• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geoffrey Curr Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Toy Group

VBournemouth Canine Association CDS.  12.8.2019……….. 


Judge Dr Geoffrey G Curr 


Toy Group 

1. Miss S J Owen & Mr M L Ossowski   CH DARKLE HAWKER HARRIER   (Affenpinscher Dog) An outstanding example of this breed, dark eyes sparkling with mischief and an assertive prominence to the chin. Back strong, straight and the same length as height at withers. Cobby appearance with good spring of rib. Rough harsh coat misleadingly unkempt in appearance and standing away from eyes, nose and chin to enhance the expression. Sound strutting movement with all feet beneath the body when standing completed a lovely picture  

2. Mr S Payne  CH HABIBA TRUE BLUE  (Chinese Crested Bitch) Any judges’ eye must be caught by the exceptionally sound, flowing and graceful movement of this bitch. The topline is firm and level whether moving or standing: the neck long, lean with a graceful arch and holding the well proportioned  head high. Sufficient width and depth to chest without excessive tuck-up and a diligent showgirl at all times. 

3. Mr J Shaw & Miss C McNamara  CH PEKEHUIS SUPER NATURAL FOR LYNBANK  ( Pekingese  Dog ) Another exceptionally fine example of the breed with a lovely well proportioned head. In good well groomed coat, sturdy body, picked up heavy with breadth to chest, level back and good waist. Attentive to handler, diligent showman with strong correct movement. 

4. Mrs D Fothergill DIAMONCHI MISTER MOON  ( S/c Chihuahua  Dog ) A truly beautiful head and expression without excessive exaggeration in any way. Excellent level topline, good spring of rib, correct tail-set and carriage, balanced angulation and superb sound mover 


Toy Puppy  Group 

1. Mrs I & Mr G Robb  GLENIREN WHO’S YOUR DADDY   ( Papillon  Dog ) Great rapport between handler & exhibit with the latter intensely eager to show to best advantage. Immaculate, silky well groomed coat with a well balanced, sound body underneath. Superb ears used well,, enough neck, level topline, well sprung ribs, firm elbows, enough depth to chest and high-set tail with good plume. Moved freely with parallel movement both ways. A dream dog which I was pleased to watch go on to take Reserve Best Puppy in Show 

2. Mr S J Rooney  PARISLAND THE GIGOLO WITH YORONE   ( L/c Chihuahua  Dog ) Awarded this boy BPIB at Birmingham National in May and if I could only find my judging book I am sure I would have mentioned his effervescent personality and the chihuahua version of excellent showmanship. Very soundly constructed with good neck, level topline and absolutely correct tail-set and carriage. He is fine-boned and dainty but not lacking in substance and not excessively long in body.His head was good in May and is better now which is as it should be. Lovely to watch on the move with correct reach and drive. 

3. Mrs H Attwood  TAFTAZINI IVALACE   ( Pug   Bitch ) Good substance without an excessive overlay of fat. Cobby and compact with width to chest and well sprung ribs. Level topline with high-set tail and good tight curl. Well rounded head with wide, strong lower jaw, large appealing dark eyes and sufficient arch in the neck. Great personality moving and showing well. 

4..Mr A Easdon & Mr P Martin   YAKEE DEAR PRUDENCE   ( Pekingese Bitch )  Another delightful alert personality with dark lustrous eyes, good skull width, ears well placed, relatively flat profile with strong underjaw and level lips..Excellent well groomed coat, good width to chest, strong foreleg bone and moving with characteristic rolling gait, without weakness in the hindquarters. 


Toy Special Beginners Group 

1. Mrs Z S Phillips  MANSIYA MISCHIEVOUS  ( English Toy Terrier   Bitch ) Well proportioned head of good length with relatively narrow, flat skull. Good depth to narrow chest, pleasing curves to neck, loin,  brisket, tuck-up and rear angulation. Alert sound showgirl attentive to handler. 

2. Ms M Reid  BUBBAPUG MAMMA MIA JW ( Pug  Bitch ) Good strong mover with legs under the cobby body when standing. Pleasing head with well defined wrinkles carried on strong, slightly arched neck. Topline ok with high-set tail and strong twist. Non-stop showgirl. 

3. Mrs D Carr  DAVEYLUVS D’ARTAGNAN ( Bichon Frise  Dog ) Lovely silky well groomed coat, Excellent dark pigmentation to eye-rims, nose and lips. Nice balance to outline with head held high and good tail carriage. Moved strongly and freely. 

4. Mrs C Simmons  PETITPOM LEGEND OF LOVE   ( Pomeranian   Dog ) Well balanced compact outline with excellent coat and well carried tail. Cheerful confident  showman with sound brisk movement