• Show Date: 31/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

Southern Counties CA. Championship Show. King Charles Spaniel 1.6.2018 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


King Charles Spaniel 


I had eagerly anticipated judging.this attractive and intriguing breed, but ended the day disappointed with many of the dogs and exhibitors. A few arrogant and abusive exhibitors seemed to resent that I would consider any other feature than the head when making my placings. This surprised me given the praiseworthy emphasis which the Kennel Club has placed on canine health and welfare issues over the past decade, emphasizing to judges that the whole dog should be assessed and not just one particular aspect, no matter how highly desired. I was shocked at the prevalence of constructional faults like fiddle fronts, extremely wide fronts, collapsed pasterns and more. One particular exhibit looked outstanding in head and outline, but had a right rear leg which randomly collapsed as it moved. None of these specimens received a first place from me no matter how outstanding their head. My own breed, chihuahuas, was also considered a head breed and 40 years ago also suffered badly from poor fronts, timid personalities, slipping patellas all fixed in the breed with many other problems while line-breeding for the perfect head. Since then dedicated chihuahua breeders have worked hard to create a breed which is outstanding overall and today there are few breeds at a show as consistently healthy, reliable and sound as chihuahuas and I recommend the same arduous but ultimately rewarding journey to the more sensible KCS breeder/exhibitors. 


Class 490 PD ( 2. ) 

1. Mr & Mrs Hardiman’s TOVARICH TICKET TO RIDE. Well domed skull and large, dark, well spaced eyes. Soft, gentle expression.Sufficient neck length to allow proud head carriage. Width and depth to chest and short level back. Reasonably confident and displayed sound movement both ways when settled. Best Dog Puppy.  


2   Mesd. Kendall, Askins & Wilema’s  HEADRA’S MAD HATTER. Also very young, but confident, cheerful and lunging about in a manner which gave the impression of very untidy movement both ways. Head carriage was similarly all over the place. This boy will hopefully benefit from some more disciplined ring experience 


 Class 491  JD  ( 2.) 

1.  Mr SC & Mrs GAJ Smith’s  TUDORHURST WARRIOR FOR JUSTACHARMA. This was an exhibit who understood he was in the ring to show himself to best advantage. Excellent arched neck and proud head carriage. Large dark eyes with desired expression. Front legs, which unlike so many today, had strong pasterns and were straight from all angles. Positive and strong driving action from the hindquarters. 


2.  Miss V Harvey’s RIVERMOOR ALBERTO. Lovely head and expression with long, well feathered and lowset ears framing the face. Good breadth of muzzle, open nostrils, but so determined to keep this nose to the ground that assessing movement was mere guesswork and I was very surprised he did not rub all the hair off the base of that lovely broad lower jaw.. 


Class 492   PGD ( 7.) 

1. Smith’s JUSTACHARMA ONE SO MAGIC. Pleased with the head; large dark round eyes not too close together, width and depth to muzzle with good stop and open nostrils. Balanced outline, sound and confident mover in good coat. 

2. Mr & Mrs Boyer’s  POMELO NEVER ENDING STORY. Smaller and a very tidy mover. Pleasing head and expression with well placed eyes and ears. Short square muzzle and jaws meeting cleanly. 



Class 493 LD ( 9.) 

1. Mr M R Dawson & Mrs CM Jones’  CHACOMBE ARIZONA FOR POMELO. Lovely expressive face, enough dome, width and depth to muzzle, open nostrils and some cushioning of cheeks.Good arched neck to allow proud head carriage which in turn contributed to a very satisfying outline on the move; and he moved soundly. Reserve Dog CC. 

2. POMELO NEVER ENDING STORY. As in last class. 

3. Miss C Melville’s AMANTRA CHORALE 


Class 494  OD  ( 7.) 

