSANLAIS LOUD ”n” CLEAR. Lovely coat and well proportioned head with dark pigmentation to eye-rims and lips. Dark oval eyes set slightly obliquely. Excellent coat, but longer in body and slightly less tidy in movement. 


Good Citizen Dog  ( 1 ) 

1.  Mr M & Miss A Spence   STORMAVON SANDPIPER WITH SPENCERIAN ShCM VW.. Loved his attentiveness to handler, slightly obliquely placed eyes with good pigmentation to eye-rims lips and nose. He had a good neck length, forechest and his ears were small. Unfortunately he did not impress either coming or going and it was a shame he tended to droop his tail standing today. 


Veteran Bitch  ( 2 ) 

1. Pearce & Francis  CH LONGSDALE’S JEN YOU WIN  JW ShCM. Excellent rear angulation on a day when several stood straight in stifle.  Compact enough in body for a bitch, in lovely coat with excellent tail-set and carriage. Moved with balanced reach and drive which was a pleasure to watch. Bitch CC & Best Veteran 

2. Pearce & Francis  CH RIMAZET SERAFINO OF LONGSDALE JW. Lovely compact body on this ten year old with high-set tail curled well over her back. Good proportions to head with well placed erect ears. Unfortunately her movement today was not, I am sure, what it was in her glory years. 


Limit Bitch  ( 1. ) 

1.  SPENCERIAN DOGGY  STYLE ShCM.  Fitted well under the hoop and moving in the ring appeared short in the leg to me; an impression strengthened by her oblong outline. This breed needs sufficient leg length to carry the coat with style and conviction. Showed well, pleasing head, correct bite, well placed eyes, but another who disappointed coming and going. 


Open Bitch  ( 5. ) 

1. Pearce & Francis  CH LONGSDALE’S DILEMMA   Thought she looked lovely in outline with strong rear drive. Compact body in good coat, nice neck breadth to skull with well placed eyes and ears.and narrowing in a wedge shape to the nose. Excellent teeth, bite and tail-set and carriage. Confident showmanship throughout. Reserve Bitch CC 

2. Bradbury  & Mrs C Serman  OBERITZ TOPSY TURVEY FOR WYCHLEA. Compact body, good coat and nice head. Does not lack confidence and I hope the exhibitor will forgive me for saying so, but my impression is this bitch would benefit hugely from being shown at a smarter pace in the ring.