1. Miss KF Miller & Mr EL Ryan’s CH AMANTRA REGIUS OF FEORLIG ShCM. A well trained confident chap who knew that he was in the ring to impress and so he did. Strong well rounded ribcage, level back not too long, excellent neck and a sound strong mover in outline and both coming and going. Of course it helped that he had a good coat presented in tip-top condition.and a lovely head with appealing expression. Well deserved Dog CC. 

2. Mrs MJ Hunter’s MAYNORTH SHADES OF HEAVEN AT HOOEBARTON. Lovely dark round frontally placed eyes, open nostrils with breadth and depth to muzzle.Balanced outline and a strong mover. 



Class 495 Veteran  ( 2 ) 

1.  Mr ML & Mrs KL Austin’s  BALDRAGON MAY BEA BABY. Cheerful, active 8 year old with good bone for her size. Pleasing head and outline with sound movement front and back. Best Veteran In Breed 

2,  Austin’s OH DANDY BOY HERO. Also good outline and movement. Masculine head and nice expression, but showing his age a little more. 


Class 497 PB ( 2) 

1. Dawson & Jone’s CHACOMBE KENNEDY ROSE FOR POMELO. Liked her head, neck, good width and depth to chest for her age and a level back, creating a pleasing outline. Moved soundly when settled assisted by good straight bone in forelegs. Best Puppy In Breed. 

2. Miller & Ryan’s CAVALLIBROOK LADY LOVELACE.Lovely head, beautiful expressive dark round eyes, good neck and outline. Showing well, but not so impressive in forequarters. 


Class 498 JB  ( 2.) 

1.   Mrs Abbott’s COFTON REACH FOR THE STARS, Happy personality, promising dome, well placed ears, appeared soundly made overall but would have preferred her to be a little more settled. 

2.   C Bowles-Robinson’s MY EXOTIC WORLD DEMANDS BALDRAGON. Larger and more leggy, but with very attractive eyes and a good reach of neck. However I was a bit distracted by the distribution of tan markings and she appeared too long in muzzle for my taste.. 


Class 499 PGB ( 5 1 ABS.) 

1.   Miss V Cox’s PETTIPAWS BLACK PEARL. Pleasing head and expression, lovely open nostrils, good width and depth to muzzle. Good balanced outline and moving very soundly when settled. 

2.   Hardiman’s TOVARICH TOYA. Good muzzle and stop. Open nostrils. Level back and well sprung ribs. Very strong rear movement 

3.  Mr & Mrs Austin & Miss E Baker’s COFTON DANCING THROUGH LIFE JW 


Class 500 LB  ( 7,1 abs) 

1.  Mrs IM Askins & Mrs ME Kendall’s COFTON WINTER TIME TALE AT HEADRA JW. Happy confident showgirl with a head I much admired. Sound balanced outline and excellent movement. Bitch CC and Best Of Breed. 

2.  Hunter’s TOVARICH THOMASINA AT HOOEBATON. Well balanced mature outline and a strong mover both ways. Beautiful large dark round eyes and open nostrils with good stop. 



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Class 501 OB ( 7. ) 

1.  Miss KF Miller & Mr EL Ryan’s CLUSSEXX REIGN IT IN CAVALLIBROOK  (Imp. USA). This very keen showgirl possessed considerable charisma, storming around the ring with head held high on a nicely arched neck. Very soundly made and it showed in her movement. Reserve Bitch CC 

2.  Bowles-Robinson’s CH BALDRAGON SHE DEMANDS JW. This exhibitor should not have violated accepted ring etiquette by slapping her bitch on the table while stating that she was a champion with thirty something CC’s. I found this very hard to reconcile with the extremely wide gap between the poor animal’s front legs. Presumably this fault has worsened with age and  I really expected her to fall flat on her face while moving around the ring. Somehow she evaded disaster despite her age and front end wobbles and for that merciful outcome, some good breed points and outstanding courage in adversity, I awarded her second place. 



Judge…Dr Geoffrey G Curr